What Do Sucker Fish Eat?


These days, an increasing number of people pick sucker fish to feed in their homes. What do sucker fish eat? Not everyone knows how to take care of them properly. If you are one of them, this content is for you.

Let’s come here to get more knowledge and tips to enhance your lovely pet’s life in the coming days.

What is Sucker Fish?

Suckerfish, called Plecos, belong to one of the popular creatures to raise in home tanks or aquariums. Observing them eat with their cool mouth or watching them hit themselves into glass surfaces has recently become many people’s interesting habits.

Thus, more and more people keep them as their pets. Suckerfish may grow up to approximately 1 meter (3 feet) long. The most notable species of Plecos are bigmouth buffalo, which have a maximum weight of 36 kg (around 79 pounds).

The root of the “suckers” name stems from their cool lips that are quite thick and allow the fish to adhere to the lower side of freshwater.

Most species of Plecos survive in lakes or streams across the USA, especially North America. Outside of these areas, the rest of their population has been discovered in China and Russia.

What Do Sucker Fish Eat?

When it comes to giving food to these Plecos, it isn’t hard. In the abstract, they are omnivores, including insects and small fish. Yet, for the most part, plant matter and algae are their crucial food.

This has built a significant role in controlling the algae of suckerfish, which is one of the main reasons many people want to raise them in their home tanks. They will rummage a tank from top to bottom to seek some tasty algae to eat.

Besides, even leftover food from other fish becomes part of their diets. There is a truth that most home aquariums don’t produce almost enough plant or algae to give a well-fed diet to suckerfish. Thus you need to provide more aliments for their meals.

Algae wafers and shrimp pellets should be the first place in the favorite food list for suckerfish. In addition, you can find their diets even in your kitchens, such as a fresh sweet potato, melon, zucchini, broccoli, lettuce, and cucumber.

Diving all the way down to the tank bottom to enjoy their meals is Plecos’s dietary habit. Hence, if you don’t want them to skip their meals, you need to make sure that your food being prepared for them can sink to the bottom.

Furthermore, bear in mind to remove discarded food from your aquarium every day. Otherwise, the water has become murky and created some unwanted natural substances that impact the suckerfish’s indoor habitat.

Even worse, smelling nasty might derive from missing clean excess food out of your home tank. By and large, feeding suckerfish is around two times per week, yet which food it is that might change feeding frequency.

To know clearly and exactly how frequently you should feed them each time, follow us to reach the next part.

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How Often Should I Feed Sucker Fish?

Below, we will list some typical diets and how much you give food for suckerfish.

  • Algae wafers- twice a day
  • Broccoli, squash, zucchini, cucumber- twice a week ( one small piece/ slice each time)
  • Shrimp- twice a week (cut up around two shrimps each time)
  • Shrimp pellets- twice a week (around three pieces each time)
  • Bloodworm/ earthworm-twice a week (cut up one worm)

No matter sucker fish’s type, age, or size, you should become habituated to giving food to them following the above guide to promoting their average growth.

Each species of suckerfish has different favorite food, so you can watch them a couple of times to know what aliment your pet prefers. From that, you will not wonder about choosing preferred food for them.

If you discover your plecos catching discarded food from other fish, you should prepare some vegetables stated above, instead of giving them shrimp in coming days.

It should be emphasized that mentioned vegetables play a vital role in their diet, regardless of how big suckerfish are or their favorite food. It seems to be better if you could mix various foods between weeks.

FAQs About What Do Sucker Fish Eat?


Which Tank Size Is Suitable For Sucker Fish?

  • For the small suckerfish, about 1 foot long, you need an aquarium that reaches 20-30 gallons in terms of size.
  • For the big suckerfish, around 2 feet long, a 50-60 gallons tank is ideal for your pick.

In general, a perfect aquarium is at least threefold longer than the length of plecos and at least two times longer than it is wide.

How Many Species Of Sucker Fish?

Researchers have discovered 79 species classified into three key groups: white Sucker, River Redhorse, and Blue Suckers.

  • White Sucker typically weighs around 3-8 pounds. They are found abundantly in lakes and streams across some watersheds of the Mississippi.
  • The River Redhorse species includes the silver redhorse, golden redhorse, great redhorse, and shorter-head redhorse.
  • Blue Suckers are under the heaviest threat. Nowadays, encountering a blue sucker fish is not an easy thing. If you intend to have a pet, it might take you much time to look for one.

How Long Do Plecos Live?

The life of a suckerfish might be up to around 15 years. Thus, if you intend to raise them, prepare a stable and long term-tank for them.

Yet, your pet can survive just seven days if you are not feeding them often enough.

Final Thoughts

Until these last words, we believe that you are satisfied with our points stated. Besides getting a thoughtful answer for the common question “what do sucker fish eat,” you expand your knowledge about the wise way to care for this kind of creature.

From now on, you will be more confident to share your tricks with others who have the same interests in Plecos as you. Thank you for your time, and see you then in our following blogs.

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