What Do Koi Fish Eat?


If you’re interested in Koi fish, then this is the article for you. The following post will cover what do koi fish eat and everything else that we need to know about their nutrition details.

We’ll start by covering their diet facts and other interesting facts surrounding their eating behaviour. Let’s get started!

What Do Koi Fish Eat?

A koi fish’s natural diet consists of anything found at the bottom or on top of ponds. They may also eat algae, plants, and insects if food stocks run low in their ecosystem pond.

Koi are omnivores, so you should serve them meaty foods like shrimp and vegetables since it is safe for these beautiful creatures to consume most human-grade produce without any issues (though some people recommend feeding only organic fruits).

Let’s take a closer look now on what these fish love to eat!

Spirulina Algae

Kois are typically fed a variety of foods. This includes shrimp and fruit or vegetables that are not high in carbohydrates like bread and other foods, which may upset your fish’s stomach if given too often. You could also give them pellets made from food with protein choices: soybeans, rice, etc.

Cyanobacteria are tiny freshwater organisms with a greenish-blue color, and you can find them in lakes that have extremely high pH levels or hard water.

These floating plants manufacture their meal from sunlight via photosynthesis; this means there’s almost no chance for them to cause any harm because of bacteria which causes diseases like cholera and plague!

Feeding your fish spirulina algae can help them get all the benefits, including:

  1. Preventing swollen bellies
  2. Boosting immunity
  3. Improving growth rate
  4. Creating more enzymes that break fat down into energy
  5. Improving coloration with the carotene pigments found in algae

Wheat Germ

As a natural source of vitamin E, wheat germ can help your fish live longer and healthier lives. In fact, it has been shown that experimentally feeding goldfish with this ingredient increased their growth by up to 50%.

Wheat is also rich in nutrients necessary for proper blood circulation as well as cellular development!

Brine Shrimp

Brine shrimp are tiny digestive organisms that live in water. They sometimes get the chance to serve on smaller fish after they eat their prey’s remains, including dirt or other particles from leaves at various depths below ground level.

Scientists have proved this process of bio-enrichment to raise koi carp while providing them with essential nutrients.

Fish Food

The most popular way to serve your Koi is with Flake or Pellet foods. For smaller fish, these are perfect because they can absorb all the nutrients more efficiently than what more significant types eat and prefer not to have too much protein!

Larger sizes will enjoy cracker-size treats that have been specially formulated just for them as well. Other favorites include worms (especially those big black ones), larvae & tadpoles on bone dry.


Koi fish are just like us in their love for treats, especially on a hot summer day. The favorite fruits of these beautiful creatures include oranges, grapes and watermelon which can also help reduce stress levels while improving immune systems to boot!

If you’re looking to indulge your kois with something yummy then consider giving them some larger sized fruit such as melons or apples—you might be surprised at how quickly they start chowing down when it is offered out of nowhere.


Koi is considered one of the more idle pets out there, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their greens. A few favorites among them include garlic cloves and broccoli stalks. Maybe these items contain sulfur which can ward off potential health problems?

Whatever it is, though, when given an opportunity like in water where its deliciousness makes all taste buds smile, koi will find themselves munching away at any possible source without discrimination – including lettuce leaves!


Give your koi fish a meaty treat by giving them the occasional bug or shrimp. Live, frozen, and even some worms will do well for those looking to reward their hard work in the garden pond! Don’t forget that these creatures have been trained from birth on how best to feed themselves.

If you decide not to give anything as delicacies, then be sure they know what’s happening around them already, just like humans might learn something new at school about math.

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What Do Koi Fish Do Not Eat?

Some people feed their koi grains, which is not the best food for them. Grains can be very fattening and lead to weight loss in fish if they start eating too many of these carbohydrates- but this may just cause more problems than it solves!

So instead, stick with low-sugar fruits like apples or pears unless you want your prized pet Koibito looking corpulent!

In order to maintain a healthy diet for koi, it’s essential not only that they avoid these foods but also their nutritional value.

Koi Fish Feeding Tips

Raising koi fish is a bonding experience that will take you on an amazing journey through the world of sustainable aquatic life. From feeding them to interacting with their natural habitat, raising these beautiful creatures can be the highlight in anyone’s day!

  • Offer your fish a variety of food at regular intervals. Feed them only as much that they can consume in five minutes or less, and avoid overfeeding because it’s bad for their health!
  • In no time at all, your growing koi will begin to recognize you as their feeder. If you feed them often enough, they will get to know you as soon as you approach the pond.
  • Be sure to give your fish a break from eating before storms. They need more of that precious oxygen when they’re munching on food, and there’s not as much going around during rainfall because the rainforests suck it all up!
  • Koi fish with smaller bodies require flake or small koi food. Koi with larger bodies need pebble food.
  • It is better to feed your koi fish carbohydrates during the spring and late fall when mating is in the air (or pond), while they prefer protein in the early summer.

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The article has given you some great information about “What do Koi fish eat?“.  We can see that koi fish are sensitive creatures that need to be taken care of, which makes knowing clearly about their diet important, to help you maintain their healthy condition for a long time.

We hope these helpful suggestions will help point you in the right direction on how to feed your fish. Thank you for reading and we will see you soon!

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