The Best Pond Aerators of 2021


It is no doubt that maintaining a pond is not an easy task because it requires accessories and equipment that will aid in the survival of your fish and plants. One of the most valuable equipment to not to forget are best pond aerators. They are as important as having quality air filters in your … Read more

The 7 Best Nano Reef Tanks of 2021


Keep your favorite aquatic buddies in the best nano reef tanks. These water tanks are not hard to maintain and are very suitable for your small fish. Bowls can be restricting to them so these nano reef tanks are perfect for them to roam around and play along. Plants, pebbles, and other decorative pieces can … Read more

The Best Aquarium Backgrounds of 2021


Give your existing fish tank a breath of new life the cheapest way by putting in an aquarium background. You or your fishes wouldn’t want to be stuck with a plain, clear, and boring tank for months and years. Spice it up by looking for the best aquarium backgrounds and get some exciting vitality into … Read more

How to Lower Phosphates in the Aquarium


There are a lot of benefits in having an aquarium at home. Aside from being an elegant and sophisticated piece, it has tons of health benefits. A fine aquarium reduces stress levels, increases focus and creativity, and it decreases anxiety. Reasons for having an aquarium are endless. The benefits of having an aquarium comes along … Read more

The Best 125 Gallon Aquariums of 2021


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The Best Coral Food for 2021


Successfully maintaining your tank is more than just knowing what to feed your fish, you also need to look for the best coral food for the survival of your corals to maintain the proper balance of your reef tank. With the delicate nature of corals, you need to be thorough with your coral food selection. … Read more

The Best Fish Bowls of 2021


Fish bowls, ornamental or not, are a great addition to any home. There are many things you can place in your fish bowl; may it be plants alone or other animals! Along with the aesthetic they add to your room/s, they are also able to hold small companions. Critters such as shrimp or fish are … Read more

How to Clean Protein Skimmer


How to clean protein skimmer? A vibrant aquarium usually becomes the focal point of every room. The small marine ecosystem in a tank with various fishes is a natural crowd-pleaser. It helps achieve that nice and calming ambiance. Yes, it looks pleasing from the outside but is it clean inside too? The aesthetics are not … Read more