How Often Should You Feed a Betta Fish


How often should you feed a betta fish? It is one of the most common questions of new betta fish owners that we want to answer in this post.Betta fish are carnivores. They require a wide range of food with high protein content. They eat insect larvae and insects as well as fish meal flakes … Read more

How to Lower pH in Aquarium


How to lower pH in aquarium? Your fish will get enough oxygen in the tank with proper water pH level. They can thrive, be happy, and stay healthy! That’s why it is essential to check the pH level of your tank water regularly. At the very least, achieve between 7 and 8 pH level, depending … Read more

How to Lower Phosphates in the Aquarium


There are a lot of benefits in having an aquarium at home. Aside from being an elegant and sophisticated piece, it has tons of health benefits. A fine aquarium reduces stress levels, increases focus and creativity, and it decreases anxiety. Reasons for having an aquarium are endless. The benefits of having an aquarium comes along … Read more

How to Replace Aquarium Substrate


How to replace aquarium substrate? Replacing the substrate in your aquarium has sparked a lengthy debate among hobbyists. Some experts say that getting it replaced can be harmful to your small marine ecosystem because it negatively impacts the bacterial colonies that have already nicely settled on your aquarium bed. These bacteria are responsible for neutralizing … Read more

How to Cycle a Fish Tank


Understanding how to cycle a fish tank can make all the difference in creating a healthy small eco-marine system in your home. Aquarium owners who are just new to this hobby will soon realize that cycling your fish tank will yield happy and healthier plants and fishes. Seasoned and expert hobbyist always does this as part … Read more

Betta Fish Not Eating


The beauty of a betta fish is beyond comprehension for aquarium enthusiasts who just started in the industry. These aquatic pets native in Asia are also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish. It is common if you are starting out having fish at home because they are easy to take care of, and the color … Read more

How to Tell if Guppies Are Pregnant


How to tell if guppies are pregnant? Guppies are easy to care for, so they’re common in aquariums. They are fun to look at, have high energy, and add color to the tank. But if your guppies are pregnant, they might overstock your tank, so it is best to identify if they are pregnant or … Read more

How Long Do Goldfish Live


Goldfish are the favorite of aquatics hobbyists. Beginners love them because they are one of few fish species that greet and engage them with excitement and grace at the pet shop. This fish is also the equivalent of our pet dog in terms of sociability. Experts say goldfish are also capable of social and associative … Read more