Mystery Snails For Sale


Why is your tank always in cloudy status with a terrific smell? Although you spend a considerable amount of money to filter the water, it is still not clear as you wish. That’s because you do not know about the advantages of Mystery snails in clearing tanks.

Don’t you believe it? Let’s land on our post “mystery snails for sale” for more info.

What Are Mystery Snails?

When it comes to snails in the aquarium hobby, mystery snails are the most common species. They are freshwater species of molluscs with a variety of sizes and colors.

Their most recognizable feature is the unique wave-shaped covering on shiny hard shells. Goldfish enthusiasts often purchase them to decorate their tanks to become more bright and lively.

Not only that, they look for these snails thanks to many advantages that this kind can bring to their fish tank. Do not believe it! Let’s scroll down to see why we say it!

What Are Their Benefits Bring If You Keep Them In Your Fish Tank?

In addition to decoration purposes, these species are considered to be the best cleanliness machines ever. Their main food is algae, leftovers or even their friend’s waste.

They eat all the harmful bacteria, clean up every side and corner of the tank or even on the face of the glass. So, the water is always kept as clean as it can.

One more special thing is that they are very friendly when staying together with fish, shrimp, turtles. Hence, there will be no fight among them. Your goldfish or anything else in the aquarium can be in the best safe condition.

Where Can You Find Mystery Snails For Sale?

Mystery snails have become the trend in the aquarium hobby recently. Therefore, you can easily find them on the Internet or at the stores. Normally, these species have five colors: black, blue, white, ivory, purple, golden, and albino (a mix of the white body and brown shell).

Not all stores are full of snail color. It would be great for you to contact the closest store before visiting. This helps you to save a lot of time. If you purchase online, consider the top reputable shopping website to get the best support!

Buying Guides

Regardless of purchasing on the web or at a pet store, you need to take note of some tips before ordering. If you choose to buy online, book your goods by express transfer and refer to the policy of returning, insurance for delivery, storage and shipping method of the sellers.

Remember the time to pick the box up as soon as you can! Because the time of shipping and receiving lasting for more than 2 days can lead to snail perishing. Some good suppliers still accept to return in the above situation. But others do not agree to solve the same case.

If you purchase at the store, you need to pay attention to the container’s temperature during transportation. It would be best to keep the environment at 32F to 95F, which is an ideal degree for living.

When the temperature goes down, the attached heat pack within the snail box will be a plus. Your pet won’t get frozen before coming to your hand.

Time For New Mystery Snails To Acclimate The New Home

As they’re among freshwater snails with high adaptability, it is quite easy to take care of them.  Yet, any species needs to have enough time to adapt to a new environment after moving to.

Especially when experiencing dry-shipping time, you should put them into a dish with a shallow bottom and lots of water with some little pieces of food. This will encourage them to move around and eat to fill the lost energy before and gradually get acquainted with the different homes.

In contrast, if they are mailed in the box of water, everything will be easier. You can help them to accustom by spilling each drop of water into the container so that these species can feel most comfortable slowly without being shocked.

After one hour, get ready to move them into your tank! Don’t forget to do it gently!

How Can You Recognize Your Snail Is Dead?

Likewise, to dead symptoms of fish or other freshwater species, Mystery snails have the same ones such as rotten, stinky, floating on the surface of the water, etc.

Wait! Don’t get confused between death and immovability! These species often don’t remain in operation for a few days making you think that they die and throw them away. So, how to recognise whether they’re dead exactly?

You can realise this through checking the trapdoor of snails. When they don’t live anymore, this door will always open or even fall out of the body. Sometimes their bodies have been atrophied with a rotten smell.

To young snails, you are able to examine their heartbeat to verify whether they are still alive or not by illuminating them with the flashlight. As the young have thin shells, it is not difficult to observe.

How Many Snails Should You Get For Your Tank?

From 1-2 snails per 5 gallons – this is the ideal density. In case you own a larger aquarium (40 gallons tank capacity, for instance), take 40 divides for 5 and then multiply that result double! You will get the maximum number of snails you need.

Yet, their lifespan only lasts 1 year, and their fertility is not high. So, it’s very soon for you to see nothing in your tank. That’s why snail lovers have the intention to breed their pets by themselves. The great number is 4 or 6, but you have to ensure to have at least one couple.

How many snails is up to you and depends on what your purpose is to choose.

What Should You Pick Up Between Purchasing Online And Buying At Pet Stores?

The fee for shipping these species is quite expensive as it includes DOA insurance. Hence, picking them up by themselves at a local pet store will help save your wallet remarkably.

But this way also brings a drawback. Not all pet stores can satisfy your demand for Mystery snail for sale with a diversity of shapes and sizes as well.

Another problem you need to be concerned about before buying is the animal quarantine quality. We make sure that you won’t want to get bacteria into your house through no-quarantined snails.

A thousand kinds for you to choose from! Sounds interesting? Even more, if you love to feed these species when they are babies, you also pick up the breed from the prestigious breeders online. It’s up to your demands and budget. Let’s consider carefully!


If you read our post on mystery snails for sale this far, you might understand how great these species could bring to your tank. Both enhance your aquarium look and clean up all the wastes in the tank!

Wait no more to buy them right now! Hope you get the ideal tank as you wish!

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