How To Keep Goldfish Tank Clean?


It seems that the water in a goldfish aquarium is easily getting dull. Why does it become like this? – The cause would probably lie in elements such as dust, bacteria, fish waste, etc. It also could be due to your wrong way of cleaning.

So, how to keep goldfish tank clean? If your aquarium is often in the above condition, let’s check our article out now!

What Causes Your Goldfish Aquarium Cloudy?

The cloudy-water status happens for many reasons. Actually, you can observe the hue of water to guess the causes. Let us show you some instances.

The color you most often see is a slight yellow. Because goldfish produce many wastes per day, these make your water gradually change to yellow.

If your water is greenish, it could be a sign of algae bloom. In contrast, gray is because of bacteria overgrowth.

How To Keep Goldfish Tank Clean – 7 Worthy Hacks For You

The above problems are inevitable when raising fish. Yet, you can make your tank sparkling with some maintenance tips below.

Replace Water Every Frequently

Instead of monthly removal like before, why don’t you do this once every 14 days? – At each water exchange time, you should only replace the amount of 20% to 30% total capacity. In this way, your fish won’t be shocked because of the temperature difference, but the tank remains cleanlier.

Just change a little habit in cleaning; you can both shorten the time and ensure the health of your fish!

Cultivate A Hornwort

Planting trees is a familiar way to soar oxygen levels in aquariums. Farming them with a suitable density will create an effect that you have never thought of.

Hornwort is a popular freshwater aquarium plant that not only increases oxygen but also reduces nitrogen – the harmful elements to your fish’s living environment.

With their existence in your aquarium, you bring better living and breathing conditions for your little pets. Also, they can play or even eat these leaves without any health issues since this kind is very friendly to the environment.

Take The Place Of Carbon Filter Media

Every tank has carbon filter media which plays an essential part in eliminating toxins out of water. In fact, this equipment will lose its function after around 4 weeks of usage – And of course, the quality of the environment will worsen.

If you realize the water is changing, consider altering this filter more regularly. This may help you prevent the contaminant from multiplying.

One tip to improve the pollutant absorption: wrap this carbon filter into a cloth and hang it in the tank! Don’t forget to rinse weekly and replace it every time you change filter media! You can get a considerable difference in water quality by this way.

Wipe Aquarium Stuffs And Glasses

Keeping the decor stuff out of green moss is one of the crucial things you cannot ignore. You can find and purchase dedicated lime cleaners to wash them in pet stores or online.

Not only that, you accidentally leave your fingerprints on the outer glasses during the cleaning or fish feeding process. Plus water evaporation, all can make glasses get blurry.

To keep your aquarium twinkle, let’s wipe these stains with a cotton rag every day!

The Backing From Specific Fishes

Recently, people have loved to feed goldfish with other freshwater species. That’s because these sorts can eat algae and then help to cut down the algae development at a reasonable speed.

The food chain in your tank will repeat, and you will not pay much to buy food for them. Some kinds of fishes you are able to consider are turbo snails, sucking-catfish, Tangs, hermit crabs, and so on.

Light Control To Restrict Algae Development

As you might know, light is among the factors affected by the growth of algae. Hence, limited light time can somehow minimize their strong development. Hence, the cloudy and dirty water will not occur often.

Feed Sufficiently

If you have a habit of putting additional food for your pet to let them eat gradually, give it up immediately. The leftovers can lead to water pollution and toxic production for fish living space.

In case you don’t know how much food your fish need, the best way is to watch them during feeding. Taking bait at a slow speed is one of the symptoms to show they feel enough.

How To Get Rid Of Dirty For Your Pet House?

Unluckily, you get bad for your goldfish tank. Here are three specific stages of getting all dirt away!

Drain Off The Water in Your Fish Tank

Step 1: Moving Out Your Goldfish

Taking your pets out of the tank is the first priority before doing anything else. To keep them safe, let’s gently move them into the temporary bowl or vessel by using a scoop! Make sure that this container is full of pre-treated water.

It’s highly recommended to spill a little water from the original tank to this one so that your fish don’t get strange and stressed while swimming in a new place.

Step 2: Turn Off All Equipment

It’s for sure that your aquarium must disconnect from other electronic equipment such as filter, pump, heater, light system, etc., since they can lead to hazardous situations like an electric shock.

Step 3: Drainage

Some supportive tools will be useful for you, like a pump, vacuum, or siphon, whether automatic or manual drainage.

Now, let’s see how to utilize them! If your hand is holding a siphon, you just need to shake the pipe and then water moving down rapidly. On the other hand, you can squeeze the rubber ball of the pump to create the pressure pushing water out.

While emptying the water approximately 30-50% of the tank capacity, be cautious with the other standby bucket containing waste to avoid overflowing.


Next, use a plastic brush called a squeegee to scrape algae off the glass and corners! Wipe it from top to bottom, inside to outside, especially along the side of the aquarium! You don’t require to remove all algae as small moss is great to keep the original ideal living conditions.

Move to the bottom of the tank! You should take the vacuum intake tube to lose the waste, excess algae, and other trapped dirt out of the gravels.

Continue to scrub the other parts such as filter, fan-like wheel, impeller outlets, etc. After finishing all, discharge the remaining water out of the container.

Fulfill The Tank

Goldfish feel the most relaxed at about 18-22°C, so lukewarm water is the best choice to refill the aquarium. This does decrease the temperature-shock status for your fish.

If you utilize tap water, remember to add a de-chlorinator to sterilize! It’s so dangerous to be filled in the tank if tap water is untreated as the chemicals inside can kill all good bacteria for your pets.

Note: When you put de-chlorinator into the water, you have to wait for 5 minutes for it to dissolve and be effective and then pour into the container.

After that, install the other equipment and turn on them! Be careful to check electronic parts, temperature, oxygen quantity once again before welcoming your goldfish back home!

Final Thoughts

How to keep goldfish tank clean? We make sure that you have the answer for your own. Regardless of the cause, let’s check the above-mentioned steps to process as soon as possible! If you have any idea how to maintain good aquarium conditions, leave your comment in our box below!

Thank you and see ya!

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