How Often Should You Feed a Betta Fish


How often should you feed a betta fish? It is one of the most common questions of new betta fish owners that we want to answer in this post.Betta fish are carnivores. They require a wide range of food with high protein content. They eat insect larvae and insects as well as fish meal flakes or pellets if in captivity.

But if you’re a first-time betta owner, you might find it tricky to feed your new pet. During the first days, you might also notice that they’re not eating anything. Help is here! Check out the following for a guide on what and how often to feed them.

What Do Betta Fish Eat?

Again, they’re carnivores. In the wild, they eat small bugs, live insects, and insect larvae. They appreciate a high protein and well-balanced diet.

In captivity, they eat different types of foods, including daphnia, live or frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, pellets, and flakes. They’re high in protein required by betta fish.

What do they eat in the wild? Again, they eat small bugs, larvae, and insects. They need high protein food to thrive. But then, they may survive for a while even with plant material diet. However, they will not offer them with complete nutrition to live.

In the tank, you can offer them with a variety of foods. What they are made of depend on the brand. Each of them offers a unique food formulation. Nevertheless, most commercial betta food contains high amounts of protein, like fish meal.

It is why you must ensure that betta food you’re buying should be high in protein. A few of these include daphnia, pellets, flakes, live/frozen bloodworms, and brine shrimp. They can offer your pets with high protein source.

Take note that feeding only tropical fish food flakes won’t give them the complete nutrition that they need.

Others also consider betta pellets, floating and sinking. Floating pellets are common and often a staple. It can be the primary food source of betta fish.

But as you’ll find so many of these pellets, choose one that contains high protein content. Check out those with fish meal and crude protein composition.

You can also go for the sinking pellets, which can be primary food as well. However, as this fish eat on the water’s surface, sinking pellets might not be as good as floating pellets are.

Give one to three pellets daily depending on their size. You can give one at a time or all at once. But then, you might also want to feed one at a time to ensure they’re eating everything.

Do not overfeed a betta fish. They have very tiny stomachs, so small but regular feeding is sufficient.

Remove any uneaten food to avoid contaminating the water.

How Often Should You Feed a Betta Fish?

Most betta owners feed their pets only twice a day, while others only once a day. You can also choose to feed them thrice a day. Just ensure to spread out each feeding.

Feeding them right is essential for their health. Giving them the wrong type of food won’t give them enough nutrition. And feeding them too much will result to bloating.

Keep in mind that their stomach isn’t larger than their eyes. Do not overfeed them. It is one of the most common mistakes of owners. They put too much food in the tank, leading to bloated and sick fish. It also causes clouding and contamination of the water.

Do not fall into the trap thinking your fish has a large appetite. They might seem hungry and would try to eat more than they need. However, this can lead to overfeeding and bloating.

How Much to Feed Betta Fish?

The betta determines how much it eats every feeding. Keep track of how much they’re eating in each feeding. This will help get them into a routine that they can get used to. It can also be confusing for your betta given that you’re giving him different foods, so it is important that you monitor what and when they eat, too.

  • Multiple feeding: Give not more than two pellets or only one bloodworm.
  • Once a day feeding: Give only four pellets. If giving them bloodworms, only three to four based on the size.
  • Twice a day feeding: Give only two to three pellets. For bloodworms, give only up to two depending on size.

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do if my Betta Fish don’t eat?

It is a common problem among Betta fish owners who have it for the first time. Juvenile bettas have only had live food. So, if you bought betta fish, you might notice that it is not eating anything or spitting food out. But even so, you must offer him offer them different types of food. Don’t also worry because they’re just adjusting to their new habitat.

What are the different types of Betta food?

The different types of foods for betta include live food, frozen or freeze-dried food, pellets, and flakes. For betta fish, try feeding him different types for a well-balanced diet.

How Long Betta Fish Live Without Food?

They can survive up to 14 days or two weeks without food.

When is the Best Time to Feed Betta?

Give them two small feeds daily. It is ideal to feed them once in the morning and once at night. You can also consider feeding them with 12 hours apart each to get them into a routine. Others also feed their fish once a day every two weeks.


How often should you feed a betta fish? We hope this article has shed light to this matter and answered the most common questions associated with it. In the end, you must monitor what, when, and how much they’re eating to get them into a routine.

Having a feeding schedule also makes it easier to figure out their feeding needs. Refer to the above for what and how often they eat. Once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll find it easier to maintain and keep happy and healthy betta fish.

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