How Much Are Koi Fish?


Most fishkeepers see Koi fish as a symbol of success and wealth. The reasons are not only for Koi fish’s attractive beauty but also the luxurious hobby of these owners.

Today’s article “How much are Koi fish?” will provide you with these factors contributing to the cost of Koi fish and many kinds of related expenses you should prepare. Keep reading!

How Much Are Koi Fish?

A Koi fish with good health and about 5″ length normally costs $20-$50. Besides, various sizes and kinds of this fish breed also have another different price scale, $5-$10,000, even more.

However, these cost ranges still don’t include some thousands of dollars to spend on the pond. Fishkeepers even can become bankrupt if they are a luxury enthusiast.

We will list in detail the costs needed to own Koi fish. Take a look at the following table first:

Product Initial Costs Annual Cost
Koi fish $5 – $10,000+
Pond $1000 – $30,000+
Decorations $100 – $1,000+
Food $50 – $150+ $20 – $150+
Environmental maintenance $25 – $100+ $25 – $100+

What Are The Factors That Contribute To The Cost Of A Koi Fish?

The price of Koi fish has never been fixed in the market because of many different factors. A common method to know how much a Koi variety costs is looking at the reputable level of the sellers.

But what are the exact elements contributing to the price of a Koi?

Type Of Koi

Up to now, the world has officially recognized around 100 Koi varieties, each of which partly impacts their cost. However, A Koi fish’s price can be affected the most by these patterns of their body or size.

For instance, two Koi fishes with the same certain varieties, but one that is bigger and more colourful, will obviously have a higher price in the market.

One of the Koi varieties that caught the attention of fish enthusiasts is “Butterfly Koi”. Their cost often is higher than the standard level, although there are many debates about this problem.

Domestic Or Import

Koi fish have been all around the world. Their cost may vary according to where they come from, foreign or domestic.

Actually, imported Koi fish’s cost is always higher except for some special situations because of people’s excitement with the foreign products.

Genetic Lineage

This factor also helps determine the cost of a Koi fish, but most owners don’t notice it much.

The average lifespan of a Koi is about 40 years but in some exceptional cases,  even up to 200 years. It means humans always desire to own a strong Koi fish, which can live as long as possible.

Breeders continuously look for fish varieties created from breeding special Koi selectively after numerous working hours.


The appeal of showing Koi fish is classified into two kinds. They are “show quality” and “pond quality”, but most fishkeepers don’t notice differences between them.

“Pond quality” may be found more normal, while “show quality” can increase the price of Koi fish because customers can see these featured patterns and colors on the body of a Koi fish.

Colors and patterns absolutely dominate

  • Sanke
  • Kohaku
  • Showa

Above are three kinds of Koi fish, dominating other Koi varieties because of the most attractive combinations of featured patterns and colours.


A Koi fish’s size is proportional to its price all time. For example, a distinct Koi that is 4 inches in length may cost $80, but another fish that is 10 inches long will be sold at $250.

Besides, the pattern and color of a mature Koi typically change slightly, which partly increases the cost of a Koi.

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What Are The Costs Related To Koi Fish’s High Price?

Koi Fish Ownership Costs

If you are determined to buy Koi fish, remember the cost of a Koi is not all, you will pay. Keep in mind that the lifespan of the Koi breed may last for many decades and have quite large growth in size, about 12-36 inches.

So, having the facility to keep Koi fish is not enough, but finance is one of the vital factors you also must consider thoroughly.

Koi Pond Cost

The Koi pond’s expense accounts for the major portion of the total cost because the pond needs enough space and good environmental conditions to ensure your Koi develops healthily.

You can spend money on pond installation. A normal 15′ x 20′ pond can cost around $5,000-$30,000, even more for investing in stunning, massive engineering.

Besides paying for the materials needed, you have to prepare money for the installation labor. In case you don’t have free time, this way will work for you.

But there are many cheaper options you can use to raise your Koi. The DIY method is a cost-effective example, you can apply this approach to build the pond yourself with just $1,000.

Pond Decorations Costs

If your fish pond is not decorated, it will really be a pit. You should spend some money on pond decoration to make your Koi look more beautiful.

You may pay a big amount of money for decorating items such as large rocks or gravel or more. The cost differs according to the size or kinds of these items.

About $200 is the average level of money that you need for a natural and colourful pond.


Hopefully, you can learn and apply useful knowledge above, which “How much are Koi fish” brings for you, in your real life.

Keep in mind that except for the cost of Koi fish, you also need a large amount of money to pay for the necessary other incurred expenses if you want to provide the Koi fish with the best housing conditions.

Thank you for reading!

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