How Many Glofish In a 5 Gallon Tank?


If you are a fish enthusiast or learn about raising fish, you will probably know about Glofish. This fish is a species of fish with a pretty small body and color diversity. Owning a few types of Glofish in the aquarium will help you get a very diverse and vivid fish population.

If you choose aquariums for your Glofish and wonder how many Glofish in a 5 gallon tank, this article will answer you. Continue reading!

How Many Glofish In A 5 Gallon Tank?

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of these little guys, but they’re called Glofish. They glowed under a fluorescent light and were created by mixing DNA from different types of fish together to create the perfect glowing pet. It was awesome!

Each Glofish will often develop a length of 2 inches and need 3 gallons of water to live, but you shouldn’t really house them in a 5-gallon tank.

This fish is quite special and usually operates under schools (or group) clauses 6 to 10. So you need to have a 20-gallon fish tank if you want to raise about 6 GloFish. If you want to raise 10 Glofish, choosing a fish tank with 30 to 40 gallons is best.

In the case of a 5-gallon tank considering technically, you can be raised to 2 Glofish fish, but note that this case is not suggested.

Glofish nature is schooling fish, and they like to live in groups (6 to 10 fish). Raising in the flock will help them feel comfortable and act as a school, and the perfect minimum size for Glofish tanks is 20 gallons.

Remember that Glofish always likes to move widely, so if you use a 20-gallon tank, don’t put too many ornaments in it.

What Kind Of Glofish Can I Raise In 5 Gallon Fish Tanks?

Tiger Barbs

Tiger barbs are semi-aggressive schooling fish, and its essence is quite aggressive and rarely sociable with other objects unless it is their kind or other fish than it. If you give Tiger Barbs living with other fish, they may bully or attack those objects.

If you have prepared a 5-gallon fish tank, it can only contain a Tiger Barbs fish because its maximum size is up to 3 inches.

Additionally, you need to note some problems when raising Tiger Barbs as the water environment must have a pH lower than seven and temperatures in 74 to 79 Degrees F.


If you are a lover of cuteness and playfulness, adding GloFish Danios to your aquarium is a great choice. This type of fish is very flexible; they can easily jump and swim agilely in the aquarium.

2.5 inches is the maximum growth size for the GloFish Danios. Thus you could accommodate two of these in a 5 gallon fish tank.

To provide the best living environment for Danios, you need to maintain a temperature between 64 and 65 degrees F. To achieve this ideal temperature maintenance, you can install a heater.

If you are the first to raise fish or are learning how to raise fish, the Danios will be a suitable choice as it can withstand substandard water conditions. Slow water changes or slow water filtration will not cause problems with Danios.

Remember to keep a safe distance between GloFish Danios and other aggressive fish.

Rainbow Sharks

If you feel like the Rainbow Sharks, it cannot be raised in a 5-gallon tank that needs to prepare a larger aquarium. Rainbow Sharks is superior to other GloFish because it’s up to 6 inches long.

It seems that you need to prepare a large aquarium to 20 or 55 gallons that can contain Rainbow Sharks. If you own a 10-gallon aquarium cannot contain this fish.


Glofish Tetras is also a 2.5-inch-size fish that is quite compact and looks funny. You can easily raise two tetras fish in a 5-gallon fish tank.

This fish is also a schooling fish. But it differs from Danios at some point as it does not work according to society, and they are quite shy while Danios is very flexible.

Due to their shy nature, you can grow a few plants or ornaments inside the tank to help them have a great hidden place.


With the detailed suggestions mentioned above, surely how many Glofish in a 5 gallon tank is no longer too difficult for you.

If you already own a 5-gallon tank, don’t hesitate to choose Glofish types like Tiger Barbs, Danios, or Tetras. Certainly, these fishes will help you get a beautiful aquarium. Wish you have interesting experiences!

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