How Many Eggs Do Betta Fish Lay?


Betta fish are a popular pet, and if you have one as a companion, you’ve probably noticed them swimming around and spitting out bubbles. These bubbles come from their air bladder, and the air bladder is used to control buoyancy in water.

You occasionally observe egg fish swim freely in their aquarium or on plants at the water’s top. If that has made you curious about “How many eggs do Betta fish lay?”, keep reading!

Can Betta Fish Lay Eggs?

Yes, indeed! Your Betta fish can produce eggs, but the important question is whether you’re aware of them.

Female Betta fish may lay eggs thanks to the assistance of male Betta fish. Naturally, the female Betta fish will like being in the same place as another female Betta. However, to raise a lot of Betta kids, you must keep female and male fish together.

Your female fish deposits her eggs through an orifice known as an “egg spot”. When the baby Bettas are born, the male Betta builds a bubble habitat for them to live in. In addition, new parents refer to these babies as “fry”.

Since both fish rarely share an aquarium, the Betta girl still lays eggs without the male. However, if no eggs are found, your fish may be devouring them.

How Many Eggs Do Betta Fish Lay?

Female betta can make eggs through their egg hole.  Female bettas are fertile, laying between 30 to 40 eggs once. Bettas can deposit up to 500 eggs at a time if you are lucky.

It’s difficult to believe, but you won’t see many fries in your tank after every breeding session.

As mentioned above, female betta devours part of their own eggs after laying. You may encounter this if you don’t offer a guy for them. The male fish must expel a material known as “milt”, which aids in fertilizing the eggs.

As a result, you should not use the eggs resting in the tank to estimate how many eggs the betta lays since eggs may be leftovers. Your betta may have just consumed a huge quantity of eggs.

How Many Times Can A Betta Fish Produce Eggs?

If you recently received a clutch of eggs from your Betta, you may be wondering when the next batch will arrive. Luckily, your Betta can lay eggs every few weeks. Betta females are quite prolific, which may surprise you.

Even so, things may not go exactly as planned. Suppose you have an exhausted betta or one that cannot fertilize the eggs in time to be viable by themselves (and this can happen with older males). In that case, it’s going to take him longer than usual before he fills up your aquarium again and starts sending off baby bettas of his own!

What Are The Signs Of Ready To Mate Betta?


Male bettas are ready to reproduce when they create bubble nests to the prospective fry. These bubble nests can be observed on the surface of your aquarium or tank. It would appear in the fish home as a clump of regular tiny bubbles.

The male fish would frequently linger under the signature bubble nest in anticipation after constructing the bubble nest. So, if Betta begins to behave in this manner, he gets ready to fertilize several eggs.

At this time, you may either let the female fish in or allow the male to come in with the female betta.


If you want your Betta to have many babies, the female must be in good breeding condition. The color of your female Betta will indicate whether it is ready to mate.

Bland hues usually distinguish your female betta, but your male fish is more ornate. If you find that your female betta’s already poor color has begun to darken, that is the sign.

She also had a barring style that was unique to her – a straight stripe would run down the center of her body. Another way, if you notice her egg spot becoming more visible around this time, your female fish is also ready for mating.

When Is The Best Time To Breed A Betta Fish?

If you want to populate your tank with more babies, the age at which they begin breeding is important. I would recommend getting the betta fish when they are younger, as 4 to 12 months.

The Betta fish is most likely reproducing at the ages of 4 to 12 months. We don’t intend to imply that your elder couple cannot lay eggs. However, younger pairings will give you a greater chance to be a novice to the breeding Betta.

How To Breed A Betta Fish

You have a new aquarium and other required equipment to breed the Betta, so you believe you get the ideal combination. But that is insufficient.

There are a few notes you should think about before and throughout the breeding process:

  • Purchase the betta fish from a trustworthy breeder. You may believe that buying one from a fish store is easier; however, a breeder can provide more information. Furthermore, you may readily obtain information about the fish’s biology.
  • You should divide your bettas according to their gender.
  • If your male fish becomes too aggressive, you must take the female fish out.
  • It would help if you wrapped the aquarium with plastic wrap throughout the fertilization procedure. The heat produced by the wrap assists in the hatch of the new fry bettas.
  • When the fry hatch, get them with their father bettas for the following 24 to 32 hours. The male fish will look after your fry better.

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Overall, many people are unaware of “How many eggs do Betta fish lay?” and their ideal habitat. Therefore, we hope that our article has been informative and helpful to you. Please let us know in the comments below if there is anything else we can do for you!

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