How Long Can Goldfish Go Without Food?


Having goldfish in the home seems to be an interest for most fish lovers. When you have a fish aquarium, you might need to prepare for the case if you do not stay at home for days or a while.

Obviously, you will feel worried about your little ectothermic “children” as there is no one taking care of or feeding them. That’s why it is best to know how long can goldfish go without food? and how could they survive without being fed for days?

To help you out in this issue, we have compiled everything you had better know in today’s article. Let’s check it out!

How Long Can Goldfish Go Without Food?

According to experts, they can survive without being fed for about two weeks. With that being said, it does not mean you can leave them alone in this period with no food. The reason is that your pets can be malnourished and incredibly hungry.

Generally, it is ideal to leave your fish hungry for 3-4 days only. Still, in case you are away from home longer, you had better prepare some alternative arrangements.

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What Should Your Goldfish Eat?

Naturally, they eat insects, plants, crustaceans or even smaller fish. As you cannot provide food like that at home, it is advisable to feed them food similar to what they ingest in the wild.

There are some options for you: specific pellets, flakes, peas, brine shrimp, boiled vegetables, and bloodworms. Plus, you can consider freeze-dried and frozen food to avoid the risk of disease for your pet.

How Much Should You Feed Goldfish?

Overfeeding is not recommended for goldfish. They do not have stomachs, so they cannot feel full like humans. In other words, this species can eat as much as possible. Feeding too much can make your pet eat a lot, leading to swim bladder and blocked intestines issues.

It is advisable to give your pet a tiny quantity two to three times a day. Should you leave food in the aquarium after feeding, they can get stuck in the rot or filter, obviously polluting the water. That’s why you had better eliminate all residues after every feeding session.

Regarding the ideal amount of food for your pet, it is worth remembering that it is incredibly unlikely that you can harm the goldfish by giving too little. Yet, you can easily feed them too much, detrimentally affecting them as well.

How Do You Know Your Goldfish Is Hungry?

Sometimes, you may find that your pets are digging, it may show that they are hungry, or you can see them continually come towards the water surface to find what they can eat.

Maybe you can see your pets are slugging and it shows that there is the wrong percentage of feeding for a long time. In some cases, your goldfish might harass others in the aquarium when they are so hungry.

They may be extremely aggressive during the feeding process. Gobbling food is an indicator of long-time hunger.

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When Do You Skip Feeding Goldfish?

There are some common reasons why you skip feeding your pets as follows:

  • You are out of town or on vacation so that you cannot feed your pet.
  • The aquarium has issues related to water quality, requiring you to withhold feeding for several days to eliminate waste.
  • There is a problem with the swim bladder of goldfish because of a blockage in the digestive tract.

Some Tips For Your Fish’s Feeding Arrangement

Ask Your Neighbor Or Friend To Feed Your Fish

The simplest way to maintain food provision for your tiny “friends” is to ask your friends or neighbors to help. They will feed your little “children” when you are away. Still, it is not a good idea if they keep coming to your house just for feeding.

If your goldfish could live about two weeks without being fed, you can tell your buddies to feed your pet once a day or maybe two or three days. Of course, feeding them less than two times a day is not quite a great thing. This issue may lead to negatively affecting their growth and health.

Use Automatic Fish Feeder

This is going to be the ideal replacement for asking someone to help. This machine will automatically feed your fish. All you need to do is to put your pets’ favorite “dishes” in and set a timer.

Now you can enjoy your vacation without worry because some of these automatic feeders can hold the food for up to six weeks.

Feed Your Little With Slow-Release Fish Food

These nourishments are the low budgets option that you afford when you are enjoying your days out. Another more budget-friendly way to take care of your pets when you are away from home is to use slow-release food. Below are two options for your consideration:

  • Weekend feeder blocks: This product can last for 3 days in your fish before completely being digested. It will be a good choice for a weekend vacation.
  • Vacation feeder blocks: The duration of this provision is nearly 14 days. Then a long vacation for 2 weeks will be so easy.


That’s all about our answer to the inquiry, how long can goldfish go without food? In a nutshell, they can live up to two weeks, but it is not a great idea to keep your pets unfed for such a long time.

We hope our tips will be helpful for you when you have some days out and leave your tiny friends with no food. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Thank you for reading!

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