How Long Are Goldfish Pregnant?


Your beloved goldfish suddenly changes in size, belly swells, and starts to become more voracious. Congratulations! She might be pregnant.

Then you are probably eager to look forward to the arrival of new aquatic members. Keep up the excitement and learn about how long are goldfish pregnant to better understand your female goldfish during this challenging time.

How Long Are Goldfish Pregnant?

Raising fish is difficult, so you must pay extra attention if your goldfish is pregnant, especially about how long are goldfish pregnant? In the wild, adult females begin developing eggs in late winter and early spring.

As the eggs hatch, the female’s belly becomes fatter. Males also undergo physical changes as spawning time approaches: They develop white nodules on their gills and pectoral fins, which are the fins on their sides.

At the same time, the males started chasing the females around the tank and bumped into the females’ sides and abdomens. This is to encourage the female to release eggs so that the male can fertilize them.

The eggs will hatch in two to seven days after being released and fertilized. Fertilized eggs hatch in 46 to 54 hours in water at 84 degrees F; they bloom in 5 to 7 days in water at 70 to 75 degrees F.

At a water temperature of at least 75 degrees F, incubation takes five to seven days after spawning or fertilization. After that, it will take a week for the fertilized eggs to hatch. They will blossom for around 54 hours if the water temperature is between 84 and 86 degrees F.

Besides the question about how long are goldfish pregnant, the hatching time is a problem that must be addressed. Continue reading the article to learn more.

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Hatching Time Of Goldfish Pregnant

As temperatures begin to warm up and the spawning season begins, the fish begin their journey after a long hibernation and prepare to give birth.

The pregnant goldfish eats nutrient-rich algae all the time before that, helping strengthen its resistance and giving it the energy to get through difficult periods. The spawning process is very quick, taking only a few seconds.

That said, the female must struggle for several days to fertilize the eggs, with the males feverishly following after her. The former will then discharge her eggs after significant spawning has begun.

The male completes the procedure by releasing his milt (sperm) through the eggs. They will hatch for a short time after being rinsed with sperm. If the water is warm, they will hatch a few days after being laid.

They may stay put, develop more slowly, and take longer to hatch if the water is still frigid. Most eggs hatch within 2 to 7 days of being laid. Because they haven’t been fertilized by sperm, they’re probably ruined if it takes too long.

Also, the unlucky eggs will be eaten by newly hatched fish. Thus, it is best to pay attention to when your pet is pregnant to take care of them promptly and properly.

How Many Eggs Do Goldfish Lay at Once?

A more impressive number than we can imagine is that there are about 1,000 eggs at a time produced by female fish. Still, as mentioned above, the number of eggs is not the number of fries produced.

This depends on many factors such as temperature, light, and environment. Of course, we can’t ignore the possibility of eggs being fertilized by male fish or not? The fertilized ones will attach to the pond banks, vegetation, and rocks after being released and fertilized.

They are covered by the male’s milk and are somewhat protected by sheer numbers due to the stickiness. Fish and snails will consume some of the unbroken eggs.

If the eggs are left to float around unattended, they may become stuck in a filter, become trapped inside a fountain, or catch the attention of a hungry fish, resulting in a feast.

How To Take Care Of A Pregnant Goldfish

For a complete article on how long are goldfish pregnant, pay particular attention to your fish care instructions while it is pregnant.

1. Enhance Your Diet

In the wild, they will eat algae to provide nutrients for their body. As for the aquarium owner, you need to make sure the food includes both plants and animals.

Just like pregnant women, goldfish will also eat a lot, especially with a high protein diet. Items such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, crustaceans, among others, should always be included in its meals. Then, balance its diet with fruits and vegetables to keep them healthy.

2. Change Water Often

Don’t forget this important issue! The simple reason is that when you feed them more, the amount of nutrients increases, the fish’s excretory system tends to release more waste.

It’s not a good idea if you ignore it. Enhanced waste means high carbon dioxide levels, and pregnant females will not be able to survive to spawn. So the recommended water intake is 20% of the daily water intake.

At the same time you can separate your male and female pets at least three days before mating. They will be more eager to mate as a result. As a result, you will require a second aquarium.

After three days, you can put the male ones in the first aquarium  and continue to replace the water on a frequent basis until your pets return to a normal diet.

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Read this far and you have come across all the details about how long are goldfish pregnant. There are also ways to help you raise your fish healthily. Hopefully, our information can assist you in caring for your pregnant tiny friends.

Should you have further questions, please feel free to let us know. Thank you for reading!

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