How Long Are Betta Fish Pregnant?


Are you having an aquarium of betta fish at home? While you observe them swimming around, you suddenly want to know how long are betta fish pregnant? and cannot figure it out. Don’t worry. We are here to help you out.

We are going to share a complete answer to the question, along with other useful information like how to take care of pregnant betta fish. Are you tempted to know? Let’s get the ball rolling!

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How Long Are Betta Fish Pregnant?

Unlike humans or some mammals, Bettas do not completely give birth to live offspring. Concentrating on the male betta, he is ready for the mating process if you see him create the bubble nest (the bubble nest can be different shapes and sizes).

The next step is to move the female in. After the female’s liking, they will start mating. A female betta will have eggs in her ovipositor from one to two weeks. After the release, there may be a week for hatching and developing eggs to generate new babies.

How To Take Care Of Your Fish When It Is Pregnant

Most of Betta’s death rate is caused by stress and immune system suppression.

Making Sure Water’s Temperature In A Tank Is Warm

Betta is a tropical species, so 80 degrees Fahrenheit (⁰F) is quite ideal for them. Then you drop down to 72 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. May they be fine with that?

Imagine you are so familiar with your room that it is just around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but now you have to move to the 60 one, you may get chilly and easily get cold. The bettas may be the same; they will go slow and get sick all the time.

Although it is not harmful at all, your little fish will not be happy. In some cases, the low temperature may harm the breeding process.

Provide Proper Light

Creating a dim light or adding low ambient LEDs around your aquariums may help your fish feel calm. Why?

Bettas are sensitive, so sometimes you may notice that in some tanks with a bunch of light, bettas may hang out behind decorations or even hide. Light somehow makes your little pet stressful which is a cause of death, and they may face some diseases.

That’s why it is vital to dim the light, especially during the pregnancy process. It may stress off.

“Nutritious” Diet

It is advisable to provide Daphnia bloodworms and brine shrimp in the betta fish’s diet. Newborn fries or mature bettas can be fed with brine shrimps which are the ingredient in tons of food.

They can provide a huge source of protein and are small enough for the young to swallow and digest. Still, owners should feed bettas once a day, avoiding overfeeding. Thaw frozen foods before feeding.

Put It In Bigger Tanks

You’re walking through the aisles at the pet store, and you see all those cute little tanks advertised at the best home for your bettas, but are they?

Absolutely not. Will they survive in a small 1-gallon tank? That is for sure that they will survive, but this writing is about how we give proper care to our sensitive pets. And are they happy in those little tanks?

You may think that little tank is much better than in the store. Betas are no different than any other fish. If you want to make them happy, put them at least in a 5 gallons tank, but bigger is always better.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do They Care About Their Babies?

Mostly, the male bettas look for their “children” in the bubble nest, replacing any eggs that fall out. The females play nothing during this process.

However, after the egg’s hatches are into fries, the parents will no longer care, so you have to make sure that those babies are adequately fed to survive.

How To Make Your Female Bettas Fish Produce Eggs?

First, you have to ensure that your male betta is at least 14 weeks old. Then slowly add the female in (during this process, you can add a glass or a plastic to separate to avoid aggression) and let them become familiar with each other.

You can also feed your female betta with shrine shrimps and bloodworm for a better protein provision and help the eggs production process.


That’s all about our answer to the inquiry, how long are betta fish pregnant? In a nutshell, you must be the considerate bettas’ owner who puts big care into them or the fish aficionados.

Raising fish is such a hard effort, but this bettas ownership is so exciting that it requires high concentration and tight following to your small pets during pregnancy and after they complete the process to ensure reproduction.

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