How Do Goldfish Mate?


Goldfish are a species with poor fertility. They require so many conditions, from water quality to temperature throughout their spawning. Plus, the way they mate and lay eggs brings them so many risks. So, how do goldfish mate? – And how do you make them mate in your tank?

If you want to breed this species, wait no more but scroll down to learn more!

How Do Goldfish Mate?

Goldfish’s reproductive process from mating to egg-laying takes place outside in a unique way. If so, how does this occur?

The male species spend some hours every morning chasing the female one. You can easily realize this through watching their races. Even they bump each other recklessly and make all the plants around dislodge, which causes them to hurt sometimes.

This stage will only repeat and last until the heat of the day comes to its highest. After that, they will return to their normal state as if nothing had happened.

The chasing day chain will end when the female one drops their eggs into the water, and the male one releases their sperm to fertilize the eggs.

All the above stages can happen in a few days or even one week and can take place some more than once when they’re in a suitable environment. If the eggs are fortunate enough not to get eaten, the newborn goldfishes will hatch about one week later.

What Time Do Goldfish Like To Spawn?

When the water starts to get warmer, this species likes to lay eggs the most (i.e., around late May and early June). The temperature at this time is around 50 degrees to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because of the natural harshness, the first spawn of the summer is also often the last one of the year. It’s very rare to happen the second time.

In contrast, the goldfish living in the tank get many opportunities to spawn more. If you can keep the temperature stable, they can spawn all year.

What Signs Show Goldfish Are Mating?

As described above, goldfish flirt with each other so violently that we are confused they are fighting. If you are breeding these species, here are some clues to help you distinguish if your pets are mating.

For the male species, you can observe their bodies. Many white spots are appearing on their gills and scales. These specks are regularly called the breeding tubercles. Meanwhile, the females will gain weight and look chubbier than usual.

Not only that, the frequency of their chases becomes denser with more violent activities such as rubbing against her, thrusting into her abdomen, or even snapping up her tail and fins.

All only aim to encourage them to release her eggs into the water. That’s why the females often feel quite stressed until spawning finishes during this time.

What Conditions Do Goldfish Mate In Your Tank?

To goldfish mate in your tank, you need to adjust some tank factors to suit their spawning demands. Your tank has to be large enough for your pets to do their races. They sometimes even splash water on the floor.

If it is too small, they cannot feel free to flirt with each other or even get hurt when hitting the tank glass too many times. The water flow speed and temperature in the tank also need to be steady and particularly cycled.

As mentioned above, the most suitable water temperature should maintain an average of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. One last important thing: your fishes must be of reproductive age, which helps to ensure their health after birth and their quality eggs.

It would be best if they’re from 2 to 3 years old. Actually, female fish under the age of maturity have a high capacity to spawn. But the risk of postnatal mortality is also very high as well as the possibility of hatching eggs is very low.

It’s quite hard for goldfish to lay eggs in the tank. If you have the intention to raise them, let’s read on to the next part to learn how to make them mate in your tank!

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How To Encourage Your Goldfish Spawning At Home?

Goldfish can mate in good condition due to three factors: temperature, nutritious diet, and water quality. Below we will instruct you details step by step.

Adjust The Water Temperature In Your Tank

Goldfish are extremely sensitive to water temperature, especially during spawning. Hence, finding the right temperature is the priority condition for them to spawn.

It would be best to keep the water temperature between 50°F to 64°F for four months. After that, raise it gradually around 3 degrees per day until it reaches 70-74°F.

Don’t do this so suddenly since slow temperature rising will make your fish think that it’s time for them to mate.

Balance Nutritious Diet

When it comes to spawning, they need to get healthier than ever. Therefore, you should add rich protein foods such as brine shrimp eggs, daphnia, larvae, etc.

Yet, you should cut the food into many smaller pieces to help them easily fit into their mouth and digest.

Note The Water Quality

Stepping on the breeding season, all things inside the tank make the females become tenser than ever. So, don’t let your water get cloudy because this will affect your pets’ health.

Remember to clean your tank daily! You can change water each day (20% old water) and remove all the wastes and the leftover food. Even better, you should cut the leaves inside down so as not to impede their swimming activities.

Well! Above are 3 steps supporting your tiny friends in fish breeding. Just need to be aware of these ones; you will get an aquarium full of pets without not much cost.


How do goldfish mate? – We make sure that now you can understand the way your fishes flirt, mate, and spawn. Although they require lots of conditions throughout this process, it’s not so hard to care for them.

After reading our article, we hope you can find a way to care for and protect your little goldfish!

Thank you, and see ya in the next post!

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