Can Two Female Betta Fish Live Together?


As we know, bettas are beautiful, colorful fish that can live in small spaces. They are popular pets because they don’t require much space. Furthermore, people know that females and males can live together in a tank, with the male being dominant over the female.

However, some wonder if two female bettas can coexist without the tank turning into a war zone or “Can two female betta fish live together?”. Keep scrolling down to find a detailed answer.

Can Two Female Bettas Live Together?

The answer is a big Yes! Unlike male counterparts, who are fiercely territorial and would battle others entering their territory and maybe to death, female bettas will tend to get along nicely.

That said, this is not always true for all females. It depends on their personalities and how they get along with one another. For the first few days, you can observe your bettas may quarrel or fight.

Quarreling is unavoidable, especially when introducing a new member to the lady betta’s aquarium. After that, individuals are more likely to get along with others and live in a peaceful environment since they have had the opportunity to connect and learn about each other previously.

Therefore, there is some important information you need to consider before bringing two lady bettas home!  There’s nothing better than having more than one pet, and with the proper care, your girls will be best friends forever.

How To Recognize Females?

When you first start caring for a betta, it can be difficult to recognize the gender of your betta. While male betta counterparts are quite easy to identify with their long fins and vibrant colors, lady bettas are maybe hard to identify because they sometimes look like males at first glance.

Here are some features to help you know how to determine if your bettas are female or male:


There is no surprise that most fish belonging to the betta breed have a beautiful fin that spreads out and is colorful. It’s maybe hard for you to determine their gender immediately.

Still, lady bettas have shorter fins than male counterparts, allowing them to swim faster. That is a useful clue for you to recognize if your pet is male or female. Plus, they tend to be less bright than a male’s.


If you already have male bettas, you can easily determine by observing their color. They have a larger color combination than female bettas. Females almost always have a simple pattern, and plain hues are uncommon.

One bus point for you is that, unlike other common female fish,  female Koi plakat betta are special because they are a popular and unique color, making them the most outstanding in the aquarium. They tend to become more colorful when female bettas are anxious or reproducing.


One of the easiest clues to identify your betta as a lady is its size and body. People believe that all males are always bigger than their counterparts. But, they might be wrong for this fish breed because male betta fish are thinner and longer.

In contrast, betta females are usually bigger than males. You can see this feature clearly when they grow up fully.


Without a doubt, male bettas are often aggressive. This is because they haven’t been socialized as much and are extremely territorial or constantly fighting with their tank-mate over territory. Fortunately, lady bettas are more friendly than male bettas.

We know the behavior is quite difficult for you to recognize which betta is a lady or a gentleman. No need to worry! The best way for this issue is to try to place a mirror in front of them. Then, you will see the result right now!

In particular, when a female faces the mirror, they might flare for a few sections, and then they feel bored and gently leave. Meanwhile, males will continuously flare and fight themselves until the mirror is removed from their vision. If your pet acts like this, it is a male.

How To Determine If Female Bettas Fight?

It is hard to say if female bettas fight because they do not have the same physical characteristics as their male counterparts. That said, there are some signs to help predict the likelihood of fighting.

For example, you can ask by yourself the following questions: Have they been housed together before? Do they have similar personalities? Have they recently been introduced to one another?

These factors can play an important role in deciding if two female bettas will fight with each other. The best way to determine if two females will be compatible is by observing them for signs of aggression towards one another first.

Once their behavior indicates that they might get along well together, it’s safe to put them into a similar aquarium! But how to do this? Don’t skip the next part quickly because you can’t miss some essential tips that you need to know!

What To Do When Introducing New Fish To Your Female Betta?

When you wish to add a new member to your aquarium, it’s best to set up a second tank beforehand. If such conflict occurs, the fresh fish must be removed and placed in the second tank.

Keep in mind that you have to ensure some water transfer from the original tank to the second one. Next, fill both aquariums with new water. Not finished yet! You must put your new lady betta fish in a new tank for about a day, allowing them to adapt to the water and surroundings.

Doing this can help it won’t be shocked when you introduce it to a new habit. After around 48 hours, you should notice the new fish and your pet begin to feel at ease.

What Are Betta Tank Mates Appropriate For Female Bettas?

To assist you can keeping two or even more than lady betta in one tank successfully, we would give some tips for you below:

  • Size of the tank: The bettas will be more comfortable and happy in a larger tank. Because space might lead to unwelcome hostility and fights, always go for the biggest tank you can.
  • Filtering: This is required to keep water pure and clear of contaminants.
  • A planted tank: Live plants give natural protection from tank mates and can also function as a visual obstacle, maybe leading your two lady bettas to less conflict or fight.
  • Need 10-gallon tank: Ensure with this amount of water combined with filtration and heater when separating them into two tanks.

Final Verdict

After reading this article, you’ve had the clear answer for the query, “Can two female betta fish live together?”, haven’t you? We truly hope all information we’ve provided can assist in finding the best way to keep two lady betta fish in the similar tank.

Do you have or intend to have betta fish? Freely please tell us what you think of this fascinating fish breed!

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