The Best Turtle Food of 2021


Are you searching for the best turtle food? While you can find different turtle foods, you might be feeling confused. Where should you start? How much should you spend? Surely, you might be having plenty of questions in your mind now. Don’t worry, as we’ve prepared a buying guide for you. It highlights the most reliable brands in this category. We’ve made a research and compiled the most nutritious and highly-recommended turtle food. In the following, we’ve also discussed the things to look for and answered related questions. At the end of the day, we’re hoping you’ll be able to figure out the right turtle food for your turtle’s health and wellness.

What is the Best Turtle Food

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Top 7 Best Turtle Food Reviews

1. Tetra Reptomin Floating Food Sticks for Aquatic Turtles


These food sticks are versatile because they are not just for aquatic turtles but also for frogs and newts. The floating food sticks are also practical because they are easy to consume. The Tetra Reptomin Floating food for turtles and frogs are also affordable, so it can give you more value for your spending.

This food is also suitable for a turtle’s daily diet. It can promote their growth due to the high levels of essential amino acids and proteins. The floating food sticks are also easy to digest and can be readily accepted by different species. You only need to feed up to twice a day because your pet can consume it fast.

However, some reported that their turtles didn’t like it, though. But overall, you cannot go wrong for choosing this product because it is nutritious and easy to digest. It is also packed with essential nutrients, including vitamin C and calcium.


  • Affordable and practical choice
  • Ideal for small exotic pets
  • Packed with vitamin C and calcium
  • Easy to digest


  • Picky turtles don’t like it.

2. Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food


The Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food is another top choice among hobbyists and pet shop owners because it is an optimal source of nutrition for turtles. It can help the grow well and healthy. This product is composed of 25% protein that can promote healthy growth.

This item is also from a trusted brand that has been around for years. Since then, it has been trusted by many pet owners worldwide for its reputation and quality. This product is one of their best offerings so far. This item is scientifically formulated, meeting the dietary needs of turtles. Its hatchling formula is packed with more protein for speedy growth rate. The pellets also float so they’re easy to consume and minimizes wasting.

However, this product is a bit expensive, but it is quality and packed with more protein and nutrients that your pets will love.


  • More protein
  • Scientifically formulated
  • No artificial colors
  • No fillers and preservative
  • Floating pellet


  • A bit expensive

3. Zoo Med Sun Dried Large Red Shrimp Food for Turtle


The Sun Dried Large Red Shrimp is another consideration if you’re shopping around for a protein-rich and nutrient-dense diet for your turtles. This red shrimp food is also available in five ounces, so it can last longer. You do not need to buy often, so you can save time, too.

This item is also versatile that it suits all aquatic turtles. It is also high in nutrients, including protein, for growth and development. In addition, this food is also great for large turtles and tank invertebrates and fish. After a few days of feeding, you will notice the boost in weight of your pets.

However, other turtles tend to ignore this food. Overall, it is a great pick for its high protein and nutrition content. It is also suitable for all aquatic turtles and marine fish and invertebrates. You will get more out of your spending when you select this turtle food.


  • High protein
  • Can be given as a treat or staple food
  • Suitable for all aquatic turtles
  • Easy to consume and digest
  • Quality, no filler ingredients


  • Some turtles tend to ignore it.

4. Fluker’s Aquatic Turtle Buffet Blend Food


This Fluker’s Aquatic buffet food should be a part of your consideration when selecting turtle food. For one, it is a best seller in the amphibian and reptile food consistently. This item is also by Fluker’s, a top brand trusted by many turtle owners in the world.

Also, the Turtle Buffet containing balanced pellets that have vitamins and minerals. This buffet food is packed with the essentials that will make your turtles happy and healthy. It also contains mealworms and shrimps that add to the level of protein it contains. This turtle food is loaded with calcium that supports shell development.

Some pet owners reported that their turtles didn’t like the staple food. But then, most customers revealed that they noticed growth and development in their pets after a few days of feeding.


  • Quality and protein-rich
  • With mealworms and dried shrimp
  • Delicious buffet blend
  • Easy to feed
  • Support shell development


  • Reports about some turtles not liking it

5. Tetra Tetrafauna Pro ReptoMin Adult Turtle Formula Sticks


The turtle formula sticks must not be missed when comparing your choices for an adult turtle food. For one, this product is by Tetra, a known brand for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The formula sticks are also easy to consume and moneysaving, important features to look for when shopping for a turtle food.

The adult turtle food is also formulated to boost the immune system of your pets. It is with added protein for more energy. It also has an odor-blocking technology, which can reduce the turtle waste odor.

However, there are quality issues reported though. But overall, this adult turtle food is one of the finest in the category for its quality and affordability. Finally, I liked that it has shrimp-enriched protein bites that your pets will love.


  • Balanced, less fat diet
  • Designed with aroma and flavors turtles love
  • Odor-blocking technology
  • Comes with protein bites
  • Trusted brand


  • Quality control issues

6. TetraFauna ReptoMin Select-A-Food for Aquatic Turtles


This Tetra product is another to consider on your list. It can help promote the proper growth of your turtles. Plus, it is also versatile that it is also ideal for frogs and newts. This food is excellent to add variety to the diet of your pets. Also, these treats are composed of three foods in one container. They can also be given as a staple food for frogs and turtles.

But then, some picky turtles might ignore the treats. However, most customers love this turtle food because it is with three foods in one, so they get more of their spending. It also has a great flavor and aroma that turtles are attracted to, according to most reviews.


  • Can be given as treats or staple food
  • Also ideal for frogs and newts
  • Three foods in one container
  • Great flavor and aroma
  • Easy to consume


  • Picky turtles might ignore it.

7. Zoo Med Gourmet Aquatic Turtle Food


The Zoo Med gourmet food is a part of this list because it is an excellent product that is loaded with the vitamins and minerals that aquatic turtles need for growth and development. It can also promote a strong immune system so that your pets can avoid different health issues. Plus, this item is only with natural ingredients and contains no fillers and chemicals. Finally, it is by a trusted brand in the reptile world, so you can have peace of mind of getting more of your spending.

However, some people complained about receiving the product in a damaged packaging. Overall, though, it is an excellent turtle food that can offer vital nutrients for the proper growth and optimal health of pets. You might want to check it out if you want to give nothing but the best for your shelled friends.


  • No added preservatives or artificial colors
  • High protein treats for growing turtles
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals
  • Made of only choice ingredients
  • Nice flavor and aroma


  • Quality control issues

Turtle Food Buying Guide


Before purchasing commercial turtle food, you should think about nutrition. Buy one that is with greens, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. But apart from that, should weigh your options well so that your turtles will get optimal nutrition from their diet.

For example, baby/juvenile turtles need more protein in their diet. The reason is that they need it to grow. Ideally, the turtle food must contain at least 70% protein.

But if your turtle is an adult, it should contain at least 50% of vegetables. As when they reach adulthood, they will not need much protein. Thus, you must reduce the amount of protein that you’re giving them.

Choosing the wrong food for your turtle will result to its poor growth and pyramiding. It can also lead to other issues or diseases. Thus, you must consider your turtle’s age when choosing his food.

It is also why many pet owners choose feeding their turtles with formulated foods because they are scientifically designed and created for turtles. They also contain the nutrients needed for the growth and development of turtles. However, it is also advisable that you feed your turtles with a combination of foods, including treats and pellets.

Regarding the shape, turtle foods can come in a variety of shapes. But then, you must also consider buying floating foods, which must be small enough for easy feeding. You can also find foods as long grains, circular grains and dehydrated flakes. You can also find those with mealworms and dried shrimps.

For the color, it doesn’t have any specific one. Usually, you will find these turtle foods having the same color as the primary ingredient. However, some foods are also with food coloring. Make sure that it is safe and non-toxic. Or best, you might want to consider those that doesn’t contain food coloring.

Types of Turtle Food

Turtles can eat a variety of foods. It is best to combine natural and commercial foods for feeding these pets that omnivores. They can also be herbivores or carnivores. Many pet shops and supplies stores suggest feeding them with different types of foods, including chunks, sticks and pellets. Each can be formulated for specific turtles. Some are also ideal for feeding many types of aquatic turtles. Nevertheless, these foods must offer a balanced nutrition and contain different vitamins, minerals and proteins to ensure the excellent health of turtles. But apart from commercial food, you can also feed your pets with fresh foods.

Turtles also love raw foods. You can feed them with protein-dense foods, including crickets and mealworms. They also like spiders, earthworms and fish, including red minnows and guppies. You can also give them boiled eggs, apple and canned tuna. Other pet owners also give them raspberries and grapes. Other fruits they love include pear, bananas and mangoes. However, it’s advised not to overfeed them with fruits due to their high sugar content.

Vegetables are also excellent turtle foods due to their high fiber, vitamin and mineral content. A few picks include carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes and beets. Others include pumpkin, yams and peas. But then, make sure that you rinse and steam/boil them before feeding your pets.

In addition to vegetables, meats and fruits, turtles also appreciate flowers, including geraniums, borage and carnations. They are okay for these flowers also including pansies, roses and petunias. Greens, including green beans and swiss chard, are also okay.

Treats must also be a part of their diet. Some of these include live food, bits of meat and dried shrimp.

Why Do You Need Turtle Food?

What are the benefits of turtle food? Why do your turtles need them? In the following are some advantages of why you need turtle food. Let’s get started.

Growth and development

Turtle food, including natural and commercial ones, are vital for the development of your shelled pets. They are with proteins, vitamins and minerals that aid in the health and boost immune system of your turtles. It is why you must select a turtle food that contains high levels of nutrients that your pets need.

Easy to consume

Turtle food must also be easy to consume and digest to ensure of nutrient absorption. You must pick a floating food stick, pellet or another form that’s easy to eat so that your pets can take advantage of the vitamins and minerals that they contain.


Commercial foods, like a buffet style food, are especially designed and made to taste delicious. Your pets will love and enjoy eating them.

Safe and non-toxic

These foods are also non-toxic, so they will not harm your turtles. You can have peace of mind that they’re safe to give to your pets. You can get started with the selection using the reviews of the above products.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long can a turtle live without food?

An adult properly-fed turtle should be able to last without food. However, it is a different case for baby and juvenile turtles will not survive this long because they need regular feeding, especially with food rich in protein. They also feed more often than an adult turtle does. Some sources also say that turtles rely on temperature. In low humid and winter temperature, many turtles are going to survive without food up to five months.

What can turtles eat besides turtle food?

There are many kinds of foods to feed your turtle with, and some of these include vegetables. Examples are mustard greens, collard and kale. Turtles also like water lettuce, duckweed and water hyacinth, among other vegetations.

How much food should I feed my turtle?

The answer depends on your turtle. However, many pet owners recommend that you feed them as much the food that they can eat in 15 minutes. If you want to monitor them easily, you can place it in a separate container. In this way, you can see how fast your turtle is eating and how much it eats. But nevertheless, it is not hard to feed a turtle because you must know your turtle’s feeding habits and capacity. Be able to monitor and see how much and how fast it is eating.

Where to buy turtle food?

There are many places where to buy turtle food, and a great place to start is in your community. You can find these turtle foods in turtle supplies shops and pet shops. But aside from these places, Amazon, eBay and other online marketplace sells these foods. You can also buy at the Home Depot, Walmart and other places. Nevertheless, it is not hard to find turtle foods, but you must make sure that you compare and weigh your options well for the best results.


Feeding them properly, you can notice the big difference! Your turtles will thrive and live happily and longer. By now, you probably have an idea on the best turtle food to buy. It can be easier knowing the factors to consider when weighing your options. With this information, you can set your expectations from the start and decide better. But again, you must consider the brand when comparing your choices to ensure that what you’re buying is by a trusted one. Get started with the selection process using our buying guide. Check out these products, each with pros and cons, and determine which one is right for your pets. Buy turtle food today!

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