Top 7 Best Solar Pond Pumps of 2021


Saving energy is one of the main concerns of most pond owners. As having a pond at home can come with great financial worries, the best solar pond pumps help owners in maintaining the water quality without shelling out too much cash. Investing in a solar pond pump is a wise choice in stepping up on your pond game. These pumps are operated with sunlight, cutting unnecessary electricity costs. It also leaves you with lesser carbon footprint as it doesn’t give off harmful effect on the environment. Having a great solar powered pond pump will leave you at peace knowing that your pond is well-aerated at a lesser expense.

What is the Best Solar Pond Pump

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Top 7 Best Solar Pond Pumps Reviews

1. AEO Solar Pond Pump Kit


Leave all your water pump worries for your pump to the AEO Solar Pond Pump Kit. This easy to install unit works great wonders for small ponds, birdbaths, and fish tanks, among others.

Durability is out of the question with its aluminum frame for protection. The solar panel itself is made of 5W polycrystalline which makes it very efficient for everyday use.

This solar pump is such a great investment as the brushless motor that operates the unit lasts for more than 20,000 hours. It also prevents water contamination with its oil-free mechanisms.

You will never be intimidated by assembling this kit as it doesn’t need wiring setups and is submersible. However, no battery backup is included, but overall, the basics you need for proper water circulation are inside the kit.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable frame
  • Brush motor operates for more than 20,000 hours
  • Oil-free pump
  • Submersible


  • No backup battery included in the kit

2. Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit


Keep your ponds well-aerated with the Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit. This powerful pump moves a large amount of water even without plugging in a grid.

This solar water pump can be used for ponds, fountains, and even for rainwater collection. It operates with long life, at 20,000 hours.

Other key features that pond owners love in this water pump are its adjustable flow control, removable pre-filter, and dry run protection. The pump is also submersible and is non-toxic to fish and other aquatic life.

The power cord is included upon purchase, which makes you able to place the panel 16 feet away from the pump. The panel itself is framed with aluminum for resilience. The only thing not included is the battery for backup.


  • Can be used ponds and fountains among others
  • Submersible pump
  • Long power cord
  • Framed with aluminum
  • Operates for 20,000 hours


  • Battery backup not included

3. ECO-WORTHY Solar Fountain Water Pump Kit


Check out this easy to operate and cost-efficient water pump kit for your pond. The ECO-WORTHY Solar Fountain Water Pump Kit has multiple uses and is perfect for outdoor fountains and ponds.

The kit comes with 2 fountain heads, the blossom, and the mushroom type. These patters will surely attract your neighbors, guests, and even cute animals.

Cleaning and maintenance aren’t a bother as it is totally powered by solar energy. Easy installation is one of its strongest suits with guided steps on how to assemble the unit.

The downside of the ECO-WORTHY Solar Fountain Water Pump Kit is that it needs full sunlight to operate. Shadows that may block direct sunlight can disrupt the water pump. However, the solar panel can be adjusted to multiple angles so direct sunlight will always hit.


  • Multiple application
  • 2 fountain heads
  • Low maintenance
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Adjustable solar panel angle


  • Needs full sunlight

4. Aquaplanction MNP Fish Pond Pump Kit


Everything about this large and powerful pump is perfect for your pond. The Aquaplaction MNP Fish Pond Pump Kit has a submersible pump that keeps running just with solar power.

With the latest technology in running pond pumps, it uses a brush-less pump to keep water in your ponds richly aerated. It drives energy from the twin solar panel at 25W each, for a total of 50W to power the pump.

Cleaning isn’t much of a hassle as the unit is easy to maintain for long term use. And a unique feature that this brand takes pride in is its dry run cut off, saving a huge amount of water and in cases of leakage.

All the features of this kit are suitable for large ponds; thus, the pump may be too powerful on smaller ones. It delivers and lives up to its very durable and powerful reputation for generating clean water.


  • Powerful pump at 50W
  • Uses 2 solar panels
  • Brush-less pump
  • Low maintenance
  • Dry run cut off feature


  • Too powerful for small ponds

5. AISITIN Solar Fountain Pump


Rely on the features of the AISITIN Solar Fountain Pump in keeping your ponds in top shape. This pump is a great evolution of the common pumps as it keeps working even with low sunlight.

All your jet height and shape needs are met with this fountain pump’s 6 different pairs of nozzles. Aside from that, the height is easily adjustable and the spray head can be changed easily.

The floating pump can be used for multiple purposes, like for ponds, fish tanks, pools, and basically anything that needs quality water circulation for oxygen. It also has an automatic power-off setting so it stops when it leaves the water.

Value for money is what the pump is about with 2 built-in 1500 mAh batteries. If your pond is very huge, this pump may not be able to carry out the power it needs.


  • Still works even at low sunlight
  • Has 6 pairs of nozzles
  • Floating pump design
  • Automatic power-off setting
  • Built-in batteries


  • Not suitable for large ponds

6. Lewisia Battery Backup Solar Fountain Pump


Enjoy the view of your pond at home with this remote-operated pond pump. The Lewisia Battery Backup Solar Fountain Pump uses the latest technology to live up to their customer’s quality pond pump expectations.

This solar-powered pump also has a back-up battery for a continuous water pumping action, even at night time. A bonus feature of the pump is its 5-LED lighting system, which adds beauty to your pond.

Whether you like your pump floating or submerged, the Lewisia Battery Backup Solar Fountain Pump can have it both ways. It also has a filter box to sieve out dirt on your pumps.

Stake mounts are included so they stay sturdy and secure wherever you place them. The pump may not run as great as the bigger and powerful ones for huge ponds but is very durable and efficient for any personal water oasis.


  • Can be controlled with a remote
  • Has a back-up battery
  • Has a 5-LED lighting system
  • Submersible and can float
  • Stake mounts included in the kit


  • Not as powerful in bigger ponds

7. PowerEZ Solar Water Pump Kit


If you just started in having your own pond at home, consider having a solar-powered pump for money-saving water aeration. The PowerEZ Solar Water Pump Kit provides you with all the basics that you need in a water pump.

It works well not just for ponds, but also for bird baths, fish tanks, and for water decoration purposes. Its lifespan of 20,000 hours will surely save you tons of money and time in maintaining your pond.

At night time, it can be connected to a rechargeable battery or any DC source for continuous water pumping. However, this kit does not include a back-up battery so you might consider getting upon purchase.

A customizable feature that it boasts about is its 2 spray-head option. The pump is submersible as well, for aesthetic purposes.


  • Can be used on bird baths, fish tanks and ponds
  • It has a lifespan of 20,000 hours
  • Can be connected to a battery or any DC source
  • 2 spray head option
  • Pump is submersible


  • Kit does not include a battery backup

Solar Pond Pumps Buying Guide

Pumps are vital in keeping the circulation of the water inside ponds. Having a pond requires the responsibility of keeping it clean and maintaining the health of the aquatic creatures that sustain the pond. To cut costs and be eco-friendly in doing so, solar pond pumps are of great help.

These solar pond pumps rely on sunlight to be operated continuously and are great if you want to have less carbon footprint. Aside from that, you save so much electricity and money in the long run. These advantages that make it a good investment are:

  • Cost-efficient
  • Environment-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy can be stored in a battery
  • Most pumps are customized
  • Easy to install

The downside of having solar pond pumps is that it doesn’t run at night. Relying solely on the sunlight can be a great disadvantage, so look for solar pumps that can be connected to a back-up battery that stores energy for future use. Aside from that, solar panels have lifespans, so take not the date of purchase and how long they usually last.

Cables and hose connections should be long enough for the solar panel to accumulate sufficient sunlight, while still being connected to the pump. If your area is not well-lit throughout the day, consider placing the solar panel where the sun will hit the most.

Solar pond pumps can be submersible or just placed at the surface. Whatever the needs of your pond are, ponder on what specific type of pump it will most likely benefit from.

Having a battery back-up is also a good idea as it acts as an energy reservoir, in times when the solar panel cannot have enough sunlight, especially during night time. Most pumps can be connected to these batteries or to a specific direct or alternative current electrical source.

What is a Solar Pond Pump?


A solar pond pump is a water pump that is mainly powered by sunlight. Solar energy is absorbed through photovoltaic cells in these solar panels. After absorbing sunlight, these cells convert the solar energy to a direct current one. It is then further converted to an alternating current energy for the water pump to use.

How does a Solar Pond Pump Work?

Solar pond pumps work efficiently especially if the location of the solar panel is accurate for sunlight exposure, the motor of the pump is strong enough to generate water, and if the connections permit productivity of the two.

A solar pond pump has 3 main components. A photovoltaic array in the form of the solar panel, an electric motor, and the pump itself.

The solar panel absorbs sunlight through the photovoltaic array. The electric motor has the capacity to convert the energy that was absorbed into a direct current energy, or further to an alternating current one. Electric motors vary so check what form of energy will be its final output.

The pump is connected through the main solar panel. It will then work with the energy that it receives. Without the energy from the solar panel, the pump won’t work. Most of these solar pumps are then connected to a battery backup for an alternative energy source.

Types of Solar Pond Pumps

The main components of the solar pond pump are basically all you need to have a self-generating pump that is perfect for day use. With a basic solar pond pump, you generate the right energy for your pond to maintain quality aeration throughout the day. These widely available pumps may differ in type.

Submersible Pump

These pumps, as the name implies, can be submerged underwater and pump water there. The solar panel sits outside the pump, while some manufacturers design the solar panel to be embedded on plastic, sitting on the surface of the pond.

These pumps are commonly used in fish ponds. They are aesthetically pleasing because the pump stays hidden underwater. Other disadvantages are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Inconspicuous
  • Inexpensive
  • Filters are easy to find and are low-cost

External Solar Pumps

Bigger ponds commonly use these external solar pumps because of its generating capacity. They run perfectly for ponds with thousands of gallons of water because they can handle a large volume of water flow.

These pumps are quite louder than the submersible ones because they are more powerful. It can also be a bit pricey. Among its other advantages are:

  • More efficient
  • Most are equipped with biologic filters and leaf strainers
  • Easy to repair because you don’t need to take it out of the water

Whether submersible or external, the type of solar pond pump you will most likely buy is the one that is perfect for the size of your own pond, and the one that will suit your lifestyle.

Why Do You Need a Solar Pond Pump?

Your pond will need constant oxygenation for it to maintain the life it supports. Plants, some aquatic animals, and others, constantly need oxygen to thrive and make your pond a sustainable one.

A pump will keep the oxygenation of your pond continuously circulating while also keeping you at ease that the life that your pond holds are in safe hands. These pumps need to run constantly and will need a huge amount of energy to do so. Solar pond pumps are the perfect ones to ease away your financial concerns.

These pumps are always efficient in providing your ponds well-aerated and clean water, because it sources out energy from the sun. Areas with great sunlight are great for these pumps because it allows them to work excellently. Batteries can be connected to these pumps too.

Aside from the effective pumping mechanism brought about by the solar panels, your pockets will thank you for investing in these pumps. In the long run, having these will cut your costs on electricity, pond maintenance, as well as pump cleaning.

These are easy to install in any pond, low maintenance, eco-friendly, and are great for pond owners who want to cut the costs of maintaining a pond.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much solar power do I need to run a pond pump and charger?

A single solar panel typically has about 36 silicon cells that can generate 12 volts. This can still peak up to 17 volts as the cells are connected in a series. Essentially the solar power you will need is the one that can surpass the voltage of your pump. If your pump is rated at 6 volts and your solar panel can produce 17 volts, a single solar panel is typically enough.

Part of the energy that the pump will not use can be stored in the battery. It is used to charge the backup battery and the solar power needed will depend on the size of your battery. It also uses excess solar power only, so charging will not be the main goal of the panel, unless the pump is not at work or is supplied by an external source.

What size solar pump is needed for a 50 gallon pond?

Water pumps are sized according to the volume of the pond in gallons per hour. Typically, a 50-gallon pond would need a pump size that can generate water flow at 50 GPH (gallons per hour).

Another way of getting the right size of solar pump is taking into consideration a unit’s head rating. The head rating is useful statistic as it uses the flow rate and the maximum head of the pump as its factors. The higher the head rating, the powerful the pump is.

How to set up solar panel for pond pump and filter?

Most solar pond pumps come in kits. These kits contain mostly all the essentials that you need to set up a healthy pond. These kits commonly provide the pump with a built-in filter and the solar panel. Instruction guides mostly come in handy as they provide you with the right direction in connecting the solar panel to the pump. Hose and connectors are also commonly included in these kits.

Where to buy solar pond pumps?

These solar pond pumps are getting so much attention as they save you from the hassle and money spent on maintaining ponds. Home pond owners usually get these pumps in home improvement or landscaping centers. These can also be bought on specialized electrical shops. Online marketplaces, including Amazon, can also be a great source for you to get your solar pond pumps.


A healthy pond starts with having the right environment that has the adequate oxygen circulation. The best solar pond pumps provide aeration that are perfect for home ponds, without having to shell out huge amounts of money, and without taking too much of your time for maintenance.These eco-friendly pumps are self-sufficient in assuring you that the aquatic life in your pond is well taken care of. The solar panel continually gives off energy to the pump and can also allot its unused energy for battery backup. The sunlight, oxygen, and the clean water all provide the best living conditions of a healthy pond, and all are well-utilized with a reliable solar pond pump.

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