The Best Shrimp Food for 2021


 If you’re keeping freshwater shrimp, baby or not, you should feed them with the best shrimp food. It contains a whole load of nutrients, including prebiotics and probiotics, antioxidants, protein, vitamins and minerals (on select products). Ensuring that you’re feeding them with the right food, you can have peace of mind that they will grow, survive and thrive happily. As you know, shrimps may be sensitive, so taking care of them may be a challenge especially for beginners. But if you would like to ensure of increasing their survival rate, you should be feeding them with the right shrimp food. Let us help you with the following top 7 suggestions on the market for shrimp food.

What is the Best Shrimp Food

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Top 7 Best Shrimp Food Reviews

1. Aquatic Arts Sinking Pellets


There is nothing quite like the Aquatic Arts Sinking Pellets for shrimp food because it is easy to dose and feed our shrimp pets with. These pellets are perfect for all types of invertebrates, such as crabs, snails and shrimps.

I noticed that invertebrates love this food, so it is not hard to feed your pets with it. In addition, I liked that the freshwater shrimp food seems to have a delightful taste because pets love it. It is a comprehensive formulation that is with spirulina algae and vegetable matter that shrimps love.

However, there were complaints about some invertebrates didn’t like it. But overall, you will like the great goodness of this food for your shrimp. You can notice that they are happier and healthier because this food is nutrient-dense.


  • Ideal for all types of invertebrates
  • Made of high-quality ingredients
  • Come in a bulk supply


  • Some might not like its taste

2. Fluval Shrimp Granules for freshwater shrimp


The Fluval Shrimp Granules are another choice for many shrimp keepers because it is nutritionally-balanced. The 1.2oz granules offer a healthy dose of vitamins, which can ensure the growth and developments of their pets. These granules can also support them for resistance against disease. They are a healthy source of nutrition, yet this food does not contain any artificial colorants.

The food is highly-palatable, which is suitable for the diet of freshwater shrimp. It is also a great source of proteins that shrimp needs for development. It is also known for helping your pets during the molting process. It also includes an advanced yeast extract that can offer prebiotics. It can help in improving optimal nutrient absorption.

However, there are sinking issues reported of the food, though. But still, the food is for the optimal growth and development of freshwater shrimp.


  • No harmful ingredients and artificial colorants
  • Ideal for freshwater shrimp
  • Highly-palatable diet
  • Can support digestive system
  • Conditions the shrimp


  • Sinking issues

3. Hikari AHK19404 Shrimp Cuisine for freshwater shrimp


If you’re looking for an ideal freshwater shrimp, you should include the Hikari Inc AHK19404 on your list. For one, it is by Hikari, a world-renowned brand for quality fish and invertebrate food.

One of the things I liked about the shrimp food is that it is with color enhancers, such as alfalfa and spirulina. They are carefully chosen ingredients that make the shrimp food an ideal source of nutrients for the proper development and nourishment of freshwater shrimp. I also liked that they are great for reducing water quality problems. With it, you don’t have to clean up the tank water more often.

However, it comes in a smaller pack availability. But overall, it is easy to dose and highly digestible. It contains a balanced of nutrients that boost the immune system of your pets and make them happy.


  • Can reduce clouding
  • Can boost the color of the shrimp
  • Contains alfalfa and spirulina
  • Easily digestible
  • Easy to dose


  • Smaller pack availability

4. SunGrow Baby Shrimp Food


Do you have baby shrimps? Do you want to see them grow, develop and live a happy life? If so, you might want to consider the SunGrow Baby Shrimp Food. It comes with essential nutrients, such as powder enzyme that can facilitate their healthy growth. The food contains a powerful combination of nutrients that support the immune system and digestion of freshwater shrimp.

The SunGrow food can also help in increasing the survival rate of baby shrimp. I also liked that this food can help in reducing the clouding issues that tank keepers commonly encounter with their pets.

However, it can be a bit pricier than other options available on the market are. But nevertheless, I would like to recommend this shrimp food for its nutrient content that supports the growth and development of your pets.


  • Contains microbial enzyme powder
  • Proven and tested for effectiveness based on lab research
  • Supports the proper growth and nutrition of baby shrimp
  • Can increase the survival rate of your pets
  • Can help reduce clouding issues


  • Cloudy water reports

5. Shrimp King Snow Pops


Shrimp King is one of the most reliable brands for manufacturing shrimp food. One of their offers is the snow pops that shrimp love. If you’re keeping freshwater shrimps, you should include this food in their diet.

The sinking food sticks are made of all-natural and organic soy bran that can help your shrimps thrive and survive. These snacks are also great for all invertebrates, and in fact, one of the top-rated in the category. They also do not contain any colorants and preservatives that might not be suitable, especially for the more sensitive young ones.

However, some picky eaters might not like it at first. Still, I am impressed with the nutrient content of this shrimp food. It contains the essential nutrients that can help your pets survive and thrive.


  • No artificial colorants and preservatives
  • Also great as snacks
  • Can help in the balanced growth of your pets
  • Contains folic acid and other micronutrients
  • Contains prebiotics for healthy digestion


  • Picky eaters might not like it

6. Aqueon Omnivore Shrimp Food for all Shrimp


One of the things that make this Aqueon Omnivore Shrimp Food the right choice for many tank keepers is its versatility. It contains all the nutrients that can improve the health of your shrimp. It also has vitamins and potent minerals that can increase the survival rate of shrimp. This food is also versatile that it is for all shrimps.

The shrimp food doesn’t also degrade the water’s quality, one of the features that make it an excellent choice for owners, who don’t want frequent tank cleaning and maintenance.

However, some tank keepers reported that it is not that easy to eat for their pets. Nevertheless, these were isolated reports that do not make most feedbacks from many pet owners. This shrimp food is also ideal for all kinds of shrimps.


  • Potent source of vitamins and minerals
  • Shrimps love its taste
  • Quality brand
  • Affordable
  • No fillers


  • Not that easy to eat

7. Shrimp King Complete Sticks Food for Shrimp


The Sticks Food can save you money because you don’t have to put a lot of it in your tank, based on its size and the number of pets you have. So, when comparing your options, I would suggest adding this item on your list.

This food can also enhance the vibrant coloring of your pets. It will also help them grow and develop to thrive and survive so that they will live a happy life. It can also help your pets reproduce easier than with other food types do. This food also contains many essential substances and nutrients, yet it doesn’t include any harmful or artificial ingredients.

However, some shrimps ignore it according to some tank keepers, though. Overall, you can rely on it if you want an easy to feed and offers a balanced nutrition.


  • Can enhance your pets’ color
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Economical
  • Easy to feed
  • Balanced nutrition


  • Some shrimps ignore it

Shrimp Food Buying Guide

When shopping around for a shrimp food, you should consider your options well so that you can get the most out of it. As you might already know, shrimps can be quite sensitive, so it needs proper nourishment to increase their survival rate. To choose properly, here are some things to know.

Type of food

You should know what to feed your shrimp to ensure that they’re enjoying what you’re giving them. Many of these creatures prefer biofilm that grows on the surface of a well-maintained tank. It is composed of microorganisms, which are anchored to the water surface. However, it might not always be available, so you should feed your shrimp with commercial food, including shrimp food sticks, flake foods and granules.


Typically, these shrimp foods are affordable, yet they’re loaded with nutrition. Compare the prices of shrimp food when shopping around for one, but make sure that you’re also checking the nutrients.

Nutrition content

Check for shrimp food that contains proteins, vitamins and minerals. There are also varieties with probiotics and prebiotics, which can support the digestion of shrimp. On the other hand, you can also find those with spirulina and alfalfa meal, which can enhance the color and nutrition of your pets. Nevertheless, check the label or read the specifications page of the product that you’re buying to ensure it is loaded with the nutrients that your pets need for sustenance.

Less clouding

Choosing shrimp food should also consider the less waste that it can produce in the water. Less waste also means less maintenance for your tank. You will save your effort and time by choosing shrimp food that doesn’t cloud the water fast.

Types of Shrimp Foods


What should you feed your shrimp with? If you’re a newbie thinking about keeping shrimp, you should know what foods are available and what benefits they offer to make an informed choice later. In the following, let’s check out the common types of shrimp foods available.

  • Biofilm: As mentioned, it is the common preference of shrimps, but then, it might not always be available. In tis case, you need to feed them with commercial food, especially if you have quite a high population of shrimps.
  • Flake foods are another common shrimp food to find commercially. They are with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will help in the growth and development of shrimps, even the young ones.
  • Bites/Pops are also great food for shrimps. They are also excellent choices as snacks.
  • Sinking Sticks don’t break apart to pollute the water. Shrimps also love them.
  • Granules are slow to dissolve so they will not cloud the water fast.
  • Natural food, such as cucumbers, spinach, and bits of pears are also good foods for shrimps.

But no matter the food that you’ve chosen to feed your shrimp with, you must know how often and how much to give them. For example, you must not overfeed your shrimp, or they will die. It might be better to underfeed than to overfeed them.

You don’t need to feed them often if you have a low shrimp population. Some owners do not also feed them at all because they eat the biofilm they could find on the surface. As the shrimps reproduce, you can add a little bit of food, but see if they’re eating it. if they’re not consuming it, you must remove it from the water to avoid polluting it.

Why Do You Need Shrimp Food?

There are many reasons that you need shrimp food, if you’re keeping young and adult shrimp. For one, these foods are especially designed and made for shrimps and invertebrates. It just means that they are uniquely formulated to provide the needs of your shrimps. These shrimp foods are with the vitamins, minerals, folic acid, probiotics and prebiotics as well as antioxidants that can boost the immune system and support the growth of your pets.

In addition, these foods are with natural color enhancers. They can promote the vibrant color of our lovely pets. So, when choosing a shrimp pet food, you must investigate its color-enhancing properties that can improve the color of these cute pets.

More so, the shrimp food is also easy to feed, and a few of these include sticks, granules, bites and pops. You might want to compare the properties of each food type to get the best results, or diversify their diet with a mix of these foods. Also, many of these foods are not causing any clouding of the water. It only means fewer maintenance needed, translating to saving your effort and time in cleaning up the tank.

Nevertheless, these are some of the benefits of shrimp foods to know. So, when finding the right food for your shrimp, you must compare your options well by reading the specifications page or the label. Check for info like feeding frequency, amount, nutrition it contains.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular Shrimp food brands?

In comparing your choices for a shrimp food, you must also read about the brand to ensure that you’re buying from a reputable manufacturer that strives hard in offering their customers with high-quality and affordable shrimp food. A few of these shrimp food manufacturers include Aquatic Arts, Fluval and Hikari, among the rest featured earlier. Check out their offers and figure out the right type of shrimp food to buy for your pets based on its features.

How do shrimp eat their food?

Adult shrimps are scavengers, so they eat what is crawling or floating on the ocean floor. They eat whatever organic matter can be found on the surface. These shrimps can eat snails, crab, worms, dead fish, plant matter and other matters that they can find. But for shrimps kept in a tank, they can eat a broad range of foods that you can buy commercially. These foods include wafers, granules, pellets and sinking sticks. You can also feed them with blanched vegetables, such as cucumbers and carrots.

How often should shrimp be fed?

Many keepers are feeding their pets every other day, while the others are putting food in the tank only once a week. However, you must remove the uneaten food after an hour or two, according to factors, such as tank condition and number of shrimps you’re keeping.

Where to buy shrimp food?

You can find these shrimp foods in many stores, such as Walmart, Lowes and other sources. Many online marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon, also sell these shrimp foods. You can find more options online where to choose from a wide range of items available. Compare features like nutrient content, feeding frequency and other factors, such as less water waste. You can also read reviews to check what the customers have to say about a product.


Looking for the best shrimp food can be challenging without considering your options well in terms of the features and benefits that it offers. It will help to read reviews and buying guides for references on how to select the right one for your shrimps’ needs. We’re hoping that you can make a great decision by referring to this buying guide that features the top seven picks on the market. Be able to compare their qualities to find out if they match the needs of your tank friends. Again, choose among these shrimp foods according to their price, nutrition content and type of shrimp food, to name some. Buy shrimp food today!

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