The Best Pond Skimmers of 2021


A clean and fresh pond easily improves the landscape and appeal of a home. To maintain its cleanliness, a pond skimmer is a must-have. Its general job is to collect any debris that is found on your pond’s surface. In this article, we will help you look for the best pond skimmers that will do the job and are worth your money. We know it can be a bit of a challenge to choose a pond skimmer out of all the choices that are available on the market today. To help you, we have reviewed 7 of the best that we can find.

What is the Best Pond Skimmer

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Top 7 Best Pond Skimmers Reviews

1. Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmer Filter


Aquascape is known for its innovative products in the pond industry. Their Signature Series Pond Skimmer is easily one of the best in the market. This pond skimmer is ideal for ponds up to 400 square feet.

The Aquascape pond skimmer is equipped with a large debris basket for efficient and high-quality maintenance. I particularly like its rigid filter mat that effectively removes even smaller debris so you can confidently say that your pond is fresh and clean all the time.

The quality of this product is also top of the line even if it is a bit expensive. It is made of durable, UV and corrosion-resistant polyethylene construction. The design is a plus – a faux rock lid that helps this pond skimmer blend seamlessly on the pond.


  • Durable construction
  • Efficient filtration capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Design blends well with the pond


  • More expensive than other products on this list

2. EasyPro PS4E Eco Series Prelude Pond Skimmer


Another brand you can trust to provide you with high-quality water feature products is EasyPro. This pond skimmer can be used for smaller or larger ponds and is ideal for ponds with a pump that operates at a maximum of 1800 GPH.

The removable basket of the EasyPro pond skimmer makes it easier to clean and empty the particles and debris that your skimmer catches on. Its filtration capacity is also of high-quality. It can filter fine particles as well with its polyethylene rigid filter mat.

Its sleek and modern design is also pleasing to the eyes. And while it is a bit pricey, it is made of durable material for a long-lasting product. Installation is tool-free and hassle-free. If you want a product that looks nice and will surely do the job then this one is a smart choice.


  • Easy to clean
  • Filters even fine particles
  • Easy to install and use
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable


  • A little pricey

3. OASE Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer


If you want innovative, then try out the OASE Swimskim pond skimmer. This skimmer can be used for up to 270 square feet ponds. Its installation is certified hassle-free. This skimmer can adapt to any water level.

The suction power of this pond skimmer is notable. It can suck leaves and any other particles for a clean and fresh-looking pond. What makes the OASE floating pond skimmer better is that it features an integrated aerator. While your pond skimmer is floating on your pond’s surface it also provides oxygen for the pond.

However, its storage for debris is smaller compared to others so this pond skimmer needs to be cleaned and emptied more frequently. Still, with its efficient suction and filtration capacity, this product is among the best.


  • Features an integrated aerator
  • Good suction power
  • Easy to install and use
  • Built to last
  • Beautiful design


  • Needs to be cleaned frequently

4. Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmer Filter Basket


If you need replacement baskets for your Aquascape Signature Series pond skimmer, do not worry. This filter basket is the perfect match and delivers the same rigid, high-quality filtration. The best thing about this is that it is removable which makes cleaning and emptying the debris in your pond skimmer much easier. Maintenance of your pond is made simple and easy.

I like this filter basket because it is the perfect fit which makes installing it completely hassle-free. This product is easy to use, clean and install.

However, some users have some complaints regarding the basket’s durability. The clip that holds the basket in place tends to break easily. Despite that, this filter basket is a reliable and efficient product that matches well and gets the job done.


  • Fits perfectly with the Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmer
  • Easy to install
  • Removeable basket makes it easier to clean
  • High-quality
  • Gets the job done


  • Not durable enough

5. Little Giant Ponds Skimmer


The Little Giant pond skimmer is another great option you can consider if you are looking for an efficient and reliable pond skimmer. It is well-built and its durability can guarantee a pond skimmer that you can use for many years.

It is easy to use and install. The lid even has an optional sand fill port to weigh down the skimmer so that it stays on the pond’s surface without tipping. It is easy to clean and maintain with its removable net. The unit is also safe for ponds with small fishes. It even has an inlet screen to prevent small fishes from entering your skimmer.

The brushes, however, tend to fall off from the rod when you take them out. But it’s not much of a downside, they can be easily placed back to the unit.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Features an inlet screen
  • Safe for small fishes
  • Well-built
  • Pump capacity of up to 5000 GPH


  • Brushes tends to fall off from the rod

6. OASE Aquaskim Pond Skimmer


If you are looking for a high-quality yet budget-friendly pond skimmer, the OASE Aquaskim pond skimmer is your perfect choice. This skimmer is fit for medium to large-sized ponds with a pump of 1600 to 3500 GPH.

With the OASE Aquaskim, you will quickly notice how the quality of your pond’s surface improves. It captures all debris and particles that are present on your pond. It is easy to set-up and works automatically. The durability is also guaranteed to last making this well worth the money you spend on buying it.

However, this pond skimmer is not well-suited for ponds with small fishes as this unit will suck fishes in. This skimmer is more ideal for fish-free ponds.


  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Catches all debris floating on the pond
  • Works well in cleaning the water
  • Durable product and is sure to last
  • Affordable


  • Tends to suck in fishes

7. Savio Skimmerfilter Pond Skimmer


The Savio Skimmerfilter Pond Skimmer is also an ideal choice for a pond skimmer that will maintain the cleanliness of your pond. If you talk about durability, the Savio pond skimmer is well-built and sturdy. You can use it for a long time.

The Savio pond skimmer is also highly-efficient in catching on debris floating in your pond. It quickly cleans green and murky water improving the overall quality and appeal of your pond. The installation process is a breeze. The unit is also easy to clean and maintain much at your convenience. Regular cleaning is recommended.

Although, the basket can be a bit bigger so that it has more storage capacity. But overall, this product is a bang for your buck with its quality and guaranteed performance.


  • Long-lasting product
  • Highly-efficient
  • Easy installation process
  • Cleans water effectively
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Basket can be bigger

Pond Skimmers Buying Guide

Choosing the best pond skimmer is only challenging if you don’t know what you are looking for. To make it easier for you, it is important to keep the following considerations in mind.

Size of the Skimmer

The first thing you need to consider in choosing a pond skimmer is the actual size of your pond. Manufacturers usually will provide their customers with the surface area that a certain pond skimmer can cover. If you have a smaller pond, you can always go for a pond skimmer with a more compact design. For larger ponds, you must go for skimmers with higher filtration capacity.

Your pond skimmer should also match the flow rate of your pond pump. You must check the specifications of a pond skimmer to make sure that you’ll choose a unit perfectly calibrated for your pond.

Easy to Clean

For your convenience, select a pond skimmer which is easy to clean and maintain. You wouldn’t want to spend a whole afternoon just to clean up your skimmer.


Take note of the durability of a pond skimmer before buying it to save you from the frustration and disappointment of having a unit that will easily break. For medium, to large-sized ponds, it requires a heavy-duty pond skimmer. Your pond skimmer should be made of durable materials to survive harsh weather cycles and extreme pond conditions.

Fish-friendly Skimmers

You also need to consider your fishy friends when choosing a pond skimmer. Some skimmers can suck in fishes. Fishes are somewhat naturally curious creatures, a skimmer floating around your pond will catch their interest.

If you have Koi or other small fishes in your pond, choose a skimmer that has a detachable door, a net, or a floating weir door designed to keep your little fishes safe.

What is a Pond Skimmer?


A pond skimmer is a key feature to complete the filtration system of your pond. True to its name, it skims the pond’s s water. It works together with a mechanical pump or filter to keep your pond clean and free from any leaves and other floating particles on the water.

How Does a Pond Skimmer Work?

A pond skimmer is designed to remove any debris found in the pond’s water to maintain a clean appearance. But how exactly does a pond skimmer work?

The pond skimmer is left floating and skimming onto the water’s surface. A pump inside the skimmer then takes in water into the unit. The weir or the floating door produces a surface tension that helps maintain flowing water into the skimmer. The door floats so that the water collected is mostly from the surface no matter what the water level currently is.

The water is then filtered through a net or basket filter which functions to catch leaves, twigs or any particles found in the pond’s water. The debris is then stored in the net or basket and must be regularly emptied for optimal filtration. Meanwhile, the now filtered water is then pumped back into the pond.

This is basically how this unit works to keep your pond

Types of Pond Skimmers

Generally, there are three types of pond skimmers. We will explain each type briefly in this section.

Floating Pond Skimmers

This type of pond skimmer floats on top of the pond as its name suggests. It collects any debris on the water’s surface as it floats around. It is smaller and less expensive compared to the other two types. This type is ideal for small ponds.

What makes it more convenient is that it does not need any extra plumbing. It works automatically on its own. You just drop it on the pond and leave it to do its job. However, they also require frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Pond Skimmer Box

The next type is the pond skimmer box. These skimmer boxes are larger compared to the floating skimmers and they are placed with their mouth at water level so that it can collect any debris in its large basket as it skims around the pond.

Skimmer boxes are normally placed into a hole along the banks and are attached to the pond’s liner. This type of skimmer is best fitted for larger ponds and ponds with fishes. This type needs less maintenance but will need a strong pump capacity to efficiently function.

Submerged Surface Skimmer

This type of skimmer is placed on the floor of the pond with its top touching the surface. It is normally attached to a pump to draw water from the middle of the pond. Submerged surface skimmers are well-suited for any sizes of ponds. But they are more difficult to clean and are not for fish-filled ponds.

Why Do You Need Pond Skimmer?

Because most ponds are closed water systems, debris such as leaves, twigs, pollen, even fish wastes remain floating in the water. Instead of being swept away by a current, it will eventually decay and sinks down to the bottom of the pond. This debris not only ruins the aesthetic appeal of your pond but it also disrupts its ecosystem.

The decaying debris that is collected in the water releases nitrates and ammonia that is harmful to the plants and fishes in your pond. It also results in a murky and dirty-looking pond that will not impress any guests.

That is why it is important to add a pond skimmer to your pond. What regular and submerged pond filters cannot collect; the pond skimmer can efficiently clean. A pond skimmer can skim along the pond and filter the surface water to prevent any build-up and decay of debris.

A pond skimmer can also act as a pre-filter to capture any floating debris before it enters the pond pump. This can help prevent your pump from being clogged up. Also, a pond skimmer saves you the trouble of having to clean the surface water using a net. A pond skimmer is far more efficient and convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to install a pond skimmer?

A floating pond skimmer can simply be left alone floating on the pond. It will naturally move around along with the flow of the pond water covering a large area.

For the pond skimmer box, you will need to dig a hole along the banks of the pond and attached it to the liner. Choose a position with a good surface flow for the skimmer box to properly function.

As for the submerged surface skimmer, it needs to be placed at a specific depth with its lips barely touching the surface. Ideally, it should be placed around an outer edge where there is a stronger current.

How to make a pond skimmer?

Here are steps you can follow to make a pond skimmer.

  1. Get a large, heavy-duty garbage can.
  2. Mark a 4” hole for the inlet a couple of inches from the top and cut it out.
  3. Mark a 1.5” hole for the outlet a couple of inches from the bottom then cut the hole.
  4. Use electrical conduit connectors for the bulkhead port. Make sure there are no leaks.
  5. Dry fit the outlet pipes for the strainer.
  6. Drill as many holes all over the strainer.
  7. Add support under the strainer.
  8. Dry fit the pump and make sure it is working properly and there is no leakage.
  9. Dig a hole along your pond and place the skimmer.
  10. Attach the outlet pipes.
  11. Use a nylon mesh bag with a drawstring to collect the leaves and other debris.
  12. Cover your skimmer with rocks or plants to make it blend naturally in your pond.

How often to clean out a pond skimmer?

Some pond skimmers require frequent maintenance and cleaning. This is especially true for smaller pond skimmers as they get filled up easily. Generally, you need to clean out your pond skimmer every other week for its proper maintenance.

But you might need more frequent cleaning during the fall season as more leaves fall of the surrounding trees. Your pond skimmer should not be allowed to become too full as this will affect the efficiency of the pump.

Where to buy pond skimmer?

Ponds skimmers can be found in your local stores. You can also find a long list of options in online stores and websites. You have a lot of options for a pond skimmer, choose one that works well for you and best suits your pond.


Maintaining the cleanliness of a pond is a must to maintain its appeal. In this article, we have emphasized the importance of owning a pond skimmer. We have also given you some of the best pond skimmers that you can choose from, the different types of pond skimmers and some important points to consider before choosing a pond skimmer. Now that you have read all about pond skimmers, choosing the one that suits your pond will be much easier. What fantastic way to improve the landscape of your home and impress the guests by having a clean and fresh-looking pond.

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