The Best Pond Liners of 2021


Don’t let uncontrollable factors stop you from creating your very own aquatic paradise in your home. With a variety of choices among the best pond liners readily available on the market today, you can make your dream fish pond into reality and work with your current space and surroundings.You might not realize it yet but a good pond liner is vital to your future ‘pondscape’. Its huge responsibilities of keeping the water from flowing into the soil and serving as a foundation for plants to root and grow and allowing the fishes to explore cannot be accomplished by any other product.

What is the Best Pond Liner

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1. TotalPond pond skins Pond Liner


This pond liner from TotalPond is considered unique because of its textured surface. This helps promote the growth of good bacteria thus a healthier pond environment. Your resident fishes and plants will have a better chance of thriving with the benefits of a textured surface.

Made of PVC material, this is lightweight and easy to handle because of its innate flexibility making the installation an easy process. Although lightweight, it is extremely durable. Moreover, it is also puncture-resistant and will not deteriorate under the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It should be a good pond foundation for years.

Unlike the other PVC made pond liners, this one is reinforced with solid, woven polyester that provides the durability but not the weight. Food for thought, the TotalPond liner is 30% lighter compared to other PVC pond liners.

This is not recommended though for bowl-shaped ponds because there would be wrinkles.When it comes to thickness and durability, this is the pond liner option for you. Not only does it work well as a pond liner but it can be used for other purposes too.


  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • 5 mil thickness
  • Resistant to the sun’s UV
  • Puncture resistant
  • Textured surface


  • Not best for bowl-shaped ponds

2. Aquascape EPDM Rubber Liner for Pond


Highly resistant to punctures, this 45-mil thick pond liner comes in different sizes. It is durable with a slight ability to be stretched making it easy to install. You don’t need special tools during the installation and it is thoughtfully designed to lay-flat which is important since it can snugly hug the corners of your pond sans the wrinkles and pleats.

This EPDM pond liner is UV and ozone resistant. What’s great is it is impervious to punctures. But still, take the necessary actions to prevent any accidents. With its black color, this pond liner can easily blend with the surrounding environment while achieving a look and impression of depth. You can easily design and make your design a reality. If you need more than one of these pond liners, you can just weld it together.

One minor downside for the Aquascape EPDM rubber pond liner is you need to separately purchase the pump and other accessories.This is a great pond liner and money well-spent. It is heavy duty and a dependable pond liner.


  • Easy installation and no special tools required
  • Lay flat characteristic
  • Ozone, solar UV, and oxidation resistant
  • 45 mil thickness
  • Safe for plants and animals


  • No accessories included

3. USA Pond Products Black PVC Pond Liner


The USA Pond Liner is the perfect option for you if you have uniquely shaped ponds. This is extremely malleable so it easily conforms to your pond’s challenging and tricky curves.

The PVC material used in this pond liner is safe for our plants and fishes. It also easily blends into its surroundings because of its black color. You know it is there doing its job but it won’t take away the attention from the beauty of your fish pond.

The installation is also hassle-free. Even if you have all the curves, contours, and steps, you can easily lay this pond liner with ease. Completely made in the USA, it is 100% recyclable. To ensure its longevity, it is best to prevent the material from frequent exposure to direct sunlight.

One thing about this flat sheet liner is it is smaller compared to other pond liners so you need to make sure you know the dimensions of your pond. You also must include the overlap and depth to get the proper liner dimension.This pond liner functions well and it looks good. It is an amazing value for its price.


  • Hassle-free installation
  • Lay flat characteristic
  • 100% USA made
  • Recyclable
  • Very malleable


  • Smaller than other pond liners

4. AQUANIQUE Pond Skin Pond Liner


Ideal for larger ponds with a capacity of almost 1,200 gallons, this 14.5 mil PVC pond liner manufactured by Aquanique is best known for its flexibility and ease of handling. The PVC material is made even stronger thanks to its additional mesh weave. This solid strength makes this product puncture resistant.

Additionally, this pond liner will retain its color because it will not fade even under frequent exposure to the sun. It will keep its color like the first day you got it. Additionally, the Aquanique pond liner has a textured surface. This would mean that it can encourage good bacteria growth so long as you have nurtured the correct foundation to achieve an eco-friendly balanced habitation.

One thing to improve on this product will be information on which side should be facing the water and which one should be down against the soil since one side is smooth and the other side is textured.This pond liner is a great choice if you want to create a durable home for your fishes and plants. It is made of good material and is worth every penny.


  • Ideal for larger ponds
  • One side is textured
  • Flexible
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Puncture resistant


  • Information on which side goes on which direction

5. Firestone PondGard EPDM Pond Liner


The Firestone PondGard 45 mil EPDM pond liner is your easy to install liner choice. The installation is quick and simple which is a bit surprising for something that is so heavy-duty.

With its thickness, this rubber can competently serve as your pond’s foundation for the next years. This one is a great liner for your fish ponds, waterfalls, and even other water fixtures.

Designed to be very eco-friendly, this is fish safe and can serve its purpose well for both small and larger water and gardening related projects. Since one of its stronger features is its flexibility, you can proceed and let your creativity take over. It allows you more freedom to do what you want to do with your fish pond.

Aside from its stability, knowing that the product is from Firestone is enough to keep your peace of mind. This manufacturer got you covered because they also have repair kits so should any patching is required for tears and holes; you can do easily.

The only challenge here is it is not visually pretty. It is all business so you might need a lot of rocks and plants to cover most of it.This super-strong liner will keep you, your fishes, and your plants happy. It is a perfect balance between thick and flexible so it is so easy to work with.


  • Easy and simply installation
  • 45 mil thickness
  • Eco-friendly and fish safe
  • Flexible
  • Firestone manufactures patching tools


  • Gray in color and very industrial looking

6. Firestone 45mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liner 15ftx20ft


Slightly bigger, the EPDM 45 mil pond liner from Firestone is durable and considered to be one of the tops of the line pond liners.

You will be amazed that even with cold weather, it can remain flexible. It can withstand freezing temperatures and direct ultraviolet light. What’s more, is this pond liner can be stretched around its edges so you can make it fit any pond shape or design even if it is heavier than PVC.

Like the smaller Firestone pond liners, this too is resistant to ozone, UV radiation, and other natural conditions. Since it is EPDM, it is highly tensile and it is puncture resistant. Although very industrial, it is fish friendly and overall, environmentally friendly.

Since it is colored black, you can easily let your creativity flow. It is easy to maintain with beauty and strength that will last for years.

Heads up though, this pond liner and chlorine don’t go together. It will cause this liner to harden and crack.This pond liner deserves a huge thumbs-up. It is top quality and might even outlast you.


  • Flexible
  • Eco-friendly and fish safe
  • 45 mil thickness
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Blends well with the surroundings


  • Does not go well with chlorine

7. POND BOSS PVC Pond Skins Liner


Considered as one of the classic types of pond liners with an amazing price, the Pond Boss PVC pond skins liner is such a great deal. It is ideal for fish ponds of about 1,200 gallons in capacity.

Made of 14.5 PVC, it is lightweight and heavy-duty and can be handled by almost everyone including newbies. This is a classic liner because it has been out in the market for years and it has already proven its high-quality material time and time again. It is puncture resistant and is reinforced by a double fiber weave helping its longevity.

Additionally, this pond liner has a textured surface which is always good because it promotes the growth of bacteria that positively contributes to your fishes and plants. The materials are environmentally friendly and safe for your marine life. So, you can concentrate on the design and ensuring that your marine life thrives.

The Pond Boss liner also comes with a strengthened mesh construction to add to its strength. A recommendation though to improve this is to integrate plant shelves on the overall design; this could have been the perfect pond liner.Five stars for this classic piece. Again, it won’t last this long on the market if it is not worth the price. This is guaranteed excellent quality.


  • Ease of use and set-up
  • UV resistant
  • Durable and thick
  • Environmentally friendly
  • User friendly


  • Lacks plants incorporated shelves

8. Beckett Corporation Pond Liner Underlayment


You can do whatever you want to do with your fish pond when you use the Beckett Corporation Pond Liner. There is no limit when it comes to allowing your creative juices to flow with this pond liner. This is made from premium plastic for added flexibility while still being a heavy-duty foundation for your pond.

This pond liner features a flat bottom providing a stable and secure platform while at the same time providing several spaces for plants. This is a great idea because plant rooms are a common ask among pond owners. You can fill your pond with Koi or goldfishes or also opt for a waterfall instead of a pond and you don’t need to worry about edges being evident when underwater.

The materials used for this liner is fish and plant-friendly. Also, you can install this both above and on the ground with the set up such a simple procedure. There is no maintenance needed for this at all.

Note that this is pre-cut so make sure that you know the measurements of your pond or at least willing to weld two or more pieces together.A new gardener or pond enthusiast’s go-to pond liner, this economical product is easy to work with and is flexible enough to meet your needs when it comes to design.


  • Economical cost
  • Low weight
  • Features a flat bottom
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Integrated plant spaces


  • Pre-cut size

Pond Liners Buying Guide 

Buying a pond liner to create a fresh new pond or to expand an existing one is not something you rush into. You need careful consideration to ensure that what you purchase is the right one for you and once that can last you for a long time. Remember that your pond liner is your fish pond’s foundation. The better and solid it is, the higher your pond’s chances to thrive.

Here are some factors that you need to consider to ensure that you can make the right choice.

Material – the base material used in the pond liner is one of the first things you need to check. The thickness, overall cost, and longevity will depend on the material. Go for materials that are ozone and UV resistant.

Thickness – measured in mils, you want to get a balanced thickness because the thicker the liner is, the heavier it is. If you want something lighter though, you might be compromising the durability of the pond liner.

Durability – your pond liner will always be exposed to sunlight, water pressure, and temperature fluctuations. You don’t have any control over these because it is Mother Nature calling the shots. You must make sure that your choice of pond liner can withstand these uncontrollable factors.

Installation – if you are planning to do this yourself, make sure that you can install it with ease and without the need for special tools. Usually, pond liners come in rolls so you must get the dimensions right before starting to unfold it else you just created a bigger problem.

Size – when shopping for your future pond liner, you must know the exact measurements of your pond. Estimates won’t work.

Eco-friendly – some pond liners have the element of arsenic incorporated on it. Arsenic is life-threatening to plants and animals.

Elasticity – you need your pond liner to be like a second skin. You need it to be a perfect fit so your fish pond can be aligned especially if what you have is not the typical rectangular shaped pond.

What is a Pond Liner?


A fish pond is always a nice addition to any garden. Unfortunately, not all have the luxury of a natural fish pond.

Thanks to pond liners, you can now have a so-called man-made fish pond, and with the correct plants and rocks to beautify it, you can achieve an almost natural look.

A pond liner is impervious storage specifically designed to hold liquids, in this case, the fish pond water. The corner of a pond liner is rolled over the top of a soil slope then secured in an anchor ditch. Alternately, it can also be fixed on a vertical wall that is made of concrete or wood. Pond liners are also generally manufactured in rolls.

Types of Pond Liners

Pond liners can help you unleash your creativity when it comes to designing your pond. It gives you that liberty to add a few more elements to your fish pond without sacrificing the efficiency of your pond liner. Based on material, here are the different types of pond liners: EPDM pond liner, RPE pond liner, 3D pond liner, and PVC bond liner.

EPDM pond liner – this is made from rubber and is known for its elastic that is solid and hard-wearing. Usually, this material does not have any softeners on it. It is also acid rain and UV radiation resistant. EPDM is normally used in water basins and roofing materials and lately is being used in ponds. The EPDM version for ponds though is crafted to be safe for fishes and plants. You don’t need to worry about the poisonous substances that can damage to your pond plants and fishes.

RPE pond liner – RPE or reinforced polyethylene liners is a top favorite because it is nearly 3x stronger but 1/3 the weight of an EPDM. The materials used for this are thicker and it is more cost-effective. One drawback for RPEs though would be its bendability characteristic. Since the material used is thicker, then you must be willing to compromise on its pliability.

3D pond liner – this type of pond liner is slowly becoming the top option among pond owners. A 3D pond liner is a bag derived from the EPDM but is modified and personalized specifically to the size and form of your pond. This entails you not need to remove any existing pleats. You also don’t need to make your pond liner to size and stick it by yourself. You are only required to identify the correct dimensions of your pond and everything else afterward will be handled by your 3D pond liner supplier.

PVC pond liner – a little different from EPDM and 3Dpond liners, the PVC liner uses a material that is smooth that it can easily adjust itself to whatever form your pond has. The material used in this PVC liner can be welded but still be glued if necessary. If you need to make repairs, there are special PVC pond liner glues that are available. This type of liner should last you for a good couple of years but it not resistant to UV radiation. It will be best not to have it directly under the brutal sunlight.

These three have their unique cons and pros as pond liners so it is greatly up to you to determine which one would suit your needs and preferences.

Why Do You Need Pond Liner?

A pond liner is the easiest way for you to create a fish pond in your terms. You need a pond liner because it prevents the water from leaking or seeping out of your pond. As much as possible, you want no leaks because all the significant nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and selenium can escape away with the water.

Also, to sustain a pond with a bottom that is natural, you need to constantly add water to it. This might not be a huge deal especially at the start but with the continuous water loss, replenishing the water two or three times a week can be a real inconvenience. With pond liners, you don’t need to worry about this routine.

You also need a pond liner because it also acts as a barrier so contaminants cannot enter the pond. The water will not mix with the soil surrounding it and you have more control over keeping your pond water clean. It is an essential part of your pond because you don’t need to worry about chemicals from bug sprays and fertilizers from contaminating your pond water. You can keep the environment of your fishes and plants healthier.

Lastly, it’s best to have a pond liner because it can help prevent erosion from happening around your pool especially if you have a natural bottom. The ever-changing temperature and the rain can cause the pond’s edges to wear away and in time can alter the size and shape of the pond.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to install a pond liner?

Installing a pond liner can be a little DIY project for you. You just need to place your pond liner in the deepest portion of your pond. Unroll the liner and slowly work your way up along the walls. Your goal is to apply your pond liner as smoothly as possible sans the pleats in the bottom and along your pond walls. When applying though, make the liner as relaxed as possible. Don’t stick it too tight because over time, it will be naturally pushed outwards by your pond water. Also, during the installation, try to step as little as possible on any quarried plant plateaus so you won’t damage them.

How to find a leak in a pond liner?

If your pond water is constantly losing water and it is not merely due to evaporation or your fish drinking it unlimitedly then most likely, your water loss would be due to a leak. Yes, you can find a leak in your pond liner but it takes time and a lot of patience. Follow these steps and by the end of it, you can do the necessary repairs to fix the leak.

  1. Fill your pond with the appropriate level of water.
  2. Disconnect the pump.
  3. Let your pond settle for 24 hours.
  4. After the 24-hour mark, check the pond’s water level. If its water level dropped, then you have confirmed the leak.
  5. To determine where the leak is going on, just allow the water level to drop. The level where the water stops dropping will be where the leak is positioned.

How to repair pond liner?

Once you have narrowed down where the leak is, you have the option to call in a pond professional and allow him to have both the challenge and fun. If you want to take ownership though and get the leak fixed, then you must further pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Follow these steps so you can patch the leak in no time.

  1. Remove all rocks and plants around the whole perimeter of the pond where the water level stopped dropping. Keep an eye on any punctures in the liner.
  2. Once you find it, get all your patching materials ready. Make sure that it is the right patching tool based on the type of your pond liner.
  3. Do the necessary patching repair.
  4. Once done and dry, you can put back the rocks and test it by filling it again with water.

Keep your fingers crossed that you have successfully repaired the hole else you’d need to do a repeat.

How to calculate pond liner size?

Getting the right measurements for your pond liner is important. You can use these measurement rules below to help you get the correct pond liner dimension.

The length can be calculated this way:

Length = Length of the pond at the longest point + Twice the pond’s depth + 2 for overlap

While you can calculate the width by:

Width = Width of the pond at the longest point + Twice the pond’s depth + 2 for overlap

Should you be using any protective anti-root cloth, you can use the same formula above.

Where to buy a pond liner?

You can have your pick on where to purchase your pond liner. Usually, you can coordinate with your pond professional so you can be connected to suppliers. Some local retailers may also carry pond liners but only with limited choices. You go check online shops like Amazon to have a wider range of choices. You can also do a quick comparison between pond liners of similar types before finally deciding on which pond liner to purchase.


Getting the best pond liners is the surest way to give your pond a solid foundation. With so many options to choose from, for certain, you can get one that would be worth your money and can help make your fish pond an environment conducive for your small marine collection and plants.The foundation of any structure should be solid and reliable because it will have a huge impact on how the succeeding elements being added will thrive and survive. A dependable pond liner means lesser problems in the future. It can help you minimize repairs, maintenance, and cost. It is always important to get the foundation right.

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