The Best Plants for Betta Fish of 2021


The betta fish is known for its elegant beauty and it the color that it exudes while swimming along in aquariums. They are also popularly known as the Siamese fighting fish and is a common pet in households.Flourish these beauties and give the best plants for betta fish in your home aquarium. Not only will they thrive better, but these plants will also bring more life and color to your tanks.

These plants give the betta fish a fun place to relax and play and are perfect for oxygenation. With great care, the right environment, and the best plants, growing your betta fish will be an enjoyable leisure thing to do. Check out the following for the most recommended plants for betta fish and ways to choose one.

What is the Best Live Plant for Betta Fish

What is the Best Artificial Plant for Betta Fish

Top 5 Best Live Plants for Betta Fish Reviews

1. Marimo Moss Ball Variety Pack


Let your betta fish live in quality moss balls with the Marimo Moss Ball Variety Pack. These plants are assured to be of the best quality as they were quarantined and treated. This quality control check ensures that no pests nor parasites thrive in the moss balls. They are then carefully hand washed so silt will be manually removed.

Maintaining moss balls are not tedious at all. They are the easiest live plants to preserve in aquariums. They don’t require much sunlight nor plant fertilizers to live. Water quality is profusely increased as they remove nitrogen and phosphate inside.

They are the perfect decoration in any aquarium and will be a nice addition to your betta fish habitat. Their spherical shape and deep green shade will bring life to your water tanks.


  • Treated beforehand
  • Easy to take care
  • Absorb organic waste
  • No sunlight nor fertilizer needed
  • Enhances water quality


  • May smell foul if not cleaned occasionally

2. Java Fern Bare Root Low Light Freshwater Aquarium Plant


Get this young Java Fern Bare Root for your betta fish and let them enjoy each other’s company. These naturally growing plants are delivered at around 4 to 6 inches but may grow up to 10 inches tall, perfect size for your betta fish, and fits aquariums of any size.

These green beauties are easy to attach to driftwood. Their vibrant green color compliments most betta fish varieties. They grow slowly at low light and then provide a happy and beautiful nesting place for your aquatic pets.

Java Fern Bare Root may not survive in regions where temperatures are very low. They may easily freeze and will not be usable by then. But at the right temperature and care, these pretty decorationsensure a healthy place for your betta fish to live in.


  • Size fits most aquariums
  • Easily attach to driftwood
  • Grow at low light
  • Natural betta fish nesting place
  • Vibrant color


  • Will not survive in freezing temperatures

3. Hornwort Bunch Live Aquarium Plant for Betta Fish


If you just started out taking care of your betta fish, the Hornwort Bunch is perfect for beginners to add in water tanks. The bunch has at least 3 stems up to 5. These can be separated or grouped together to your preference.

Easy level of care is needed for these light green plants. These don’t need much maintenance and can grow floating or may be anchored in aquariums. While keeping your water tank healthy, they also provide a playful place for your betta fish to live in.

They are fast growers; however, they don’t survive in temperatures below 20F in the winter and 100F in the summer. Fish and other invertebrates enjoy these tropical plants in freshwater aquariums at 5 gallons and above.


  • At least 3 stems included
  • Easily separated or grouped in aquariums
  • Low maintenance
  • Keeps water tanks healthy
  • Fast growers


  • Don’t survive in extreme temperatures

4. Anubias Freshwater Live Aquarium Plants


Give your betta fish high-quality live aquarium plants to play and hide in. The Anubias Freshwater Live Aquarium Plants are rare and exotic species, making your water tank standout from the rest.

Uncommon in most aquariums, these plants improve digestion of your betta fish by providing cellulose and lignin. They also come in already tied to driftwood for easy installation in your water tanks.

Aside from all the benefits they bring, they are quality checked and are professionally inspected to ensure buyers that they fresh for your aquariums. Snails and algae will not be a bother with these unique plants.

They are the perfect ornament for your water tanks, but they are a bit smaller compared to other plants. The benefits they bring are incomparable so you might want to purchase more than one.


  • Unique for aquariums
  • Improve betta fish digestion
  • Easy to put in
  • Snail and algae free
  • Natural-looking


  • Small compared to other plants

5. Amazon Frogbit Live Aquarium Floating Plant for Betta Fish


Let your aquarium stand out with these lovely floating plants. They are suitable for the proper oxygenation of your betta fish.

These pretty floating leaves already contain 6 plants inside. Each plant has at least 3 leaves making it a very penny-worthy purchase. They also grow fast compared to other live plants for aquariums.

Betta fish inside your water tanks will never suffer toxicities of nitrogen and ammonia as the Amazon Frogbit Floating plants are excellent for removing these waste products.

They grow fast in under good care. Because they are floating, these are easy to put in and take out for maintenance. They also don’t require any substrate nor CO2 for growth. However, nutrient dosing may be needed so they can grow to its best potential. Purchasing these live plants is a good deal if you personally want your aquatic babies to have unique floating buddies.


  • Already has 6 plants inside
  • Fast growing
  • Easy to put in and take out
  • Does not require substrate nor CO2
  • Removes toxic waste products


  • May need nutrient dosing

Top 5 Best Artificial Plants for Betta Fish Reviews

6. Marina Ecoscaper Silk Plant for Betta Fish


Do you want a plant that just goes with the current and is stable in most aquariums? Check out the Marina Ecoscaper Silk Plant for your betta fish.

This beautiful water tank decoration is made of hydrocotyle silk and just undulates with aquarium currents. The silk is also non-toxic and is very safe on freshwater. It has translucent colors that don’t easily fade so your tank will look as naturally as possible.

You will not be hassled with its installation as they just need to be buried in your tank gravel. It base is wide enough so it isn’t easily swayed as your betta fish hide and nest in.

As they blend beautifully in your aquatic baby’s environment, its leaves may not attach permanently especially if it is under strong current. But they realistically sway and its color is made to replace the hassle of live plants.


  • Made of non-toxic silk
  • Colors don’t fade
  • Undulate with water current
  • Easy to install
  • Looks realistic


  • Leaves may detach

7. CNZ Artificial Plastic Plant


Skip the hassle of maintaining live plants and still let your aquarium look natural with CNZ Artificial Plastic Plants. Their leaves greatly mimic those of the sea and will enhance the look of your water tanks.

These lifelike plants are vibrant in color, yet don’t look like plastic at all. They are made of plastic but are non-toxic to the life of your betta fish. Its base is made of ceramic and is also safe inside. The odor of plastic isn’t a problem as well.

Having a sturdy base is a feature they are proud to have. As your betta fish swims through, they can have a nice place to play in with the plant still being upright.

Aquariums will look unrefined with these artificial plants. The only downside is that it does not do anything with fish oxygenation. The quality of these realistic plants is suited for its price and is surely a great purchase.


  • Natural-looking
  • Vibrant in color
  • No plastic smells
  • Sturdy base
  • Non-toxic to fish


  • Does not contribute to oxygenation

8. MyLifeUNIT Artificial Seaweed Water Plants


The MyLifeUNIT Artificial Seaweed Water Plants are known to be very safe for aquariums as they are made of eco-friendly materials. Their details are impressive as they absolutely look like taken out of the sea bed.

Using high-quality ceramic and PVC as the base, these plants are anchored at the bottom of aquariums so they are stable with current and swimming creatures. You will not be bothered with rust nor root rot as these are very low maintenance.

Buying this ornament is such a steal as it comes at a set of 10 artificial water plants. That certainly makes your aquarium look filled with natural-looking plants. It also comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Although the leaves are soft, they appear to be thick. Placing them at the right angle and spots of the aquarium will be strategic will do the trick so you won’t have to display the thick leaves prominently.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable base
  • Low maintenance
  • Comes as a set of 10 plants
  • Leaves are soft


  • Thick leaves


9. QUMY Artificial Aquarium Plants for Betta Fish


Improve the expression of your aquariums with these plants that will really stand out. The QUMY Artificial Aquarium Plants look vivid that will contrast and compliment the elegance of your betta fish.

They replicate the life down the sea with its vibrant colors, yet these artificial plants won’t harm the life of your aquarium with its non-toxic components. It will not alter freshwater nor affect the health status of your fish.

Your baby betta fish will enjoy this plant as part of its home. It can nest small ones without the hassle of pruning nor maintaining live plants.

Blending inside your lively aquarium is so easy with these colorful plants. However, the exact color may vary. Overall, this addition will beautify your tanks and will be great for your betta fish to relax and play in.


  • Vivid colors
  • Non-toxic
  • Blends beautifully
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install


  • Color may vary

10. BEGONDIS Silk Fabrics Plastic Aquarium Plants


Playing and relaxing will be enjoyed by your betta fish with these Begondis Silk Fabric Plastic Aquarium Plants. They take pride in their silk leaves which are safe in freshwater and with betta fish.

These plants come in vibrant green color that does not easily fade over time. From afar, they balance out the beauty of your water tank with natural looks.

Budget isn’t an issue as a purchase already comes in a set of 5. You may place in together or separately, to your liking.

The Begondis Silk Fabric Plant sways beautifully inside and has a stable base for the fish to swim through. That lifelike feature makes it an excellent purchase.

Over time, their graceful sway may let the leaves off. If you have a lot of fish inside, make sure you purchase other plants so this item won’t lose its leaves easily. Having several hiding and nesting places for your betta fish will make it happier and healthier inside.


  • Made of silk
  • Bold color
  • Safe for fish
  • Comes in a set of 5
  • Stable base


  • Leave fall over time

Betta Fish Plants Buying Guide

Betta fish happily grow if their environment is very alike to their natural habitat. That is, having plants that are very close to nature. Considering the right plants might help you set up your aquarium so it is livable and suitable for your thriving aquatic creatures.

The plants you will choose will depend on the size of your aquarium and the number of betta fish that will be inside. Whether you will choose artificial or live plants, it will depend entirely on your liking.

Artificial Plants

  • Does not need maintenance
  • Most are natural-looking
  • Silk fabric on the leaves are not harmful
  • May damage water and compromise the health of your fish because of plastic
  • Oxygenation is not improved

Live Plants

  • Absorbs organic waste
  • Improves the health of the fish through proper oxygenation
  • May stock up on algae and will need to cleaned
  • May need adequate lighting depending on plant type
  • Maintenance is more frequent than artificial ones

Your tank should be spacious enough for the plants and ornaments you will put it. Some live plants are already attached to driftwood. Having this improves the balance and maintains the habitat of your betta fish. They also improve the overall health of the fish by promoting the growth of good bacteria.

If you do not wish to have another responsibility for taking care of another life, having artificial plants is always an option. You may want to have one made of silk as they are the least harmful to the water and health of the fish.

Buying plants for your aquarium is an enjoyable hobby. Decorating these homes for your fish requires patience. Choosing the right plants will be a great investment in the future as they affect the mood and the health of your fish. Have the plant that will cater to your schedule for maintenance and a color that will compliment your betta fish.

What is a Plant for Betta Fish?


Your betta fish loves to swim through and play around his tank or bowl. This makes them happy as it mimics their original ecosystem. To optimize their growth, plants are placed inside. These plants may be real to help on their overall health or may be artificial for decoration and habitat purposes.

Types of Betta Fish Plants

Freshwater inside your aquarium is best accompanied with plants if you want your betta fish to live as naturally as possible There are two types of plants that the betta fish will enjoy, the live ones and the artificial plants.

Live plants serve as beautiful decoration for your water tanks but are also beneficial for the total health of your betta fish. As your fish cannot remove their waste products away from the water, these natural absorbers of waste are very helpful.

These living plants also compete with algae for nutrients, so they are eventually reduced. Water quality is also developed with the oxygen they give off.

Some live plants that live best with betta fish are:

  • Hornwort
  • Java moss
  • Water sprite
  • Moss balls
  • Amazon sword

Floating plants are also gaining popularity. They are placed on top of your freshwater and are great plants for betta fish as they breathe through the water surface. They encourage your bettas to form bubble nests. Some of these are:

  • Duckweed
  • Dwarf water lettuce
  • Amazon frogbits

Artificial plants are widely available in these times. They require low maintenance as you won’t have to think about sunlight conditions and nutrient dosing. Technology has made it possible for these to look the same as the real ones. They are also easier to clean.

Having plants inside the aquarium is greatly beneficial for your bettas. It may be a breeding site or just a nice place for them to lounge or swim through. It also adds elegance and magnificence to your water tanks.

Why Do You Need Plants for Betta Fish?

Putting betta fish in an aquarium already takes them away from their natural habitat. Making sure that they live in an environment like where they naturally grow safeguards their growth and makes sure they enjoy their new place.

Bettas love to take refuge in plants. It easily becomes their breeding ground and their play area. Having plants around makes your betta fish a lively and adorable one.

Floating or buried plants also encourage the betta fish to produce bubble nests, making them feel like they live naturally. Live plants also give them oxygen so they grow so much better.

Algae build-up can also be greatly reduced by placing live plants. Being worried that your aquarium will gather these will not be an issue anymore.

Your freshwater is also improved with these greens. Over time, your water will accumulate toxins. Aside from the waste products of your fish, aquarium water is exposed on top and will collect dirt.

Bring out your personality by decorating and placing the right plants carefully in your aquarium. A lot of colors are widely available. Whether artificial or real, these aquarium ornaments make your water tanks a very livable and elegant one.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular plants for betta fish brands?

Trust a plant brand that has established its name. It is always securing to know that the health of your betta fish is in good hands. Here are brands that provide you with live plants as well as artificial ones that are not damaging to their health; they are among the most popular betta fish plants brands:

  • Aquatic Arts
  • Aqualeaf Aquatics
  • Aquarium Plants Discounts
  • Greenpro
  • Aqua L’amour
  • CNZ
  • MyLifeUNIT
  • QUMY

What plants do betta fish like?

Some of the live plants they greatly enjoy are:

  • Java fern
  • Java moss
  • Hornworts
  • Moss balls
  • Amazon swords
  • Amazon frogbit
  • Duckween

For artificial ones, they like to bask in plants with leaves made of silk.

What plants do betta fish eat?

Plants are helpful for your betta fish bowl or aquarium. These aquatic pets do not eat plants, and are fed with flake or pellets as fish food. Some treats they enjoy are high-quality shrimp or worms that are specific for them. When food is scarce, they may nibble on some of the plants inside your aquarium.

How many plants for betta 20 gallon fish tank?

The number of plants you can put inside your fish tank depend on the number of fish you have and size of the plants you like. They can be placed in corners or may be scattered around the aquarium bed.

If your fish can still swim through and the aquarium is not overcrowded, you are good to.

Floating plants can also be placed but you need to make sure that a few spaces of water can still be seen for the bettas also breath surface water.

Where to buy plants for betta fish?

Aquatic plants for betta fish are commonly sold in local aquatic stores. Some artificial ones are also sold in pet stores. Specific types are widely available online.


Your aquatic friends will thank you for giving them the best plants for betta fish. It will give them the right place to swim around, nest in, chill out and build their new habitat. Securing their growth is also being upheld by these plants.It will be a wise investment for your aquarium if the plants inside are betta fish friendly. It will keep them from being lonesome and will help them establish their own territory. The Siamese fighting fish or betta fish love and enjoy their own place, and having these plants will make them feel like they don’t live in a tank.

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