The Best Nano Aquariums for 2021


Are you looking for the best nano aquariums? Nano fish tanks are excellent for people who want to become aquatic hobbyists These are small aquariums that are best for certain species of fish, aquatic plants, and other aquatic life forms. They make excellent choices for people who want to make their bedrooms, offices, or other small rooms look more beautiful. These aquariums are also more practical to set up and maintain than large fish tanks. Like everything else, however, it is necessary that you pick only the best nano fish tank for your needs. Do not worry as we have six of the top nano aquariums any budding hobbyist can have.

What is the Best Nano Aquarium

Top 6 Best Nano Aquariums Reviews

1. Fluval Spec III Nano Aquarium Kit


You cannot get a nano tank that is simpler and smaller than the Fluval Spec III. It has everything that you can ever ask for as a beginning aquatics hobbyist. The glass is sturdy and clear. The accompanying LED lighting can make the aquatic environment come alive at night.

The filtration system takes care of wastes in a very efficient manner. This simplifies the overall cleaning process. Setting the aquarium up is also a breeze. All you need now is to pre-condition your water and put a few small fish in it.

One concern about the Spec III is its size. The 2.6-gallon enclosure is barely enough for a few Tetras or other small fish species. A Betta would live comfortably in the Spec III, however. For its simplicity and efficient operation, the Fluval Spec III remains a good beginner’s nano aquarium.


  • Good quality etched glass
  • Efficient filtration
  • Classic style
  • Hassle-free setup
  • Good lighting


  • Small size

2. MarineLand Contour Nano Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light


If you want a nice home for your Tetras, Guppies, or any other small fish, then you will want the MarineLand Contour nano aquarium. It has a canopy that fits nicely on top, allowing you a fabulous view of the marine creatures. The LED lighting system is perfect for both nighttime and daytime use.

The floating design of the aquarium also lends a more appealing aesthetics. The large base keeps the tank stable on any surface. Waste management is never an issue as the aquarium already comes with a very efficient filter.

Unfortunately, cleaning the filter cartridge can be a bit tricky. Nevertheless, this nano fish tank is perfect for anyone who wishes to embark on a journey of aquatic discovery. The sides of the tank allow for a stunning view of the mini ecosystem.


  • Efficient filtration system
  • Good day and night illumination
  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy and stable base
  • Fitted canopy


  • Difficult-to-clean filter

3. Hagen HG Fluval Flex Aquarium


The Hagen HG Fluval Flex Aquarium is good for people who want a large-capacity nano tank. This aquarium has a very modern design that can complement any room. The filtration system does a good job of keeping the water healthy.

The lighting is also noteworthy. Its temperature can promote the growth of aquatic plants. This can further facilitate the more efficient maintenance of water quality.

The filter can be a hazard to very small fish species, though. That is why one must be very picky in the type of fish to put in the HG Fluval Flex.

We believe the Hagen HG Fluval Flex Aquarium is a good choice for those who want a reliable nano aquarium. It has a very lovely design and an efficient operation to make life more exciting for your aquatic friends.


  • Multistage filtration
  • Bright aquarium illumination
  • Very contemporary design
  • Customized water flow
  • Curved front


  • Filter unsafe for very small fish

4. Coralife LED Nano Biocube Aquarium Kit


People love Coralife’s Biocube because of its remarkable design. We like it for the nano tank’s ingenious technologies. This is an aquarium that is so versatile you can recreate a freshwater environment for your favorite fish or mimic the remarkable ecosystem of the ocean.

We love the lighting technology of the Biocube. It mimics the day cycle of aquatic organisms as naturally as possible. Setting up the aquarium is also hassle-free. The included components work beyond perfect.

The only thing we are not sure of is the Biocube’s filter. It is very powerful that it can harm very small species of fish. You will have to be cautious in the kind of fish you put in this aquarium.Nevertheless, the Coralife Biocube is always an excellent choice for many aquatics’ hobbyists.


  • For both saltwater and freshwater setups
  • Good tank illumination
  • Great aesthetics
  • Easy to clean
  • Stable base


  • Filter unsafe for very small fish

5. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit


Fluval aquariums have very simple designs. The brand focuses more on the functionality of the tank than its aesthetics. It does not automatically mean that the Spec V is ugly, though. It can still improve the overall aesthetics of any room, depending on how you intend to decorate the tank and the fish that you put in.

Like all Fluval products, the Spec V offers a dependable filtration system and a sturdy base to keep it secure on the table. The clear glass is very easy to clean. The tank’s simplistic design will only require a few minutes to set up.

Too bad the Spec V does not feature an integrated heater. Other than this issue, the Fluval Spec V makes a wonderful choice for people who want a reliable aquarium for beginners.


  • Good lighting
  • Efficient filtration
  • Easy to clean
  • Stable base
  • Sets up easily


  • Does not come with heater

6. Hygger Horizon Nano Glass Aquarium Kit for Starters


The Hygger Horizon has got to be one of the coolest and most stylish nano aquariums we have ever seen. Its convex arc shape gives the Horizon an aesthetic appeal that is quite difficult to match.

Not only is the Horizon a beautiful tank. It is also very efficient in terms of providing a very conducive environment for different species of small fish. The rocky background is permanent, giving the aquarium a realistic environment.

The filter does an excellent job of cleaning the water in the tank. On the downside, replacing the filter of the Horizon can be a very costly endeavor. The replacement filters do not come cheap. The Hygger Horizon is, without a doubt, one of the nicest nano aquariums you can ever have. It is beautiful and comes with an efficient operation.


  • Unique fish tank design
  • Adjustable filtration system
  • Different illumination settings
  • Comes as a complete setup
  • Very stylish


  • Expensive replacement filter

Nano Aquariums Buying Guide

Deciding on a nano fish tank is not that different from picking a large aquarium. There are plenty of options to choose from. In this guide, we shall explore some of the more important things that you have to keep in mind when picking the right nano aquarium.


Nano aquariums should have a capacity of at least 2.4 gallons or 10 liters. Anything smaller than that will already be classified as a pico aquarium. The maximum size of a freshwater nano tank is about 15 gallons. Saltwater nano aquariums have a higher maximum capacity of 25 gallons. Choose one that is ideal for your room and the base. The larger the fish tank, the heavier it is. This will require a sturdier stand or base.


Most aquariums have a rectangular shape. Some can be longer than others, while there are also fish tanks that are higher than they are wide. Always pick the nano aquarium that will fit nicely on your desk or table.

Species of Fish

Consider whether you are going for the more colorful ocean-dwelling fish and aquatic life forms or the hardier freshwater species. Different species will have different requirements in terms of their aquatic environment. In general, freshwater species are a lot easier to maintain.

Acrylic or Glass?

Glass aquariums are more resistant to scratches and they provide better rigidity for your miniature aquatic ecosystem. These aquariums also have less noticeable distortions. They tend to cost less, too. On the other hand, acrylic fish tanks are lighter. They also have a more aesthetically-pleasing shape.

Other Fish Tank Components

All aquariums will require the same basic setup. They need a reliable filtration system to manage fish wastes and other water impurities. Depending on your location and the species of fish, you will also need a heater and an appropriate lighting system. Aquatic plant life, fish tank substrate, and aquarium decorations also matter.

What is a Nano Aquarium?


A nano aquarium is a fish tank that can accommodate small fish species as well as other aquatic life forms. They can range in size between 2.4 gallons and 15 gallons. Reef or saltwater nano tanks can be as large as 25 gallons to accommodate the rocks and other features of the aquarium.

Types of Nano Aquariums

Aquatic hobbyists consider two types of nano fish tanks. They classify the tanks according to the type of aquatic life forms that they put in. These are saltwater and freshwater species.

Freshwater Nano Aquariums

These fish tanks provide home to many small species of fish found in streams, lakes, and rivers. Many of these species are not as colorful as their ocean-dwelling counterparts. However, if you choose the right species of freshwater fish, you can still create an amazing fish tank that is very lovely to look at. You can also improve the aesthetics by decorating the tank’s interior with more appropriate accessories.

Freshwater nano aquariums are easier to maintain than saltwater nano tanks. They also more cost-efficient to operate. Freshwater fish are also less expensive than saltwater species. These aquatic life forms are also less vulnerable to changes in water temperature and chemistry. In short, they are easier to maintain.

Saltwater Nano Aquariums

One advantage of saltwater nano aquariums is that they give your room a fabulous recreation of the world under the ocean waves. There are fascinating corals, live rock, and reef fauna that dance with the current. And when you add very colorful and vibrant saltwater fish species, you get an aquarium that bursts with life.

The issue with saltwater nano aquariums is that they are less forgiving when it comes to maintenance. These fish tanks require special equipment and materials to keep the aquatic environment as close to the characteristics of the ocean as possible. This can make the setup and the maintenance costlier, too.

Why Do You Need Nano Aquariums?

A nano aquarium is best suited for people who do not have that much space in the house to accommodate a large 50-gallon tank or even a 30-gallon breeder. The small size of the aquarium also makes it ideal for decorative purposes in offices and small rooms. Small fish tanks are also light enough to sit on a table, your countertop, or even on the open surface of a cabinet. They do not have very specific base requirements. Large fish tanks will require very strong bases or stands.

Nano tanks are also more less expensive to set up, operate, and maintain. Large fish tanks require larger components and accessories to keep them in pristine condition. Nano fish tanks require less amount of substrate, smaller filter, and a modest heater, if necessary. These do not cost that much compared to materials for standard aquariums. It is more economical for some people to own a nano aquarium than a standard fish tank.

However, we would like to point out that nano aquariums are not that easy to maintain compared to standard-sized fish tanks. The water is more susceptible to the effects of environmental temperature. Keeping the water’s chemistry in perfect balance can also be unforgiving, especially for novice fish tank owners.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to clean nano aquarium?

It is more difficult to maintain the ideal characteristics of the water in a nano aquarium. If a standard aquarium will require partial water changes every several weeks, you may have to do that more often with a nano tank. Ideally, you should replace 10 to 20 percent of the fish tank water every week. This will help maintain ideal water conditions.

You can also perform a thorough cleaning of the nano aquarium once every 2 to 3 months. Remove no more than 50 percent of the water and clean your tank’s filtration system. Replace it if needed. Trim the aquatic plants. Use an appropriate material to clean the inside surface of the aquarium. Refill the fish tank with water that you have pre-conditioned. Clean the exterior surface of the fish tank.

What is the best fish for Nano Tanks?

The best fish to put in your Nano aquarium depends on the size or capacity of the tank. Tetras, Corydoras, Badis, Guppies, and Gouramis are excellent choices among aqua hobbyists. However, a more important consideration is the number of fish to put in the tank. Small fish species are more viviparous than their larger counterparts. These fish species can lay and hatch eggs a lot faster than you think. If you do not watch out, your 10-fish tank can easily grow into the hundred-fish tank. Bettas are an excellent choice for nano aquariums.

Where to buy Nano Aquarium?

Local pet shops provide the best source of Nano aquariums. You can personally inspect the quality and design of the fish tank before purchasing. If there are no such shops in your place, then an online seller can offer you a Nano aquarium. Be judicious in your research so you do not end up with a defective and useless product.


The best nano aquariums come in different sizes ranging from 2.5 to 15 gallons. These fish tanks can also provide a wonderful environment for various species of small fish, crustaceans, plants, and other aquatic life forms. Well-maintained nano aquariums can brighten and liven any room for many years. These miniature ecosystems are also not that much of a burden when it comes to their initial and operating costs. While a nano aquarium is not ideal for absolute beginners, it can be an invaluable instrument for those who want to harness their skills related to the care of fish and other water-dwelling life forms.

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  1. Coralife brand is consider as one of the best nano tanks available on the market to date. It ensures sparkling LED lighting system practical for marine and freshwater environments. Another feature is that it is compact and not difficult to move or transport. However, it does not come with heater and I had to buy one outside.


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