The Best Hermit Crab Foods of 2021


Hermit crabs are omnivores and scavengers that are not sensitive in terms of food. They appreciate mealworms, fruits, vegetables, and many more. However, crabbers and hobbyists feed them with a combination of foods for optimal nutrition. Some feed theirs with calcium and cereal substitute mixed with sea fan or food. But for a complete diet, they also feed their pets with the best hermit crab foods.

It’s exactly what we’re discussing in today’s buying guide. In the following, we’ll help you select a hermit crab food that is packed with nutrition. We’re also discussing the things to consider when choosing this type of food.

What is the Best Hermit Crab Food

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Top 7 Best Hermit Crab Foods Reviews

1. JurassiDiet Hermit Crab Food


If you’re looking for a fine quality hermit crab food with no fillers but only highly nutritious ingredients, check out the JurassiDiet Hermit Crab Food. It contains no cornmeal or soy. Both foods can impair with the absorption of certain nutrients, such as calcium.

This crab food contains protein, carbohydrates, and fat, to name some. All these including vitamins and minerals, are important to keep your hermit crabs healthy and strong. Additionally, this food also contains probiotics that can aid in digestion. This ingredient also prevents nutrient wastage. Thus, it can help in increasing nutrient absorption. It can also help in boosting the immune system.

However, this item is a bit expensive, though. Overall, it is a highly nutritious food without any fillers. This food also contains probiotics, which is ideal for digestion. The JurassiDiet is also great-tasting that your crabs will love. You might want to check it out.


  • Contains probiotics
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Doesn’t contain soy or cornmeal
  • Can boost the immune system
  • Uses alfalfa base


  • A bit expensive

2. Florida Marine Research Hermit Crab Food


The 4-Ounce hermit crab food is a top-rated choice among pet owners that want to give their crabs only highly nutritious foods without any added fillers. The Florida Marine Research Sfm00005 food is delightfully designed to cater to the taste of the hermit crabs. Your crabs will enjoy it, while maintaining their optimal health.

Another great thing about it is its long shelf life, making it an economical choice. This product can also help in successful molting. This item is also available in four ounces, making it an economical choice.

However, there were reports about some crabs not liking its taste, but those were isolated cases. Nevertheless, the hermit crab food is an excellent choice for its delightful taste and no unpleasant taste.


  • Promotes successful molting for its food oils
  • Longer shelf life and economical
  • No unpleasant odors
  • Maintains healthy lifecycle
  • Easy to store


  • Some hermit crabs don’t like it.

3. HBH Pisces Pros Variety Bites Hermit Crab Food


Feed your hermit crab with healthy and delicious food to ensure that it will thrive and survive. Even if a hermit crab is not hard to feed, it appreciates a yummy and nutrient-dense food like this one. This crab food can help in promoting their healthy growth and behavior. It is one of the things that make this item an excellent choice that you should not miss.

This crab food doesn’t also contain harmful chemicals and preservatives, which are unhealthy for hermit crabs. This food is ideal even for beginner crabbers, too.

However, some picky crabs tend to ignore this food, according to certain reports. Overall, though, it is a high-rated product for its high nutrient and no filler content. It also has a delightful taste that hermit crabs love.


  • Can promote growth and good behavior
  • No fillers
  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • Live hermit crab food
  • Delightful taste


  • Some picky crabs tend to ignore it

4. Fluker’s Premium Pellet Diet Food for Hermit Crabs


The Fluker’s Premium Pellets are another consideration for healthy and happy crabs. Each pack already contains three ounces of crab food. This food is high in nutrients and protein content, promoting good health and supporting a strong immune system. With it, you can make sure that your crabs will get the nutrition that they deserve. When choosing hermit crab, its nutrient content must be one of the most essential features to check when buying pellets for hermit crab.

It is also easy to feed. Just give them a small amount at once, ideally at night.

However, some crabbers revealed that some crabs didn’t like it, though. But then, this issue tends to be common even for other hermit crab foods. Overall, it is an excellent choice that you must consider for a nutrient-dense diet.


  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Delightfully tasty
  • Affordable and economical
  • Easy to feed
  • Contains a broad range of vitamins and minerals


  • Some crabs don’t like it

5. Zoo Med Hermit Crab Food


The Zoo Med Hermit Crab Food is another top consideration when shopping around for a nutritious and delicious hermit crab food. One of its finest features is its vitamins and minerals content. With it, you can rest assured that your hermit crab will live healthily. They will have a longer life because they can thrive in the nutrition content of this ZOO Med Crab Food.

It is also versatile that it can suit all land type hermit crabs. Choosing it, you can feed different types of crabs if you have them. This product is also made in the USA, ensuring its quality. It also contains all the nutrients that your pets need to grow and survive.

However, some people reported that their pets ignored this food, except if they don’t have a choice.


  • Made in the USA quality food
  • Convenient pellet form
  • Nutrient-balanced food
  • Versatile for all land type crabs
  • Easy to feed


  • Reports of some crabs avoiding it

6. Cholla Queen Hermit Crab Food


This hermit crab food is versatile that it can be given to different land type hermit crabs. Plus, it is easy to feed even beginner crabbers appreciate how easy that is to give their pets this food.

Another thing I liked about this food is it is loaded with fiber, fatty acids, and amino acids. All these nutrients are essential for the growth and survival of your hermit crabs. Plus, it contains vitamins and minerals, which can boost and support a healthy immune system.

However, it is smaller in size, though. Overall, I liked that this item is also natural and organic. It does not contain elements and ingredients that will harm your hermit crabs. It has no GMO contents and didn’t undergo any chemical process. To ensure quality, this item is also processed in a small batch.


  • Ideal for beginner and seasoned crabbers
  • Extended shelf life
  • Made in the USA and no filler ingredients
  • High quality processing and manufacturing
  • Non-GMO and all-natural


  • Smaller size

7. Fluker’s Buffet Blend for Hermit Crabs


The 2.4-ounce buffer blend is an interesting blend of essential vitamins and minerals, and all other nutrition that a hermit crab needs to grow healthily. The buffet blend is high in protein that supports optimal growth.

Also, I liked that the 2.4-Ounce buffet meal is a nutritious part of a hermit crab’s diet. What I also liked about it is it’s not with any copper sulfate and Ethoxyquin. The buffet also adds variety to the crab’s diet. It contains river shrimp, mealworms, and pellets.

However, picky crabs tend not to like it, according to some crabbers. But nevertheless, you might want to consider it if you want a protein-loaded food. It also contains no harmful elements to pose danger to crabs.


  • Adds variety to diet
  • Easy to feed
  • Contains no Ethoxyquin and copper sulfate
  • Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals
  • Can help in exoskeleton formation


  • Picky crabs tend to ignore the food

Hermit Crab Foods Buying Guide


When choosing hermit crab food, you must consider certain factors to ensure proper nutrition and exoskeleton formation of your pets. A few things to keep in mind when shopping around include the following –

Protein, vitamins and minerals

Proper nutrition can help your hermit crabs thrive and have a longer life. When selecting their food, you should think about the nutrient levels that it contains. A few of the most important nutrients include vitamins, minerals and protein. Get started in the selection using the reviews of the top products in the category as above.


It is also great to consider the variety of foods that your hermit crab eats. You might want to check out those that contain a broad range of ingredients, including mealworms and river shrimps.


Good products are versatile that they can feed a broad range of land type crabs. These crab foods are excellent choices because you can give them to different crab types that you might have.

Easy feeding

Some hermit crab foods come in pellet form. It is easy to feed, and crabs can easily consume it.

Tasty and easy to consume

While hermit crabs love to eat almost anything because they are omnivores, some can be picky about what they’re eating, especially for commercial food. It is why you need to consider buying a hermit crab food that your pets will love.

Contains no harmful ingredients like copper sulfate and Ethoxyquin

Some crab foods may contain harmful elements that might pose danger to your pets. For this reason, check the label and read if what you’re buying does not contain fillers and chemicals that might affect the health of your crabs.

These are only some of the things to consider when buying hermit crab food to think about so that you can come up with a sound decision. Nevertheless, quality ones like those reviewed earlier are excellent to start with because they’re nutrient-dense, easy to feed, and contains no harmful ingredients.

Types of Hermit Crab Foods

Hermit crab diet must be closely considered to ensure their growth and health. It is also to make sure that they will have a strong immune system and proper behavior. In most cases, a well-balanced diet is with –

  • Fine quality commercial food
  • Nuts, brine shrimp and seaweed
  • Fish flakes
  • Veggies, including spinach and romaine lettuce
  • Calcium and carotene supplements
  • Fruits, including papaya, coconut and other non-citrus fruits

Homemade/natural foods

There are many kinds of foods to feed your hermit crabs with, and they’re easy to find. Some foods like the following are excellent food choices for your hermit crabs.

  • Crushed almonds
  • Super worms
  • Alfalfa
  • Asparagus
  • No pit apricot
  • Banana
  • Barley
  • Bell peppers
  • Blackberry
  • Centipedes
  • Brown rice
  • Spiders
  • Soy
  • Canteloupe
  • Cherimoya
  • Cherry
  • Chicken bones
  • Clams
  • Bloodworms
  • Grasshoppers
  • Isopods
  • Mealworms
  • And others

Commercial hermit crab foods/buffet/pellets

Like those we’ve reviewed earlier are certain types of commercial hermit crab foods to give your pets. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and proteins that can support optimal health and boost immune system. You should pick those that contain no harmful ingredients that might harm your crabs.

Read the label of what you’re buying to ensure that it has no harmful chemicals that might slow down the growth or that might cause bad behavior among crabs. Nevertheless, quality commercial foods have no fillers and chemicals. They are carefully designed and created for hermit crabs, so they are packed with essential nutrients.

At the end of the day, consider giving your pets a balanced diet so that they will grow and have a longer lifespan.

Why Do You Need Hermit Crab Foods?

In many cases, commercial diets are more recommended than a homemade crab food because they are carefully designed and manufactured to promote the development and growth of hermit crabs. They are also with added nutrients, including protein, vitamins and minerals. These are all essentials to support immune system and help develop the exoskeleton of crabs.

Quality commercial crab foods also contain no harmful ingredients that might pose danger to the health and well-being of your hermit crabs. In addition, they contain no GMO and fillers that do not bring any good to crabs.

These foods are also more economical and cost-effective. They are affordable, but they will not break the bank. Commercial crab foods can also be given once a day, making it more affordable. They can also be combined with other natural foods for variety in their diet.

You need crab food by reputable brands because they can give you peace of mind that you’re feeding your pets with nutrient-dense and easy to consume crab food. You can get started in the selection process using the reviews of the top products on the market so that you can decide better on which to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to make hermit crab food?

It is easy to make hermit crab food. If you’re thinking about feeding them natural or homemade food, you can consider the suggestions that we’ve given earlier. In many cases, these pets also love sweet fruits, including papaya and non-citrus fruits. They love a fruity flavor for their food, too, so many fruits are fine.

For the meat, you can consider worms, including mealworms and bloodworms, which are ideally dried to promote better digestion and ingestion. However, do not season them with any spices because crabs tend not to like them.

On the other hand, you should avoid giving them processed foods, which contain preservatives and salt. They are not good for hermit crabs.

Finally, do not give any food without washing it properly. Wash it to remove any residues of pesticides and herbicides.

How much food do I feed my hermit crab?               

These crabs should eat a variety of foods – fresh and commercial foods. They can promote better nutrition in their diets. Think about mixing natural and formulated foods once a day. On the other hand, you can also give them pellets once a day. But then, you must crush these pellets if your crabs are small. You can also moisten their food before giving it to hermit crabs. Take note – remove any residues of commercial/pelleted food daily.

How long can a hermit crab live without food or water?           

These hermit crabs eat little daily. They can also last up to two weeks without food because they can store moisture in the back of their shell. But then, it is wise to leave food and water for them if you’ll be away for several days.

Where to buy hermit crab food?

Hermit crab food is available in online marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon. From these sources, you can choose from a broad range of hermit crab foods at affordable prices. You might also find the best deals on these crab foods and save money in the end. Other places to buy hermit crab food include Walmart and pet/fish supplies stores. Check them out and find the right food for your hermit crabs.


Have you chosen the best hermit crab foods? Again, when selecting one, consider the taste, quality, affordability and nutrition that a specific product can offer. Also, you should factor in the brand to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable one that offers quality hermit crab food.

And when selecting one, you should also consider the top products on the market. Weigh their pros and cons so that you can decide better. Be sure to think about the nutrition content and the ingredients when comparing them. We’re hoping that you can select the right hermit crab food using this buying guide and reviews of the best products.

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