The Best Guppy Food for 2021


Searching for the best guppy food might not be as easy as you could imagine. While you can find plenty of choices for tropical fish food online, the search seems confusing. Each guppy food tends to promise the same thing, such as quality nutrition, no fillers and no harmful ingredients. However, these features might not at all exist in some guppy foods to find. In the following, we’re making a list and reviews of eight top suggestions for guppy food. These guppy foods are from reputable manufacturers that value the satisfaction of their consumers. They’re trusted worldwide for offering quality guppy food. Check them out and make an informed choice later.

What is the Best Guppy Food

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Top 8 Best Guppy Food Reviews

1. Hikari Usa Tropical Fancy Guppy Food For Pet Health


If you’re keeping guppies, you might be looking for a guppy food that they will love. One of the solutions is the Hikari food for guppy. It can improve your fish health and boost their immune system. After all, it is one of the features to check when buying their food.

This Hikari Usa is a top-rated item in the category because guppies just love its taste. Not to mention, it is a great choice because it comes in a three-pack already. It just means that you don’t need to buy sooner. Each pack is a .77-Ounce guppy food.

The Tropical Fancy Guppy food is also yours if you want to improve your pet’s breeding habits. It can also boost their resistance against disease and improve their overall health and well-being. However, there are clouding issues reported. But overall, it is a great buy for its benefits.


  • 3-pack fish food
  • Easy to digest
  • Improves breeding habits
  • Increases growth rate
  • Boosts immune system


  • Clouding issues

2. API Fish Food Flakes for Guppy


The API FISH FOOD FLAKES are especially formulated with its ingredients carefully picked for the delight of your pets. This product can help boost the immune system of your pets and improve their breeding habits. It is also packed with nutrition, giving you more value for your spending. Fish also loves it that they can finish it in five minutes.

The green flakes also contain beet pulp and spirulina that do not just improve their health but also improve their color. It is also with key ingredients to balance the diet of a fish community. The item also allows for easy digestion and does not cause the toxic ammonia in the water. It also promotes cleaner water, so there needs less maintenance, too.

However, cloudy water seems to be an issue with it, but then most of the feedback revealed great health benefits of the guppy food for your pets.


  • Easily digestible
  • Enhances fish color
  • Great nutrition
  • Less waste
  • Delightful taste


  • Cloudy water

3. Hikari Guppy Food Micro


The micro guppy food is a delight for your beloved tank friends. It is perfect for their small mouths that they truly enjoy the fish food. One of the things that make this fish food unique is that it can help improving the breeding habits of guppies.

If you’re looking to boost their resistance against diseases, you must also consider this guppy food that is packed with nutrients. It can help them prevent stress and disease. It will not also cause to the build up of ammonia in the water.

On the cons, portion control can be challenging for small size. But overall, the Hikari guppy food can boost their overall health, ensuring their long life. It also contains tiny grains that are perfect for smaller feeder fish and guppies. In addition, this guppy food will improve their overall growth rate.


  • Tiny grains for little mouths
  • Improves breeding habits
  • Can enhance resistance against disease
  • Does not lead to ammonia buildup in the water


  • Portion control can be tricky due to small size

4. TetraMin Nutritionally Balanced Tropical Flake Food


The TetraMin flake food is another consideration for your tropical fish. It is nutritionally-balanced and delightfully delicious. You might want to check it out to get more value for your spending. The tropical fish food is also a top-rated item in the category because it is highly digestible, making it suitable for mid- and top-feeding fish.

The Tropical Flake Food offers your tropical fish community with a balanced nutrition for their optimal growth and development. This item also contains high levels of antioxidants that can boost the immune system of your fish. Also, this fish food can promote less waste in the water because your fish can consume it within three minutes.

However, clouding issues were reported by some people, but then, it can be prevented if used as directed. Overall, it is an excellent choice for its added antioxidants and other nutrients for your guppies, mid and top feeders.


  • Ideal for mid and top feeders
  • Contains high amounts of nutrients
  • Easy to feed and digest
  • Includes added antioxidants
  • Tasty


  • Clouding issues

5. TetraColor Tropical Flakes with Natural Color Enhancer


If you’re looking for a fish food that can also promote natural color of your pets, you should look at the TetraColor flakes. These flakes can enhance the color of your fish community, so it is a cool choice for fish keepers that want to take advantage of these benefits.

The tropical flakes taste delightful for most tropical fish. Plus, this food is designed for middle and top feeders. It also comes with active life formula for the inclusion of antioxidants in the formulation. In addition, I liked that it is with a clear-water formula, which will not cause water clouding when used as directed by the manufacturer.

However, some fish might not like its taste, though. But still, the Tropical Color Flakes are a top choice among those looking for an immune-boosting guppy food.


  • Tropical formulation for nutrient needs of your fish
  • Color-enhancing formula
  • Includes added antioxidants
  • Especially made for middle and top feeders
  • Won’t cloud the water if used as directed


  • Some fish might not like its taste

6. Omega One Color Mini Pellets


The sinking Mini Pellets are another consideration when shopping around for a great guppy food that offers a balanced nutrition for your tropical fish community. The color pellets are perfect for middle and top feeders, so they’re chosen by many fish keepers.

The 3.5 oz tropical fish food is color-boosting, too, so you can notice a great color change to your guppies. One of its secrets is the betta carotenes in it. This item also contains omega-3 and 6 that can support the health and boost the immune system of saltwater and freshwater fish.

However, not all guppies are going to like it, but that is a common issue with other fish feeds as well. Overall, the sinking food is easy to consume and does not cause clouding. It also offers more nutrition and promotes less waste.


  • Sinking and easy to consume
  • Doesn’t cloud the water
  • Less waste
  • More nutrition
  • 5 ounces


  • Not all guppies will like it

7. Fluval Hagen Color Enhancing Flakes Fish Food


There is nothing quite like the Fluval Hagen flakes food in terms of performance and quality. The food flakes are color-enhancing for our pet fish, so they can look more aesthetically-pleasing. If you’re looking to enhance the color and life of your tank, you should check out this Fluval Hagen flakes food.

The Color Enhancing Flakes are also in 4.94 ounces that make it a great buy for many fish keepers worldwide. You’ll be delighted to know this if you don’t want to buy fish food sooner.

However, some fish can take a bit of time to get used to the flavor and taste of this food. Overall, the palatable fish food is an excellent protein and antioxidant source. It can offer complete nutrition and contains high levels of vitamin C. It can improve the health of your fish without clouding the water. And it just means less maintenance and cleaning on your part.


  • Ultra-palatable and high-quality fish food
  • Great source of nutrition like protein and vitamin C
  • Enhances fish color
  • Can boost health and immune system of your pets
  • Easy to digest


  • Some fish can take time to get used to its taste and flavor

8. Cobalt Aquatics 25142 Ultra Guppy Nano Bits Floating Food


The Cobalt Aquatics25142 is a floating fish food that is perfect for middle and top feeders. It is also easy to consume and digest. Your fish can consume it within minutes, so you can also expect less waste and clouding of the tank water.

The nano bits fish food is also packed with nutrients that your pets need for boosted immune system and health. In this case, you can also expect longer life for your pet friends. The Ultra Guppy fish food is also with probiotics and prebiotics, improving the digestion of your tank friends.

However, some pet owners reported of the food sinking just upon hitting the water. But still, I am recommending this guppy food for those that like to feed their pets with food that contains only natural ingredients and color enhancers.


  • Promotes a cleaner aquarium
  • Formulated with probiotics and prebiotics
  • No fillers, but all-natural ingredients
  • Designed for livebearers and guppies
  • Color-enhancing ingredients


  • Some complaints about it sinking upon hitting the water

Guppy Food Buying Guide

The next question you might have is how to choose guppy food, and that’s what we’re going to answer in the following. As you may already know, you can find many choices when it comes to guppy food, so it might be confusing and challenging to pick one that can deliver the best results. Here are certain things that will help you pick one.

Easy to digest

When shopping around for a guppy food, you must pick one that is easy to digest and suits the small mouths of guppies. It must be easy to digest to avoid the sickness and indigestion of your fish. You can get started with the selection from our top eight picks earlier. They are easy to digest and consume that your fish will love their taste.

Packed with nutrients

You can find fish food that contains nutrients, including vitamins B, C, D, and E as well as pre- and probiotics. One should also have protein and stress-busting nutrients, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The fish food to choose should also be with antioxidants to boost fish health.

Improves breeding habits

Another thing to consider when finding guppy food is its quality of improving the breeding habits of your pets. You can check for this information on the label as well as read reviews.

Not clouding the water

The fish food should promote less waste and less clouding in the water. As much as possible, you should choose one that will not cloud the water. It can lessen maintenance and cleaning necessary on your part.

No fillers and harmful ingredients

You should find guppy food that does not contain harmful ingredients and fillers to ensure fish health. Check for this information on the label to determine exactly what the product you’re buying contains. You can also refer above for the top products that contain no harmful chemicals but only all-natural ingredients.

What is a Guppy Food?


It is an essential food for your guppies. This food is specifically formulated and made for the needs of your pets. It contains no harmful elements and chemicals but the nutrients that they need to enhance their color, boost their immune system and improve their overall health. Nevertheless, it is the right kind of food that can supply your pets with the nutrients they need to thrive and live long.

Types of Food for Guppy

When choosing guppy food, you must also know the types of food that you can choose from and feed them with for adequate nutrition. They are essential for the diet of your fish because they contain vitamins, such as B, C, D and E. Some of them also contain iron, calcium, prebiotics and probiotics. Others also contain antioxidants and color-enhancing ingredients, such as beet pulp. They also contain spirulina, plankton and algae on select items.

One of the most common are pellets or micro food. They are small enough for easy consumption and digestion for small mouths. There are vegetable pellets you can find, and many of them contain plankton, algae, spirulina and other natural ingredients. You can also find spirulina tablets that also promote the health of fish, including improving their fins and tails as well as preventing skin infections. You can also find food that can enhance the color of your fish, especially those formulated with carotenoids.

Some fish keeps also feed their guppies shrimp, such as those freeze-dried varieties. They give it to them up to twice a week. This food is an excellent protein source. It can be given to fry and adult fish, too. Another choice also includes blood worms that can improve the growth rate of fry. Finally, you can also give them flakes food that also contain nutrients to boost the immune system of your tank friends, too.

There you have some of the types of guppy food that you can choose and give your guppies to maintain their health and extend their lifespan.

Why Do You Need Guppy Food?

There are many reasons to buy guppy food. For one, it is especially formulated for guppies, livebearers, middle feeders and top feeders. By being specifically formulated, they are proven beneficial for these types of fish and feeders. It also means that they are with the nutrition that guppies need. A few of these include omega-3, omega-6, probiotics and prebiotics, in select items.

In addition, you need to feed your guppy with this food because it fits their needs. They are carefully formulated to contain only the needed nutrition for your fish. They are also easy to consume and digest.  And they will not cause clouding in the water because they are quick to consume, ideally within five minutes.

Also, guppy food is color-enhancing. It can boost the color of your pets, making them looking lovelier and healthier. Choose guppy foods with this property. As much as possible, opt for those with color-enhancing ingredients like beet pulp.

Nevertheless, guppy food is an essential for your pets because they are particularly formulated for the needs of guppies. They contain the nutrients for boosting their health and immune system. To get started with the selection process, you can compare the top eight suggestions above for reference on quality guppy food.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular guppy food brands?

Online and on pet shops/fish supplies stores, you can find a broad range of guppy food selection. However, not all of them must be trusted. The reason is that not all of them strive hard to work for the quality of their products. To get started, know the most popular guppy food brands. A few of them include Hikari Usa, API, Hikari, TetraMin, TetraColor, Fluval Hagen and Cobalt Aquatics. Choose among these brands and ensure that you’re dealing with reputable brands trusted by many hobbyists and fish keepers worldwide.

How long can guppy fish live without food?

According to the experts, the adult ones can survive for up to two weeks without food, but the fry or young guppies will not last that long if left without food. They can only last up to three days. So, if you’re thinking about getting on a vacation, you should consider this, or else, you might return only to find some or all your guppies are dead. Also, take note that fry tends to be more sensitive than the mature ones. They have a lower survival rate, too. So, if you have fry, you might want to install an auto feeder that will feed your young guppies once a day. A little amount of powder food is enough to keep them alive.

How often should guppy fish be fed?

You should feed the mature guppies at least twice but not more than thrice a day. Do not give them more than the amount that they can eat within five minutes, or else it will just pollute and cloud the water. You might want to offer them just a pinch of food, every morning and at night.

Where to buy guppy food?

It is not hard to find guppy food at all. Many pet shops and fish supplies stores have it. But for a broader selection and better deals, you might also head to the manufacturer website or online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay.


Now that you know how to choose the best guppy food and what top picks are a favorite among tropical fish keepers, you can make an informed decision. As you know, feeding our guppies and tropical fishes with not just delicious but healthy food is a top priority. We can be certain of that by comparing our selection well and looking at the pros and cons of each. With the right guppy food, we can have peace of mind that our little buddies are happy and healthy at the same time because it is easy to digest and offers them with a solid amount of nutrition.

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