The Best Fish Bowls of 2021


Fish bowls, ornamental or not, are a great addition to any home. There are many things you can place in your fish bowl; may it be plants alone or other animals! Along with the aesthetic they add to your room/s, they are also able to hold small companions. Critters such as shrimp or fish are great to keep as companions, as the mess they leave is limited only to the water inside the bowl. Plants also deserve the same care as any other pet, albeit not as much as they require very specific care. So, to give your home some life and color, make sure you place them in only the best fish bowls.

What is the Best Fish Bowl

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Top 8 Best Fish Bowls Reviews

1. THE NIFTY NOOK 1 Gallon Glass Fish Bowl with River Rocks


The NIFTY NOOK 1-gallon glass fishbowl is a great tabletop or mantelpiece for any home. The fish bowl comes with a gold, antique-finished polyresin elephant figurine stand, one decorative accent ring, and legitimate river rocks. For aesthetic purposes, you can have the inside of the bowl set up as a terrarium for plants or candle holder, both of which is sure to add some flare to your home! As an aquarium, it is great for only small fish or a limited number of pet shrimp, as it is only a 1-gallon fish bowl.

Though the fishbowl may not come with a lid, your guests will surely admire the matching decorative accent ring and lucky elephant figurine stand. Remember, keeping your head up as the elephant keeps its trunk up is guaranteed to have things go your way!


  • Adds aesthetic to any tabletop or mantelpiece
  • Comes with matching accent ring and figurine elephant
  • Gold-colored antique finishing
  • Useful not only as a fishbowl
  • Design brings good vibes


  • Bowl does not come with lid

2. Koller Products Panaview 1 Gallon Fish Bowl


The Koller Panaview 1-gallon fish bowl changes the game for most fragile fish bowls in the market. The fish bowl is manufactured with shatterproof plastic that provides the same crystal-clear viewing as glass fish bowls. As home décor, centerpieces, potpourri, wedding gifts, or crafting, this bowl will surely give the artist in you a chance to show off. It can be used as a terrarium, aquarium, or just an everyday decoration in your own home! The clean slate allows you to experiment with designs without having to account for its fragility.

Although the plastic bowl can be easily dented, it is very tough to break. This design prevents any water leakage and proves to be durable against high impacts and falls.


  • Made with shatterproof plastic
  • Provides a clear view
  • Can be used as more than just a fishbowl
  • Material prevents water leaks
  • Customizable design


  • Plastic can be dented temporarily

3. Sweetsea Hanging Wall Mounted Fish Bowl Betta Tank


The Sweetsea Hanging Wall-Mounted Fish Bowl is a wonderful entry for wall ornaments in your home. It doesn’t need any space on your tables or mantels, as they simply hang off your wall with a screw or specialized hook. This allows you to place better-suiting ornaments or figurines on tabletops and mantels! The package comes with a plastic hook designed to carry the fish bowl specifically. The product is made of acrylic, making it durable against falls and great impacts.

Though some designs can leak from the sides, it can be easily patched up with epoxy seals to prevent any further leakage. The half-gallon design is perfect for aquatic plants, while the 1-gallon bowl can fit both plants and a single, small fish.


  • Space conserving design
  • Durable acrylic material
  • Great for aquatic plants and one fish
  • Easy installation
  • Adds aesthetic to any home


  • Some designs may have leaking issues

4. Koller Products 1 Gallon Plastic Fish Bowl


Koller’s 1-gallon plastic fish bowl comes in a unique circular design. Unlike other fish bowls that are near-orbital in shape, this fish bowl comes as a horizontal cylinder. This design allows it the fish bowl to be very versatile, as it can be used a jar, bucket, terrarium, or aquarium (for small fish).

It is also great to use a sea/fish-themed parties, where you can place prizes or fish-shaped candies inside it! Additionally, the product is made of plastic, making it impossible to shatter or have cracks where water can leak from.

Although it may seem flimsy at first, the fish bowl is made of thick plastic that is quite durable. The 1-gallon size is great for a small fish, shrimp, or aquatic plants.


  • Made with durable plastic
  • Unique cylindrical design
  • Provides crystal-clear view
  • Versatile; can serve many purposes
  • Plastic prevents leaking


  • Looks quite flimsy

5. Koller Products 1 Gallon Shatterproof Plastic Fish Bowl


Koller’s 1-gallon Shatterproof Plastic Fish bowl looks like an elegant, clear vase. This design makes the product to be very versatile, allowing you to use it however you want to! It can be used as fish bowl, terrarium, potpourri, or a simple jar. The plastic material conditions the product to be durable against falls and impacts, making it impossible to break. The clear plastic mimics that of a glass fish bowl, permitting your guests to see what’s inside from every angle.

Some products may leak some chemicals that are dangerous to pets. However, the plastic bowl can still serve its purpose as a terrarium or jar, as the chemicals are not potent enough to harm plants inside it. Furthermore, you can easily paint over the plastic material, letting you decide how it will fit with the rest of your furniture!


  • Made with durable plastic
  • Permits crystal-clear viewing
  • Unique vase-like design
  • Very flexible
  • Can be designed/painted over


  • Some products might leak harmful chemicals to aquatic animals

6. Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit


Tetra’s 1.8-gallon Waterfall Glove Aquarium Kit is a wonderful aquarium for your desktop! It is a perfect fish bowl if you want to add some class to your office or home desk. The 1.8-gallon bowl is suiting for one small fish, and Tetra recommends the following four: goldfish, betta, guppy, or neon tetra. The stand for the fish bowls also acts as a filter, creating a marvelous waterfall effect. To add to that, you easily illuminate your fish with the built-in low-power LED lights.

If it’s not too much of a bother for you, the waterfall effect does not turn off unless the pump is also turned off. But the pump and waterfall effect are essentially very quiet and water conservative.


  • Bowl size allows for single pet fish and other aquatic plants
  • Comes with filtering system
  • Comes with LED lights
  • Great design adds aesthetic to desktop
  • Quiet operation


  • Waterfall effect does not turn off separately from pump

7. Koller Products Betta Tank 2 Gallon Hex Fish Bowl


Koller’s 2-gallon Hexagonal Fish Bowl has a unique design right off the bat. The hexagonal shape is not something you commonly see in the fish bowl market, but it is also for that very reason that the bowl can provide such massive space. The plastic material also prevents it from shattering when it falls, unlike glass bowls.

The bowl permits a clear view of the inside, too, making it seem like a glass bowl. It can also serve other purposes such as a jar or a vase, and can be easily painted over to match other furniture.

However, the image can get distorted at the edges of the tank, which is a disadvantage of its hexagonal shape. Yet, it can be easily ignored when you consider that the size and durability is simply great for raising small fish, like betta or goldfish, as these smaller fish do not necessarily need big tanks.


  • Unique hexagonal shape
  • Crystal-clear viewing
  • Size is great for a single betta or goldfish
  • Durable, shatterproof plastic material
  • Customizable


  • Edges distorts image of what’s inside the tank.

8. WGV Clear Bubble Glass Bowl


The WGV Clear Bubble Glass Bowl is a simplistic, yet stylish fish bowl. It comes in three different sizes, so you can add it to your home while accounting for your other furniture. Beauty is in the details for this fish bowl, as the thickened bottom makes sturdier and much more weighted, making it harder to budge.

The soft curvature and thin glass walls make it seem flawless and chic. It can also be used as a terrarium, vase, or a simple home office décor. You can also customize it, paint over it, or design it to fit in events as a centerpiece, tabletop accessory, or mantelpiece.

WGV takes pride in its product’s imperfections, as it comes crafted not from machinery, but from a tough, handcrafting process. Your guests will surely appreciate the minimalistic beauty of this finely handcrafted bowl, which takes pride in its imperfections.


  • Beautiful simplistic design
  • Comes in varying sizes
  • Manufacturer offers discount for bulk orders
  • Customizable
  • Design makes it sturdy, yet elegant


  • Imperfections stemming from handcrafting process

Fish Bowls Buying Guide

Essentially, you wouldn’t buy anything you can’t use. There are multifarious fish bowls in the market, but the question is, are they really for you? Before buying just any fish bowl there is, take some time to consider these three things:


There are many fish bowls that are manufactured differently. Considering the material helps you save by knowing what is durable and what is not. Typically, fish bowls are manufactured with three common materials, which are plastic, acrylic, or glass.

Glass fish bowls can be quite elegant, but they are also very fragile. They are not great as work desktop decorations, for the very reason that moving things around the desktop can cause it to fall off the edge and break.

Acrylic is a bit more durable than glass, and can be molded into many shapes! They can also be polished after getting scratched, allowing it to look as good as new. However, they can still shatter or crack from a great enough impact.

Lastly, though not very common, are plastic fish bowls. These can be quite flimsy, but will look much like glass fish bowls when added with water or designed properly.


Recently, it has been discouraged to keep fish in fishbowls, as they can be too small for pet fish. So, if you want to buy a fish bowl to keep your pet fish in, you might want to consider getting bigger fish bowls. If you want to them as vases or terrariums, you will also have to consider how big the plant can grow and how much space its roots will take up.

Additionally, consider the space the bowl itself will take up in your home; make sure that as much as possible, you won’t have to remove certain furniture just to add a single fish bowl to the collection.


The last thing to consider is the aesthetic of the bowl. Contemplate whether the fish bowl will suit the overall design of your house. If not, think whether you can redesign the fish bowl to make it match with other décor in your home.

What is a Fish Bowl?


A fish bowl is a container that can stand to serve many purposes, other than just being a fish bowl. It may come in glass, plastic, or acrylic, and it is totally up to you to decide on what to buy. Fish bowls are great for single, small fish, and can even function as terrariums, vases, or potpourri.

How to Clean a Fish Bowl?

Keeping a fish bowl clean is necessary when pet fish are kept inside it. They excrete wastes which, when built up, becomes toxic to them. However, cleaning fish bowls that are used as simple décor is as simple as wiping it with a rag, but cleaning fish bowls that are used as fish shelters takes a completely different process.

The first thing you would want to do is prepare clean and conditioned water in a bucket. This is for replacing the dirty water in the bowl. Transfer enough of the fish bowl water in another container so that the fish can stay in it while the bowl is being cleaned. Then, carefully transfer the fish into the container with a fishing net.

After successfully transferring the fish, remove all the fish bowl accessories onto a paper towel, and then spill the remaining water on a strainer in the sink, filtering the gravel. Wash the gravel with warm water and shake it a few times to remove all debris. Use a brush to clean out tough stains on the bowl, but never use soap or bleach to clean the bowl.

Once all this is done, place the gravel and other decorations into the bowl once again, and arrange as you would like to. Fill it with the new and conditioned water, and carefully transfer the fish from the temporary container into the bowl with a net.

Types of Fish Bowls

Fish bowls come in many shapes and sizes, and each fish bowl has its own purposes. In the market, there are – at the very least – three types of fish bowls, which are decorative, desktop, and wall-mounted fish bowls.

Decorative Fish Bowls

Any fish bowl can be a decorative fish bowl, as they can be used as simple containers or home décor. Many experts discourage fish enthusiasts from using fish bowls to keep actual pets in, because they can be too small and restraining for the fish. Thus, some people decided to give their fish a better home, while still making great use of the previous fish bowl.

On many websites (especially the DIY ones), you can see quite a lot of projects you can do with your fishbowl to add it as a decoration to your home. They can be used as potpourri, plant terrariums, or basic jars and vases.

Desktop Fish Bowls

Desktop fish bowls are the ones where you can keep some pet fish in. Some are larger, which are great homes for single, small fish. Aside from keeping you company, they also add some color and life on your desktop. Need to take a break and relax? Just sit and enjoy your break time with your pet in its cozy desktop fish bowl!

Wall-Mounted Fish Bowls

Lastly, wall-mounted fish bowls are hung on walls. However, they can be quite too small and unsafe for fish, especially since some fish can easily just jump out of it. They are great for keeping aquatic plants or sea-themed decorations, and they do not take up any space on your tables, mantels, or home office desks!

Why Do You Need a Fish Bowl?

There are two main reasons for wanting a fish bowl: design and company. Fish bowls can be made into many things in your home. You can paint over them to match the other artwork in your home. If you’re not that kind of artist, you can make some potpourri or floral decorations to have some life and greenery in your room!

Furthermore, they are great during Halloween when the children come knocking up your door. Place some candy in the bowl and avoid the mess of having to look around for the candy you just bought!

Because of their versatility, fish bowls also make great wedding gifts. With a classy-enough fish bowl, newly-weds will surely thank you for this wonderful gift, as they have the capacity to choose what they can do with it in their home. They can have it as a candy container, a jar, a vase, or a simple home decoration!

Undoubtedly, fish make great pets as they are very quiet and only need feeding and regular maintenance. The maintenance for a fish bowl is only at least twice or thrice a week, compared to other pets that require cleaning up after. You can do your own thing while it can simply swim around and do its own thing, allowing you to focus on your tasks. However, they are still a big responsibility despite being small.

Frequently Asked Questions


What can live in a fish bowl?

The quickest answer to this question is plants. As mentioned above, experts discourage the use of fishbowl to contain fish because they are too small and restraining. There is not enough space for the fish to thrive. Maintenance of the fish bowl can also stress the fish out as you would have to transfer it when you do. If you want to keep a fish in a fish bowl, make sure it is spacious enough and that only one fish life in it, as some breeds can be quite territorial.

Shrimp can also live in fish bowls, but there should not be too many of them. Just like fish, they, too, require ample space to swim around and make a shelter. They will also require constant maintenance as they excrete wastes just as much as fish do.

How to set up a Betta fish bowl?

As much as possible, try not to have Betta fish live in a fish bowl, as the breed is used to living in big spaces. However, if there is no other option, experts recommend placing plants in the fish bowl because that is where the Betta can hide in, as they are very shy fish. The setup is mostly the same for other fish, where there is some gravel at the bottom and some aquatic plants at the side.

For their filters, you must choose one that is not too strong or one that has an adjustable flow rate, otherwise the Betta will get sucked in the filter and have their beautiful, flowy fins damaged.

How often do you clean a fish bowl?

The answer depends on how much waste your pet excretes. Some recommend changing 100% of the fish bowl water at least once every week. However, if the water looks too dirty and mucky, you may need to change it as soon as possible, disregarding the once-a-week schedule.

Where to buy a fish bowl?

There are many places you can buy a fish bowl from. Local pet stores or aquariums tend to sell quality fish bowls. Some department stores or malls may also sell fish bowls as home décor or containers. The most convenient place to find fish bowls are on the internet. They come from the manufacturers themselves, and when it is received with some damages, it may be replaced by the company after messaging them. You can also buy these fish bowls in online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.


Whether as home décor or as fish shelters, fish bowls are great additions to any home for their many purposes. To add some greenery to your home, simply use the fish bowl as terrarium for exotic plants, or use it as potpourri. To have some additional company and entertainment in your home, use it as a pet shelter! However, you should also take into consideration that these animals need ample space to thrive, so it would be best to keep their numbers limited. Whatever you do with your newly purchased fish bowl, make sure you get only the best out of it, by purchasing only the best fish bowl in the market. Buy among the best fish bowls today!

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