The Best Catfish Food of 2021


Catfish is a great tank fish, allowing you and your loved ones to witness their simple and peaceful lives. It’s easy to take care of because it doesn’t require much maintenance and attention. Their habits are also easy to understand, so catfish can be for you if you’re busy and do not have much time to maintain your tank. If you liked taking care of catfish, you should consider feeding as one of the most important tasks to do. That’s why it’s crucial that you choose the best catfish food to offer your pets with a well-balanced diet. Let’s get started in the following.

What is the Best Catfish Food

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Top 7 Best Catfish Foods Review

1. Tetra Pro Plecowafers food for Catfish


The Tetra Algae Wafers is our top pick because it is easy to feed and catfish loves its flavor and taste. Aside from that, these wafers can offer a daily complete and balanced diet for bottom feeders that include plecos.

It is an easy to digest formulation that enhances nutrient absorption. It is also by Tetra, which is one of the most known among fish food brands for tank keepers. This fish food is also an excellent food for bottom feeders. You can also choose it if you want to offer your pets with a veggie variety that is infused with health-giving ProCare blend.

However, some users reported of cloudiness issues in the water. Overall, I liked that this catfish food is nutritionally-balanced and offers a complete diet. It is also by a reputable brand and is designed with ProCare blend technology for promoting fish health.


  • Nutritionally balanced and complete diet
  • Excellent for bottom feeders
  • Extrusion technology
  • Reputable brand
  • Health enhancing ProCare blend


  • Water cloudiness issues

2. Sera 508 Catfish Chips


These chips by SERA is another choice for tank keepers that want to keep their catfish happy and healthy. This variety is offered at 13.4 ounces, which is economical and practical, if you’re the busy type that does not want to buy pet food often. The formulation also comes with wood for added form and nutrition. Also, these crisps are ideal for species like the plecos and Ancistrus.

I also liked that it can stay in shape for a long time, so it does not pollute the water as much as the others do. It can also be consumed slowly to meet their natural feeding habits.

However, there were reports that the fish food could pollute the water. But then, the catfish food is highly-recommended by many tank keepers because it can stay in shape for a long time and is designed with a balanced composition for complete diet.


  • Designed and made with wood
  • Can stay in shape for a long time
  • Balanced composition
  • Promotes vitality and health
  • Ideal for Ancistrus and plecos


  • Issues about polluting the water

3. Hikari Usa Inc Catfish Food


Hikari Usa is another catfish food to consider because it offers superior benefits and a complete nutrition. It is also designed for the needs of many carnivorous fish. It does not pose any threats when it comes to bacteria or parasite transfer, which is an issue with live foods. Hikari Usa Inc Catfish Food has everything that you need for your fish’s health.

This food also comes in the form of a porous pellet. It can soften rapidly due to its ability to absorb water fast. Its nugget size can also satisfy your catfish because it also allows the pet food to retain its shape. More so, I liked that it does not pollute or cloud the water.

However, it smells bad that it might annoy you and your pets. Overall, though, the fish food is in a pellet form and nugget size. It can soften quickly so that it can satisfy the hunger of your pets. This formulation also promotes a balanced and complete nutrition for your catfish.


  • Extra-large nugget
  • Can soften fast
  • Does not pollute the water
  • Excellent packaging
  • Reputable brand


  • Smells terrible

4. Hikari Sinking Wafers food for Catfish


The Hikari Fish Food is another consideration when shopping around for a catfish food because it is nutritious and scientifically-proven. It can promote optimal health and immune system of your pets.

I also liked that it has a unique disc shape and small size, accommodating the needs of different bottom feeders. This fish food is also ideal for small and large fish alike because of its ability to soften gradually.

However, the catfish food might cloud and pollute the water. But then, the sinking wafers is one of the best choices for a catfish food because it can promote immune system and health of your pets. It is also with high vegetable matter content and has a unique disc shape.


  • Can be easily swallowed even by small fish
  • Can support excellent health and immune system
  • Unique disc shape
  • Ideal also for Corydoras catfish, bottom feeders and loaches
  • High vegetable matter content


  • Might pollute the water

5. Aqueon Shrimp Pellets Food for Catfish


Are you looking for pellet catfish food? If so, you might want to check out this Aqueon Shrimp Pellets Fish Food. For one, the shrimp pellets are with a delightful taste that catfish loves. It is designed and blended with only attractive aromas and flavors so that feeding will be easier.

The shrimp pellets are also perfect for daily feeding. You will not also have a hard time giving it to your catfish. In addition, I liked that the pellets are highly digestible, ensuring that our pets will get the nutrition they need for optimal health.

This fish food is also a nutritious treat for goldfish, saltwater fish and tropical fish. It is also for bottom feeding fish, catfish and loaches.

However, some catfish doesn’t like it, according to some tank keepers. But overall, it is an excellent choice for its nutrition and delicious taste.


  • Excellent for daily feeding
  • Delightful aroma and flavor
  • Highly digestible pellets
  • Easy to feed
  • Ideal for bottom feeders


  • Some catfish do not like it.

6. Wardley Fish Food for Bottom and Algae Eaters


When choosing fish food, you must pick one that is high in protein to make sure of your tank friend’s normal and healthy growth. One of the highly-recommended offers on the market is this Wardley fish food, which is packed with protein for optimal nutrition and development of your catfish and other tank friends.

Also, I liked that it is with vitamin C, which can boost and support their immune system so that they will prevent catching disease. I’d also like to recommend this fish food because it is a sinking pellet that works especially for bottom feeders. This Wardley sinking fish food is also in an easy-to-store and convenient jar, too.

On the downside, there were reports about it creating mess in the water, though. However, most feedbacks were positive, revealing the quality of these sinking pellets.


  • No added dyes
  • Supports immune system
  • Promotes better health
  • Developed with high amounts of protein
  • Sinking pellets for bottom feeders


  • Issues about cloudiness in the water

7. API Catfish Food Pellets


If you’re looking to feed your catfish with a delicious and nutritious food, you should consider these API Fish Food PELLETS. It is formulated not only to have a balanced nutrition but also with water cleanliness in mind.

I’d also like to note that this food is with shrimp pellet, seaweed and mussel for an excellent taste and added nutrition. It is also well-formulated for quick absorption of the nutrients. These pellets are also perfect for other types of fish, including tetra, cichlids, angelfish and betta.

However, not all catfish would like it, but the consensus among tank keepers was that this API Fish Food is one of the best that they have fed their fish for its high protein content and easy to digest and absorb form.


  • Promotes clean and clear water
  • Reduces toxic ammonia in the water
  • Easy to digest and absorb
  • Optimal protein source
  • Perfect for bottom feeders


  • Not all catfish would like it

Catfish Food Buying Guide


Before researching on the different catfish food, we have figured out the most important considerations to compare the varying items on the market. Let’s get started in the following for choosing an excellent catfish food.

At the very least, catfish food is a combination of pellets, dried foods and algae. If you would like to complete its nutrition, you can also include live food in the diet of your fish. However, it can also be ideal if you would add commercial food in the diet of your catfish. A few of these are as those we’ve highlighted in the guide earlier. Get started in the comparison process using the above reviews for your reference.

In addition, you might want to consider giving your tank friends with no filler and no artificial color foods. Or else, artificial colors might contaminate and pollute the water. It might affect the health of your fish, too. You might also have to clean the tank more often. As much as possible, you should go for foods without artificial colorings to prevent the polluting of the water and ensure safety of your pets.

Feeding frequency is another consideration in buying catfish food. You must not add too much food to the tank. Otherwise, it will remain at the bottom and pollute the water. It will also lead to the frequent cleaning of the tank. Your fish might also produce more waste if you overfeed them. Thus, you must check and read the label to find out how much to feed your fish with the food you have chosen.

Finally, the catfish food to buy should be by a reputable brand, ensuring it is made with only quality and no filler ingredients. It is also to have peace of mind that the food is designed and formulated for balanced nutrition.

Types of Catfish Food

What are the different types of catfish food? Most beginners who are new to catfish food ask, “What do catfish eat?” Well, it’s a great place to start if you want to grow happy and healthy catfish in your tank. At the very least, you can find many types of foods in the local pet shops in your community. In addition, you can find organic and live food in some of them. But nevertheless, you must consider buying a protein-rich food that will help your fish to grow well.

On the other hand, you can find sinking and floating feed. As their name suggest, the floating feed remains floating in the water, but the sinking feed sinks after you throw them in the water.

Forms of food can be pellet, wafers/flakes and many others. While they come in different shapes and sizes, quality catfish food is designed with balanced nutrients for the growth, development and health of your pets. It is why you should pay attention to what you’re feeding your fishes.

So, aside from commercial foods, you can also give them live food, like duckweed. It is high in nutrition, including in nutrients like lysine, amino acids, and methionine. You can give duckweed to your fish for added nutrition.

Nevertheless, you can make or buy your catfish food. It will also be better if you combine a wide range of foods into their diets for variety and added nutrients. Thus, you can give them a combination of natural, homemade, and commercial food.

Why Do You Need Catfish Food?

As a responsible catfish owner, you only want nothing but excellent nutrition for your tank friends. It is why you need to select a high-quality feed for them. You can combine natural, homemade and commercial food to ensure that they can get complete nutrition. It allows them to grow and thrive and healthily. In the following are some of the benefits to get for feeding them with quality pet food.

Balanced and complete nutrition

One of the main reasons to feed your catfish with an excellent feed is its complete and balanced combination of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and protein. These foods are also scientifically formulated, meaning they’re carefully studied and tested to be safe and nutritious for your catfish.

Easy to feed

Pellets, wafers and other forms of catfish foods are available. They are proven tested for easy feeding. For instance, some pellets are made with pores so that they can soften easily and make them ideal even for large fish. They are also great even for small fish because they are easy to digest for optimal nutrition.

Reputable brands

Like those brands featured earlier, they are trusted in the category, ensuring their commitment to the quality of their offerings. You might want to start with the selection process using the above products by reputable brands for the health and wellness of your pets.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular catfish food brands?

There are many brands of catfish food on the market, but not all of them are trusted to offer quality, no filler and non-toxic foods for your pets. That is why it is important that you also choose among popular catfish food brands before adding a product to the cart. A few of these include Tetra, Sera and Hikari USA, among the rest featured earlier.

How long can a catfish live without food?

Some tank keepers live their fish without food for a couple of days. Most fishes can go long without any food. But then, you might want to prepare if you’re going away for a longer time, say for a vacation. Ideally, it is only about two to three days that fish can survive without food.

Other sources also say that healthy fish can survive without food for seven days or two weeks. However, take caution because no one can really tell. You should not leave your fish without provision for food for a long time if you don’t want them harmed.

How much food should I feed catfish?

The amount of food to feed your catfish relies on some factors, but in general, you should not overfeed your fish. Otherwise, they will produce much waste, causing much pollution in the water.

  • For fingerling, feed them twice daily with food at most four grams.
  • Six to 10 grams for post-juvenile fish, once daily, but only once a day for fish above juvenile
  • Once or twice daily for post-fingerlings with food between four and six grams

Where to buy catfish food?

You can buy catfish food from sources including pet shops and fish supplies stores. These foods are also available in the manufacturer websites and online marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon. Finally, you can also find them in Walmart and other places.


Catfish isn’t hard to feed. In fact, they appreciate different types of foods, natural and commercial ones. However, it is best that you combine a variety of foods into their diet to ensure optimal health and nutrition. For excellent results, you might also want to include the best catfish food into their feeds. It excels in protein, minerals and vitamins and has a delightful aroma and flavor.

To help you select the right one, you can start with the comparison using our buying guide earlier. Pick among these top products by reputable brands because they are ensured of quality and nutrition for your pets. Buy the right catfish food today!

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