The Best Aquarium Co2 Regulators of 2021


The best aquarium Co2 regulators are important for making sure that your tank environment will be suitable for your fish. They can ensure that your planted tank will have sufficient levels of Co2. Not enough of Co2 will kill your plants and excessive levels of it will kill your fish. Bad Co2 levels will also promote the growth of algae. You can avoid these problems from happening by using a carbon dioxide regulator. However, you might find it overwhelming to choose one. We’ve prepared a buying guide to help you pick the right one.

What is the Best Aquarium Co2 Regulator

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Top 6 Best Aquarium Co2 Regulators Reviews

1. VIVOSUN Hydroponics CO2 Regulator for Aquarium


The VIVOSUN Hydroponics CO2 Regulator is one of the top picks on the market because of its cool features. This product works effectively in regulating the level of carbon dioxide in your planted tank. Using it, you can have peace of mind that your plants will get enough supply of Co2 while also regulating its level to ensure your fish will not die.

This model is made of brass materials, which can ensure lasting for years. Thus, you don’t have to replace it often unlike other models. It also has multiple applications, including for grow tents, indoor grow rooms, hydroponics, and greenhouses.

I also like that it comes with a complete set of components, including a flow gauge, a precision regulator, five meters of dispensing tubing, and others. Overall, this unit lets you keep the right Co2 levels for optimal growth of your plants and health of your fish.


  • Made of durable brass to serve you for years
  • Ideal dimensions, not bulky
  • Comes complete with accessories
  • Maintains the correct levels of carbon dioxide
  • Suitable for grow tents, grow rooms, and greenhouses, and hydroponics


  • Can be tricky to install for first timers

2. Titan Controls CO2 Regulator for Aquarium


If you’re shopping around for a Co2 regulator for your tank, you might want to check out this Titan Controls Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Regulator, which comes with excellent features. This model offers accurate flow meter between 0.5 to 15 SCF per hour.

It also has a durable solenoid valve to ensure that it will not break or be damaged easily. In addition, I recommend this product for its oil-less pressure gauge, which requires fewer maintenance than other products in the same category. Plus, the Titan Controls regulator comes with two plastic tank washers along with 12 feet of a carbon dioxide dispensing line.

Overall, I recommend the Titan Controls regulator for its complete accessories, effectiveness, and quality. It is also easy to use and maintain. Check it out for yourself.


  • Durable and dependable for long lasting use
  • Precision flow meter
  • Less maintenance oil-less pressure gauge
  • Quality and high-performance solenoid valve
  • Compatible with other controllers and timers


  • Some missing parts

3. FZONE Aquarium Co2 Regulator


FZONE is another reputable brand to check out when considering a new or replacement carbon dioxide regulator. It is trusted by consumers worldwide for its efficiency and reliability. I like that it has a dual large gauge, which makes it more effective. This feature also allows easier reading of your cylinder’s interior and working pressure.

This model also promotes a safer and more stable options for its 12 DC split-type solenoid. Besides, it comes with a bubble counter and all tools for easy installation and operation.

However, it can be tricky to use for first timers, though. Overall, the FZONE regulator is one of the most reliable Co2 regulators around for its complete tools and bubble counter. It is also with a dual gauge for more efficiency.


  • Dual large gauge makes it more effective
  • Safer and more stable for its 12 DC split type solenoid
  • Prevents leak for its upgraded sealing material
  • Comes with all tools and bubble counter
  • Promotes health of the fish and plants


  • Can be tricky to use for first timers

4. AQUATEK CO2 Regulator Mini


Are you looking for a sleek and compact yet effective regulator? Check out this mini AQUATEK CO2 Regulator! I find it useful in controlling the level of Co2 in your tank, promoting the health and well-being of your plants and fish.

I also like this regulator for its precision needle valve that works well in fine tuning the release of Co2. This model also comes with a bubble counter along with a built-in check valve. This product can also work well with many atomizers and diffusers. It also works compatibly with gas lines measuring from ¼ to 3/16 inches and tubing. You can also have peace of mind that it’s made of heavy-duty materials, including its electronic cabling. Lastly, you will love that it doesn’t take much space for its compact design.

You also do not need any adapter nor any assembly, but you have to take note that the paintball tank isn’t included here. So before using the regulator, you should buy a paintball Co2 tank. I also like the solenoid design, which stays cool and has an industrial design.


  • Comes with an integrated bubble counter and a check valve
  • Designed with a needle valve to fine tune Co2 release
  • Cool to the touch solenoid design
  • Does not take up much space for its sleek design
  • Heavy-duty electronic cabling


  • Valve needs adjustment for the accurate bubble count

5. DoubleSun Aquarium CO2 Regulator with Dual Gauge Display


This Aquarium CO2 Regulator is another consideration if you’re looking for an easy to install and operate, adding to its convenience of use. I also notice that this model is with a dual-gauge display and bubble counter that makes it more efficient. Besides, I like that it is built with a topnotch material, ensuring its long-lasting use and heavy-duty performance.

In addition, I like that it is designed with a small and dual gauge display, allowing you to read your settings correctly. Also, this model is versatile because of its inlet connection that is suitable for many carbon dioxide tank brands. You also don’t need to buy the accessories to install because it comes with a tightening tool, an extra seal ring, and so many more.


  • Dual gauge and easy to read display
  • CGA320 inlet can fit many carbon dioxide tank
  • Can help create growing conditions
  • Includes a tightening tool
  • Easy installation and operation


  • Quality control issues

6. S.T. International Aquarium Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator


If you’re looking for an efficient, durable regulator that can maintain the right level of carbon dioxide in your tank, you might want to check out the S.T. Rolden Professional CO2 Regulator. This is designed with user ease in mind that it has a quickly adjustable decompression pressure gauge, providing an accurate and stable CO2 output.

I also recommend this unit if you are looking for an energy-efficient and highly-effective Co2 regulator, and that is thanks to its solenoid magnetic valve. You can also have peace of mind for its quiet operation and ability to stay cool. This product also received International Patent and CE and PSE certification and approval that can ensure its safety.

It is costly, however. Still, it is one of the most reliable and highest quality materials. You will get the most of your spending with this Co2 regulator.


  • Easy to adjust pressure gauge
  • Energy efficient and less noise
  • Designed and made for long-term use
  • Made of topnotch materials
  • Works quietly and effectively


  • Expensive

Aquarium Co2 Regulator Buying Guide

Looking for the right Co2 regulator for your tank can be tricky without checking certain features that it must possess for efficiency, safety, and quality. To choose one, here are some things to remember.

Easy operation

The regulator must not require much work to set up and operate. The good thing is that quality regulators are straightforward to operate and fine-tuning for the ideal Co2 amount.

Easy to read gauges

You must choose one that will let you read the gauges quickly for added convenience. Check out one of those regulators that we’ve reviewed here to get started.


You should also check that the unit is made of quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance of your regulator. Avoid those with parts that easily break. You might want to check out reviews for feedback from users to learn about the durability of a regulator’s components. Some excellent materials, include stainless-steel and brass.


The kit to buy must include all the accessories for installation you need so that you can quickly set it up.

Dual stage system

Two regulators into one unit is a great feature that quality products possess. When comparing your options, check for this important factor. It will prevent variations because of changing PSI in your tank, offering a level of protection. While single-stage systems are affordable, they are not as reliable as the dual stage models are.


When comparing your choices, ensure to check the compatibility of the regulator for different cylinders if you plan using it for certain tanks.

These are the most important factors to consider when buying a Co2 regulator. Take your time and weigh your options closely. Get started in the selection process using the buying guide and reviews we’ve shared. Ultimately, choose one that can offer you with the features that you’re looking for in this product.

What is an AquariumCo2 Regulator?


This product can help maintain the proper levels of Co2 in your tank. Using it, you can ensure the health and safety of your fish and plants. With this regulator, you can have peace of mind that algae will not also grow and thrive in your tank. Nevertheless, it is one of the most important accessories to have if you own a planted fish tank.

How Does AquariumCo2 Regulator Work?

Using the regulator, you can introduce Co2 in your tank. it works by converting the pressure coming from the bottle to a more useable and lower pressure. It offers plenty of benefits to tank owners, especially in terms of the health and well-being of fish and plants.

With it, fish and plants can exist in the tank and have a well-balanced life. For the plants, it can help in ensuring that the plants will flourish and grow well using the carbon dioxide being exhaled by fish. The fish, on the other hand, will feed on the plant matter and live under or in the plants in your tank. So, having a regulator, you can ensure that your tank plants and fish will thrive and grow together harmoniously because it can ensure that there is not too little or too much Co2 in the tank.

In addition, these regulators work by preventing the growth and development of algae in the tank. Thus, you can have peace of mind that your fish will have a quality life with the healthy living condition in the tank. Your fish will not also suffer from infection or die due to algae growth. Without even saying, the Co2 regulator for an aquarium works for the benefit of your fish and tank plants, and it does it straightforwardly.

Types of Co2 Regulators

In terms of operation, you can find two types of carbon dioxide regulators – the single-stage and the dual-stage pressure relief systems. Remember that as the liquefied CO2 in your cylinder decreases, a regulator’s delivery pressure will increase due to the remaining CO2 being in gas form, which can exert a lower opposing pressure. When this happens, there can be an imbalance that can lead to the end of the carbon dioxide tank dump.

In this case, the dual-stage pressure relief works by ensuring that the pressure coming from the tank is the same as its content is being delivered into the tank even if the remaining CO2 is in gas form. Without even saying, the dual-stage valve works by reducing the pressure twice to provide a better control over the dump of the CO2 in your tank. While the single-stage regulator is also useful, it does require some supervision towards your cylinder’s end. So, in this case, you must refill the cylinder immediately to prevent it from becoming empty.

Without even saying, you must have realized by now that a dual-stage pressure relief is far more dependable than the other is. You might want to choose this option when considering a new or replacement regulator on the market. While a dual-stage system may be more expensive, it might be the better choice if you’re looking for one that can be used for the long-haul and that will offer you with more benefits.

After all, it is the life and health of your tank plants and fish that matter. You might as well buy a CO2 regulator that can work better in ensuring a more efficient operation.

Why Do You Need Co2 Regulator?

This tank equipment helps in keeping your tank plants and fish healthy. It plays an important role in maintaining suitable levels of carbon dioxide in your tank. With a regulator, you can have peace of mind that your plants will also grow well and thrive unlike without it.

More so, the regulator works by preventing the growth of algae that happens due to high levels of CO2. Too much carbon dioxide affects the life of your plants because they cannot use the carbon dioxide and outcompete the algae in the tank. Also, high levels of CO2 can also kill your pets because it can suffocate them. They will not also have enough oxygen to live.

You need a regulator to prevent the growth of algae, too. Without it, there will be an unhealthy environment in your tank, which can lead to infection and diseases of your fish. That’s not all because algae can also affect plant life, as mentioned earlier.

Nevertheless, the CO2 regulator is a valuable equipment that you need for your tank to keep your plants and fish healthy. To get started in the selection process, refer to the buying guide we’ve shared above. Check for one that offers you with the features you’re looking for in a carbon dioxide regulator.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to use co2 regulator aquarium?

Installing the regulator can be pretty straightforward. The first step is to consider the operation of your regulator. It will also help to refer to the user manual for any specific manufacturer instructions on its installation. Next, check that your regulator can work with the cartridge. Attach the regulator. Next, use the tube that comes with your unit if the package you bought comes with it. Use it to link the air outlet and then to the check valve and diffuser. Based on the tank you are using, position the diffuser in the correct spot. If you have a drop checker, you can start attaching it.

How to clean a co2 regulator?

It is a great thing that such an equipment is not hard to clean, maintain, and store. You do not also have to clean it daily, but just once a month in general. You can check if it needs cleaning by inspecting the regulator. A sign that cleaning is needed is if you cannot read the gauges because of dust and debris.

Cleaning it will be easy, too. You only need a clean and soft cloth for gentle cleaning. If it needs a heavier cleaning, you can use a few drops of bleach. It will also be great if you store it in a clean and cool place. Before storage, you must wrap or put it in a case to prevent its damage.

Where to buy co2 regulator aquarium?

There are many places where you could buy this tank equipment. In your community, you can find them in pet shops and aquarium supplies stores. Online, you can also find them in the websites of the manufacturers and in online stores focused in selling tank supplies and accessories. Finally, you can also find one in online marketplaces that offer a huge selection on this product. Examples are Amazon and eBay. Nevertheless, you can look for and buy a regulator from many sources. You just need to study and weigh your options well to get the most of your purchase.


What are the best aquarium CO2 regulators? We’re hoping that this buying guide has shed light on this matter through these reviews and things to know about such equipment. Without even saying, check for one that is made of durable and robust materials to ensure it can serve you for the years to come and will stay functional even with heavy use. Overall, you should not just base your decision on the price of the product but on its important features, such as maintenance, installation, components, and operation, to name some. If you’re ready, get started comparing your choices and determine which CO2 regulator can work best for your plants and tank friends.

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