The Best Aquarium Carpet Plants of 2021


Are you feeling that something is missing in your new tank? But you’re thinking, it’s not the decoration or the fish. If you want to add life into your tank and make it looking more vibrant, you should consider the best aquarium carpet plants that can add beauty into your lovely aquarium.

However, you might be having a hard time thinking about which to choose because there are just too many of these ornamental plants. Worry not, as we’ve prepared a buying guide with the top eight picks of colorful and vibrant carpet plants. And for additional reference, we’ve discussed the things to check when looking for a carpet plant.

What is the Best Aquarium Carpet Plant

Top 8 Best Aquarium Carpet Plants Reviews

1. Dwarf Baby Tears – Hemianthus Callitrichoides


Greenpro is a trusted carpet plant brand. Over the years, it’s been the go-to name for tank owners looking for quality and lovey carpet plants. We find these dwarf baby tears some of their best offerings to date.

The carpet plant is ready to grow upon arrival. It is also not hard to maintain, so beginners will love it. the dwarf baby tears can also offer more life to your tank because of their bright green leaves that can spread all over the tank.

I’d also like to note that it could improve water clarity and quality because it can prevent the growth and development of algae. Plus, the plants can improve oxygen supply in the tank. It is a great news to tank owners because it benefits their fish.

On the downside, there were a couple of reports saying that their plants arrived mushy, brownish, and not at top conditions.


  • Live and adds oxygen to the water
  • Reduces algae growth
  • Easy to grow and maintain
  • Improves filtration and water clarity
  • Underwent sterilization to ensure no pest and disease


  • Some plants arriving brownish and mushy

2. Java Moss


Live aquarium plants are excellent additions to any tank because they don’t just add color and improve aesthetics, but also improve water condition and clarity. If you would like to beautify and at the same time make your tank a healthier place to live, you can check out this java moss by Aquarium Live Water Plants.

Also, I liked that this plant doesn’t need a special light, including a high-intensity light, but then, you can use it in different freshwater tanks. The java moss also provides added security to the tank because it can offer hideouts.

However, some quality control issues were reported about the java moss, but these reports were not the most feedbacks. Many customers revealed how they loved this plant into their tank for benefits, including improved water quality and tank appearance.


  • Easy to grow and maintain
  • Can improve water quality and clarity
  • Reduces the growth of algae
  • Can offer a hiding place to small fish
  • Makes a lovelier aquarium


  • Quality control issues

3. Micro Sword


The Micro Sword Live Plant is another consideration when choosing carpet plants for an aquarium because of reasons, like easy growing and maintenance and quality culture. This live plant by Aquarium Plants Discounts is also

You can also choose it if you have a freshwater aquarium if you want it to have natural resting or hiding places for your fish, especially for the smaller ones as well as invertebrates.

However, this plant might suffer in an extreme weather, so avoid ordering it during a cold or hot weather. Overall, the live plant is one of the most beautiful pieces that you can add to your tank for its striking appearance. It is also easy to grow and maintain, as it also doesn’t need high-intensity lighting.


  • Works well for freshwater aquariums
  • Fast-growing plant
  • Doesn’t need intense lighting
  • Ideal even for beginners
  • Low maintenance


  • Can suffer hard in the extreme weather

4. Dwarf Hairgrass


If you love how a Dwarf Hairgrass appears, this one by Greenpro is one of the top choices available for its features, including suitability for many freshwater tanks. When looking for tank plant, the Dwarf Hairgrass is also one to consider because it is not hard to grow and maintain, especially if you’re new to the hobby of tank keeping.

The plant has also undergone sterilization to ensure that it’s not carrying any pest or algae. It is also with high quality to ensure it will grow healthily.

However, one thing that might need improvement is on the instructions. Lack of information is available on things like how to separate the plant without damaging it. Overall, though, this plant is one of those not to miss when looking for a carpet plant.


  • Improves water quality
  • Makes water clearer
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Easy to plant and grow


  • Lack of information on how to separate without damaging

5. Micranthemum


Greenpro is a reputable brand that ensures quality of its offerings, and certainly, one of their top-quality products is the Micranthemum Monte Carlo. The live plant is an excellent alternative if you don’t like the dwarf baby tears. I loved that this one has bigger and brighter leaves. It can make the tank look more appealing and can create a more natural environment for your fish.

I also recommend it for those that want a carpet plant that you can readily cut and plant into small portions. It can grow readily on driftwood or substrate of your choice.

However, it might arrive melted during an extreme weather condition, though. But overall, this plant is one of the top picks among tank keepers that want to make their aquarium looking more vibrant and alive.


  • Fresh and quality live plant
  • Free from pest and snail
  • Can create and form a carpet fast
  • Easy to plant, grow and spread
  • Reputable brand


  • Might arrived half melted depending on the weather condition

6. Staurogyne


This tissue cultured Staurogyne Repens is another foreground plant that you can check out if you are looking to create a lovely carpeting for your tank. It is a top-rated choice among people that want to ensure that their carpet plant will grow and thrive well.

I also recommend this plant no matter the size of your aquarium because it is compact and hardy to survive. Finally, it is for you if you’re a beginner in tank keeping because it is compact and hardy. It is not a sensitive plant that requires much maintenance, too.

However, some complaints revealed that the leaves were melting away even with light and nutrients. But then, these reports were isolated cases, because most customers revealed positive feedbacks for this plant. You might want to check it out for yourself if you want a tissue-cultured and beautiful carpet plant.


  • Tissue-cultured
  • Can form a green carpet easily and quickly
  • Beautiful and rare plant
  • Hardy and compact



  • Complaints about leaves melting away

7. Taiwan Moss


Do you want to build a happy place for your fish? Add this Taiwan moss into your tank decoration. One of the things I liked about this moss is that it offers a hiding place for small fish, like tetras and catfish. It is also ideal for fry and shrimps that want to avoid the naughty betta fish.

This plant is rare and can be a conducive surface for beneficial bacteria to grow. Finally, I liked that it can thrive on virtually all hard surfaces.

However, there were a couple of reports about quality control issues, though. Overall, though, it is one of the best when it comes to carpeting, no matter the size of your tank. It can also offer an excellent hiding place to small fishes and shrimps.


  • Offers a hiding place for shrimps and small fishes
  • Can make a lovely carpet
  • Easy to plant and maintain
  • Rare and beautiful aquarium plant
  • Ideal for different tanks


  • Quality control issues

8. Fissidens fontanus


This Fissidens fontanus is another not to forget on your list when looking for a live tank plant because it offers plenty of benefits, including a striking, lovely aquarium. The Aquarium Live Water Plants can grow and thrive no matter the water condition, giving you peace of mind that they will not die but thrive to create a nice carpet in your tank.

This plant doesn’t also require much maintenance because it has moderate growth rate unlike other plants. More so, it doesn’t need special light settings or any high-intensity light. You can also keep them in freshwater fish tank.

However, you might receive it green or brownish green. The color will depend on the weather. Overall, though, it is one of the best plants for carpeting because it can grow in many conditions and is beginner-friendly. It is also by a trusted brand and is ideal for hiding or foraging spots for small fishes.


  • Easy to grow in many conditions
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Doesn’t require high lighting
  • Trusted brand
  • Ideal foraging or hiding spots for small fish


  • Depending on the weather, you might receive it green or brownish green

Aquarium Carpet Plants Buying Guide

Hobbyists looking to set up a lovely overall aquarium environment creates a carpeted tank. And why not? Planting carpet plants into the tank will make it look more alive and natural. These carpet plants can also offer perfect hiding places, especially for invertebrates and small fish. Successfully planting them, you can achieve a lovely looking aquarium. To get started, check out the following for tips on how to choose carpet plants.

Live plants

As much as possible, it is best to choose live plants because they can offer more than just aesthetic benefits. For one, they can improve water clarity and quality, eventually improving the living conditions of your fish, too.

Fast growing

Another thing to think about when choosing carpet plants is their growth rate. That’s why you should check that the plant you’re choosing can grow at a fast rate. But if you don’t want much hassle, you can also consider using plants that do not need high-intensity lighting.

However, you can also add CO2 and light in the case of some plants. These elements will help them become compact and develop better foreground.

Free from pest, snail, disease and algae

Check that the plant you’re buying are from brands using only advanced facilities and updated tissue culture labs to ensure that the plants do not have disease and other problems that can harm your tank.

Ready out of the box

Excellent sellers consider the convenience of their customers. Many offer their live plants, which are ready to grow onto substrate, rock, and others. Check this when comparing your options for the best results.


To ensure that your carpet plants grow compactly, you need to trim them, more often if they grow fast. In general, they need trimming every 10 days.

Consider these things when weighing your options so that you can decide better. If you’re a beginner, pick an easy to grow and maintain live plant and one that requires less maintenance.

What is an Aquarium Carpet Plant?


Carpet plants are as their name say. They create a carpet by establishing themselves along your tank’s substrate. In the end, they form a carpet that can make a strikingly looking environment. It is why many tank owners decorate their tanks with carpet plants. Some of them need high lighting, while others can thrive even with low lighting.

Types of Aquarium Carpet Plants

What are the types of carpet plants? When choosing a plant for carpeting, you must also consider the type that you will use. For one, you can find low light plants. For beginners, it is ideal to look for low light plants because they are easy to grow and doesn’t require high intensity light. One example is Staurogyne Repens, which is a common choice among beginners.

They can offer maximum algae control and are ideal for newbie tank owners. For the best results, you can add nutrients, including CO2 and iron, into the water occasionally. For maintenance, you might have to do occasional trimming of tall shoots that you can replant to spread the carpet.

Another example is Dwarf Sagittaria that demands low to medium light. It requires no CO2 and is one of the most durable plants. It can grow and thrive even in a low light. This plant is also suitable for beginners.

This carpet plant is hardy and resilient against any disease and can grow with little maintenance. It can also grow over decorations and ornaments. Some benefits it offers include rooting into your tank quickly and coming at an affordable price. However, it might require more frequent trimming because it can grow fast.

Another beginner carpet plant is the dwarf baby tear, a foreground plant that can spread and fill your tank easily. It can form a low carpet that your small fish will appreciate. All you need is to divide the plant into small groups, and then plant it directly into your substrate. Micro Sword is another example. It is a slow growing plant used in forming a grass-like carpet. It can live well in tanks with low salt.

This list is not exhaustive, but it is a great way to have an idea on the types of plants for carpeting your tank. Nevertheless, different carpet plants might require different levels of lighting. You should check this when buying to set your expectations from the start.

Why Do You Need Aquarium Carpet Plants?

Striking beauty and elegance

One of the reasons to add carpet plants into your tank is their striking beauty. They can make your tank look livelier and more natural. For sure, your fish will love it! So, if you ever feel that your tank looks incomplete, carpet plants may be the solution. You can choose from one of the available plants reviewed earlier to compare and weigh your options well.

Adds life to your tank

These live plants also add life to your tank. They are not just eye-catchy, but they’re also supplying additional oxygen to your tank.

Adds hiding places for small fishes and invertebrates

Carpet plants also offer hiding places, especially for small fishes. They can also create a clearer and higher quality water in the tank for fish survival and growth, resulting to healthier and happier fish.

Easy to grow and maintain

These plants are also quick to grow and maintain. However, you should compare your options to ensure that what you’re selecting are not hard to grow, especially if you’re a beginner. Choose from one of those reviewed above because they are fast-growing and easy to maintain. Many also do not require high intensity lighting to grow and thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to grow a carpet plants in aquarium?

Carpeting plants can make your tank look better, so they’re becoming more popular for more hobbyists. But then, you should grow them properly to ensure that they will grow, thrive and spread. One of the first things to know is to find a good substrate, including fine gravel. On the other hand, you might also want to use tropical substrate/finer aqua soil because the roots of these carpet plants are short and small.

It is also important that you care for the plants properly. For example, some need some light to grow correctly. For the best results, it might be best that you give them six hours of light daily to speed up their growth. You also need to trim the plants to maintain their appearance. Some plants may require more maintenance than the others do.

How much lighting for aquarium carpet plants?

Many sources revealed that it’s best to supply them with up to six hours of lighting for a few weeks so that they can grow well. If you don’t know yet, some carpet plants will grow upwards than outwards without much light. It will ruin their lovely appearance, so see to it that you give them enough light.

Do carpet plants need co2?

Some plants require some nutrients, including CO2 and iron, to grow and thrive properly. It is why you should read the label or manufacturer directions to know if a certain plant needs CO2 or not. But now, you can grow plants easily and quickly without CO2.

Where to buy aquarium carpet plants?

You can buy these carpet plants on Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces. Alternatively, you can find them on the websites of the manufacturers. In your community, they’re also available in pet shops and fish supplies stores.


So, what are the best aquarium carpet plants? You can compare and weigh your options based on the reviews featuring the top picks in the category. Each of these carpet plants is with special quality, pros and cons, but nevertheless, they are from reputable sellers that offer satisfaction and peace of mind to their customers. For more help, you can refer to our buying guide on the types of carpet plants and some tips to remember when choosing these plants. You can also check out customer reviews for feedbacks and an idea on what plants gave them an easy or hard time. You might want to pick based on the brand, and as much as possible, choose a reputable one that offers their customers with satisfaction.

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