The Best Aquarium Backgrounds of 2021


Give your existing fish tank a breath of new life the cheapest way by putting in an aquarium background. You or your fishes wouldn’t want to be stuck with a plain, clear, and boring tank for months and years. Spice it up by looking for the best aquarium backgrounds and get some exciting vitality into your tank, room and fishes’ lives. Backgrounds for fish tanks are easy to procure and there are a lot of designs that you can incorporate. You can start with some plain and solid colors and eventually go 3D on the design. The options and possibilities are limitless.

What is the Best Aquarium Background

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Top 10 Best Aquarium Backgrounds Reviews

1. Hitop Double Sides Aquarium Background Picture


You’ll get more than what you pay for with the Hitop Double Sides Aquarium Background. You’ll be getting three different background designs all with double sides so you have a total of six options to choose from and use on your preference. You can replace it whenever you want to have a new look without having to purchase another aquarium background.

This background design that is fade resistant has a dimension of 15.5 by 31.5 inches so re-sizing it can be possible to fit your tank. There is more than enough space at the sides so you can customize it and make it fit your fish tank.

You will like how this background from Hitop features high definition pictures which can naturally enhance your aquarium and give it a beautiful appearance. It is a perfect way to hide the stains and the cablings that otherwise is unpleasant to the eyes.

And for the win, removal and replacement is easy and it leaves no residue or mark at all. It is pricier than the other backgrounds but worth it.

2. SPORN Aquarium Background Ocean Floor


With a size of 36 by 18 inches, this high definition aquarium background from SPORN is what’s missing from your fish tank. It helps you achieve that beautiful and lifelike display that will make you and your fishes happy.

The size gives you a lot of room to adjust so you can cut it to fit your aquarium. You can easily fit the sheet and at the same time hide all the clutter of wires and glass stains. Installing this aquarium background ocean floor is also easy given that this is a cling type background.

The application is hassle free and you can finish the installation in an hour or even less. Once you’ve set it to the correct size, spray the glass with water and you can proceed with the application. A squeegee comes in handy here so you can remove the air bubbles that might form. You don’t need any sort of adhesives. For a more realistic finish, it’s best to also this to all three sides of your fish tank.

If you think it is time for a new background, you’ll be very relieved knowing that this background does not leave any residue or scratches so a quick clean up can be done and you are ready for another SPORN aquarium background. You just must have the patience in removing the air bubbles as it can get quite challenging.

3. Aquarium Background Fish Tank Decorations Pictures 3D Effect PVC


You and your fishes would clearly enjoy these 3D aquarium background fish tank decorations. A plain background does wonders to make the tank look pleasantly appealing, what more if it in high definition 3D format? This will become your room’s center of attention because of how the detailed the background is. It will entice your guests to come closer and check your aquarium terrarium.

Its self-adhesive design makes it very practical. You don’t need to use any tapes, gel, or glue to make it stick. You just must follow and peel and stick process. An additional thumbs-up is given to this background because it is non-toxic, waterproof, and overall environment-friendly. This sticker is the missing element in making your aquarium one of a kind.

Amazing in appearance, you might some challenges with the installation process. It would be best to have a buddy help you out.

4. Fish Tank Background 2-Sided Blue or Black Deep Sea


Durable and the kind of background design that will hold up for years, this 2-sided background is classic and easy to match to your current aquarium. One side is black while the other side is blue, both great color choices when you are looking for a safe and practical fish tank wallpaper. The colors are deep, nice and solid.

With a dimension of 23.25 by 60 inches, this one fits most standard tanks and can easily be trimmed to tailor fit your tank. It is made of reliable and solid plastic so you can be sure that it can last for a while.

The installation is very easy too and there are a lot of approaches that you can adapt. You can use oil to get it set up at the back and just use a regular credit card to remove the air bubbles. You can also use just the regular dish soap that is mixed with water. The only snag is you are limited with just two-color choices.

5. Baosity PVC 3D Adhesive Poster Seawater Image


The Baosity PVC 3D adhesive poster seawater image is a perfect backdrop without making the tank too busy. This is made of high quality and non-toxic materials so you know that this is worth the purchase.

It is a quick fix if you want your tank to look more vibrant thanks to its 3D high definition picture and vibrant, detailed images. You also don’t need to worry about installation because this is strictly a peel and stick background. It is a huge sticker so it is self-adhesive and easy to put up against your tank.

The household mix of soap and water is all you need to get this installed and you can just use a squeegee or a credit card to remove the air bubbles.

One drawback for this would be the brightness of the background. It gets to get a wee darker when the tank is already filled up.

6. Fish Tank Background 2-Sided Driftwood & Floral


This background is not just limited to fishes. Your newts and even snakes would think this is home because of its 2-sided pattern with one following a floral and plants theme while the other side is driftwood.

This thick background blends so well with the tank that you’d have to do a second look just to confirm if it is a sticker or the real thing. This is worth your dollar because the material is very durable. During the removal, you won’t need to worry about any residue which alone is worth the effort and the money.

With this background, your fish would be stressed less and it just gives your tank that vibrant and seemingly ‘alive’ look. The inhabitants of your tank would love the homey look.

The application could have been made easier here if there was at least an instruction that was included.

7. Fish Tank Background 2-Sided River Bed and Lake


Choosing between the river bed side and the lake background can be tough decision for you because both backgrounds would work well with your fish tank. This can fit if your fish tank measures less than 20″x48″ because the background’s actual dimensions are 19.5 by 48 inches.

You can easily secure this using tape and it will look incredible. Installation is also easy but would be best if you have someone to help you out to make sure that everything is all set up correctly before securing it with adhesives. This is a great, subtle and easy way of hiding the unpleasant necessities of your tank like cables and wires. If you’re tank have stains, you can easily hide it with this vibrant image.

The only disadvantage for this background is it is the material is thinner so you must very careful in cutting it else you might end up tearing it.

8. POPETPOP Aquarium Background 3D Double-Sided


The 3D aquarium background from POPETPOP is double-sided and easy to apply on your water fish tank. This sticker will give new appearance to your aquarium thanks to its detailed and vibrant images.

Made with thick and durable materials, this adhesive wallpaper is non-glare, waterproof and you can expect the colors to last to last for long time. You can select from the salt water marine display or a freshwater planted aquarium scene, both beautiful and lively. You can easily use a double-sided tape or any adhesive to set it to your tank.

What’s more is you can clean it by easily wiping off the dust that accumulates using a damp cloth. It is overall easy to handle and it looks good.

One drawback for this would be the packaging. It comes in rolled up and it is hard to remove the folds and creases.

9. Aquarium Background Fish Tank Decorations Pictures


Give yourself a tank that looks almost natural and keep your fishes stressed free with the aquarium backgrounds by FilFeel. The images are all well detailed and defined that it really does make a lifelike effect on your tank. It adds in beauty and vibrancy to your tank and to the room that it is in.

You will like that you have choices when it comes to the size since the manufacturer carries it in 9 different sizes. You can also modify it as needed.

Made with a reliable and PVC that is waterproof and not easy to fade, you don’t need any gels, tapes, or glue for this. The cling is only designed to adhere to the aquarium directly and won’t leave any residues if you decide that a change in sceneries is needed.

A challenge you must be prepared for would be the bubbles and the vertical lines that are caused by the packaging.

10. Donau Aquarium Background Poster Ocean Woods Double Sides


One word to describe the Donau aquarium background is it is very cool. The ocean and woods sides are both beautiful that choosing one would be a wee difficult. The beautiful landscapes printed on each side can bring an overall new theme to your fish tank and the designs are not common. The unique designs also work well with lights and can easily stand out in a room.

These backdrops also come in different sizes so you can choose one closest to your tank’s size or conveniently do a cut and trim if needed. It is exactly what it says and does what’s expected which is to make your aquarium turn into something conducive to your fishes while being pleasantly soothing and relaxing to the human eye.

One drawback would be the poster is completely not self-adhesive. You’ll be needing sticker or tape to get it all set up.

Aquarium Backgrounds Buying Guide 

Giving your aquarium a new life and look by putting in an aquarium background is a great idea. It is indeed one of the easiest and fastest ways to make this new look happen. Buying one is also not a spur of the moment kind of deal as there are some considerations that need to be factored here. Here are some of these factors that you can think over before making the purchase.

Background Size – when buying, this is the most important consideration. A background that is meant for a 10-gallon tank won’t work with a 75-gallon tank so you must make sure that you have the correct measurements for your tank so you can cover the whole back of it. It would really be a shame if you are an inch or two andshort at the sides just because you just guessed the size of your tank. This is especially true for those tanks that are customized in size and in shape.

Background Type – there are several choices that you can contemplate on. Make sure that the background type you select would satisfy your needs and would also be safe for your fishes.

Background Appropriateness – this would your fishes’ needs. You must know that saltwater fishes would have different needs compared to tropical ones or riverbed fishes. You must know your collection of fishes so you can select the best aquarium backgrounds for them. Always remember that the background should be primarily for them too.

Personal Preferences – what’s your goal in applying an aquarium background? Is it just to give a new life to your aquarium and to your room? You need to be very specific on your objectives so you can make the right choice in selecting the type of aquarium background to the colors and design.

What is an Aquarium Background? 


An aquarium background is a decorative piece that is placed at one side of the aquarium. Technically, your fishes don’t really need one but it is more for the sake of those taking care of the fish. Solely, for decorative purposes, it keeps a plain and boring aquarium more marine like.

Although, there are some studies that indicate that there are some fishes who fear their own reflections so if this is true, an aquarium background would also have some benefits for its inhabitants and that is to manage their stress. Overall, your background should meet the goal of improving the life and health of the fishes in the aquarium. Your needs are second to theirs.

Types of Aquarium Backgrounds 

Choosing the best kind of an aquarium background would be entirely dependent on your preferences. Each would have its own advantages and disadvantages but regardless what kind you prefer, it should still ultimately serve its purpose of giving your aquarium a new look.

Painted Aquarium Backgrounds – this is literally a background that hand painted at the back of the aquarium. This is the best choice for those customized tanks that don’t follow the conventional shapes or standard sizes. Make sure that you are 100% decided that you want this because changing it in the future would entail a lot of hard work.

Laminated Aquarium Backgrounds – these are backgrounds that are just taped at the back of the aquarium using Scotch tape. This can also be glued using any not adhesives. Laminated backgrounds are very easy to put up and even if you are DIY challenges, you can still do this in a matter of minutes.

Static Cling or Vinyl Aquarium Backgrounds – contrary to its name, these are backgrounds that are either inserted into your aquarium or you apply it at the back. Make sure that the adhesive used here is safe for your fishes and note that these backgrounds would eventually fade due to the constant light exposure. Overall, these are easy to apply and user friendly too but are extremely delicate.

Self-adhesive Aquarium Backgrounds – these are the huge stickers where you put it in like a regular sticker. You just peel off the back and then the sticky side goes against the back of your aquarium. This is easy as you can get it done in less than 15 minutes but it is very hard to remove.

3D Aquarium Backgrounds – this takes a little more time and patience from you. These backgrounds are usually textured that enhances the depth of your tank. You may also incorporate natural decorations to enhance the overall look of your aquarium.

Why Do You Need Aquarium Background? 

The need for a fish tank background is strong because it is not a prerequisite and not the first things you must accomplish when you are building a small aquatic world inside an aquarium. However, a background in your aquarium is a nice idea because it gives that quick makeover in how your tank looks like and displayed in a room. It also helps keep a theme intact or coordinated for your fish tank which makes decorating easier.

Aside from aquarium backgrounds adding that needing oomph, it may also be positive contributing factor to extend the life of your fishes. Again, there are some known fishes who becomes agitate, stressed and anxious when they see their reflection in the aquarium’s glass, for a fish leaving in such a limited glass space, seeing its own reflection would unfortunately be 24/7. You don’t want any floaters the next morning so don’t risk it and consider aquarium backgrounds. It is best to put a background on the three sides of your tank.

You’d also need an aquarium background because it is a quick fix for old and stained fish tanks. You can camouflage some of the misgivings of your aquarium in a cheaper way and extend its purpose for probably another 3-5 years. It’s a great way to hide all those unpleasant aquarium necessities like the tubes, hoses, and cords.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to apply aquarium background?

An aquarium background gives your fish tank an easy oomph. It can make your tank appear bigger without taking a lot of space. Applying a background in the interior would need more work because you need to empty and dry your tank and transfer your fishes temporarily. Here are some steps to apply your aquarium background externally.

  1. Measure your aquarium’s dimensions and trim your chosen background to match the dimensions.
  2. Completely clean and wipe the wall or side of the aquarium where the background will be set.
  3. Align the background with the top corners of the aquarium and set it into place. You can set it with some tape to hold it on the top. For the static cling backgrounds, just peel the backing and set it into place.
  4. Spray with water and starting from the middle, work out the air bubbles using a small squeegee.
  5. To secure the other sides of the background, you can use tape as well.

The exterior application of the aquarium background is now finished.

What color is best for aquarium background?

The aquarium background would be dependent on the inhabitants of your tank. If you have light colored fishes, the background is best to be on the darker shade and vice versa so the colors of the fish would really pop. Darker shades of blue would always be a great choice too as well as green and blue-green colors. If you want a full picture background, sticking to the marine theme would be a smart choice.

Where to buy aquarium background?

Your local pet shop should be able to give you options on their aquarium backgrounds on hand. You can check the texture and even put it up against the light and an aquarium itself and see how it may look. Another option for you would be to check online shops like Amazon where the choices are more extensive.


You probably know how to choose the best aquarium backgrounds based on these reviews of the top products available. When choosing one, make sure to compare things like the color of the background based on the colors of your fish. In addition, you might want to check out based on the different types of backgrounds, including painted and laminated ones. On the other hand, you might want to choose a 3D background or a self-adhesive one. As you see, you have a broad selection, so you should think about what suits your tank’s overall theme, fish color and other things that matter before buying a tank background.

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