The Best 50 Gallon Fish Tanks of 2021


Fish, shrimp, turtles, or any other aquarium pets like to have space; schools of fish and saltwater fish often outgrow small tanks, and keeping them in these is considered as animal abuse. Much like us when we’re sitting down for a bit too long, these aquatic fellows enjoy moving around and stretching their muscles. However, getting a little tank for such creatures is a common mistake, as many believe that some desktop tanks are already fine for their water-loving friends. So, if you’re smart and care for your beloved pets, you would want to give them only the best 50 gallon fish tanks.

What is the Best 50 Gallon Fish Tank

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Top 6 Best 50 Gallon Fish Tanks Reviews

1. SeaClear 50 Gallon Rectangular Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set


SeaClear’s 50-Gallon Rectangular Acrylic Aquarium Set is a durable and spacious tank. Thanks to its acrylic material, this tank is 17 times more crackproof and impact-resistant than glass. The edges are also virtually seamless, which makes the tank look super smooth and sleek. The material is claimed to be clearer than glass, which allows your fish and accessories to stand out when viewed.

Since the aquarium comes as a set, it comes with both a 24-inch fluorescent lamp and a built-in reflector. The lamp can be quite dull — it only has one color setting — but you can easily replace or add to it with multicolored LED Lamps, giving your tank more color and life!


  • Made with durable acrylic
  • Soft, virtually seamless edges
  • Material clarity highlights pets and accessories when viewed
  • Incorporated tank light and reflector
  • Has different colored backgrounds (either black, clear, or cobalt blue)


  • Fluorescent bulb is rather boring

2. SCA 50 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquariums with Stand


Opposed to plug-and-play tanks, the SCA 50-Gallon Starfire is great for veteran fish lovers with a bit of knowledge or experience on plumbing. The cabinet is an elegant 2-door storage system that can hold your tank sump and other aquarium materials. This hides the unsightly mechanisms that keep the aquarium water clean and healthy.

Though the tank parts may not fit perfectly well, they can easily be found and changed with hardware parts. If you’re not one for building, contacting the manufacturers to have it shipped ready-built is certainly possible. Coming with a protein skimmer (SCA-301), return pump (Atmen PH2500), and media filters, this sump design tank efficiently keeps high-maintenance fish.


  • Classy black cabinet stand that hides mechanisms
  • Sump design
  • Built-in skimmer and return pump
  • Manufacturers offer ready-built product
  • Design allows for seamless part connections


  • Not for beginners, especially when parts don’t fit well together

3. SeaClear System II 50 Gallon Rectangular Acrylic Aquarium


The System II comes as the second model to SeaClear’s Combo Set Acrylic Aquarium. With still-acrylic material, the model offers the same durability and transparency as the previous one. There is a slot for a 24-inch fluorescent light bulb, but the bulb is no longer part of the package. The background colors offered by SeaClear have been reduced to two options: black, and cobalt blue.

Unlike other combo set tanks, the instruction manual of this product is not concise, which makes installation a handful. However, this combo set comes with a couple of new features, like a filtration system, and space for both a heater and a skimmer. The filtration system comes with a read-to-use bio filter media, but leaves space for other filter media, too. After its installation, the tank is set to shine beautifully in your home!


  • Crystal-clear viewing
  • 17x more durable than glass
  • Near-seamless edges
  • Beautiful background
  • With additional features (heater and skimmer space, bio filter, and filter media space)


  • Unconcise installation manual

4. Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit


Tetra’s very own 55-Gallon Aquarium Kit is a near-complete set that is excellent for beginners and veterans alike. To start off, the glass tank sacrifices depth for width, as its dimensions are 48 x 12 x 20 inches, which is more than enough space for your pets to do laps.

Likewise, Tetra kindly provides starter caring products, such as water conditioners, fish food, fishing nets, and a stick-on digital thermometer. Yet, they did not stop there, as they added a filter, lighting system, and a heater to the tank!

Though the filter can be quite noisy when the tank is not filled with enough water, it offers an awesome 3-stage filtration system, as it is produced by Tetra themselves. The tank is further accompanied by a hinged hood, which acts as a lid to prevent any jumper fish from escaping the tank.


  • Tank comes with a fish and aquarium care kit
  • Also comes with pre-installed heater and filter
  • Vast enough for fish to swim around
  • Filter grants 3-stage filtration
  • Hinged lid blocks pets from escaping


  • Loud filter when water is not sufficient

5. Aqua Culture 55 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit


The Aqua Culture Aquarium Kit 55 is a wide glass tank accompanied by many features. Its low-profile lid connects effortlessly to the tank, adding to its black-framed sophistication. On this lid is energy-efficient LED lighting that gives the same shimmering effect as sunlight when it hits your tank water. Additionally, the aquarium kit comes with a Tetra-produced filter, specifically an internal power filter with a 3-stage filtering system.

This filter can create a waterfall-like noise, which is bothersome to several people. Nonetheless, this can be solved quickly by leveling the water with the output valve, so that the water falls directly onto the tank water surface. This kit comes with more than a filter and a few LED Lamps, as you can find a TetraCare enrolment and additional aquarium care gear — fantastic if you’re just about to start your journey with your aquatic friends!


  • Comes with Tetra internal power filter
  • Lid attaches smoothly at the top
  • Elegant design
  • Accompanied with TetraCare enrolment for setup and care guide
  • Easy installation


  • Generte waterfall-like noise when water is unleveled with filter

6.  Aqua 50 Gallon Custom Shadow Box Aquarium Kit


The Midwest Tropical Shadow Box 50-Gallon Box Aquarium is a one-of-a-kind addition to superbly classy homes. The first thing you’ll notice is the tank stand/cabinet — the 5-footer acrylic encasement coated in black will surely catch the attention of your guests! Unlike traditional rectangular tanks, the SB-1 comes in a trapezoidal shape to help accent to your home. Furthermore, the stand is designed to act as an accessory/supply cabinet where you can store all your aquarium maintenance supplies.

As the tank is built inside the casing, removing it is impossible, and it may only be cleaned with a hard-to-reach access panel at the top of the tank. Although, the tank comes with: An Under-Gravel Filter with a 3-stage filtration system and other appliances, an air pump with adjustable flow rate, and a heater. To top it all off, manufacturers include some aquarium accessories, to make readying your tank as a home for your pets less complicated!


  • Durable acrylic encasement and tank
  • Comes with necessary aquarium appliances
  • Comes with aquarium accessories
  • Chic trapezoidal and tall design
  • Will surely mesmerize your guests


  • Access panel for maintenance is hard to reach

50 Gallon Fish Tanks Buying Guide

Many think that 50 gallons is a bit excessive for a simple fish tank, so they have their doubts in buying one; they think of themselves instead of the well-being of their pets, which is something anyone should avoid at all costs. Not all 50-gallon tanks are the same; choosing one can be challenging. Thus, take note of the following factors before picking and purchasing one:

Pet Care

Ask yourself whether your fish will need a 50-gallon tank or more. There are pets that prefer living in groups and diversified environments, and they are typically those that need more space than usual. Make sure that there is ample space for each pet to move around, as some may not demand a 50-gallon tank, but favor it over tinier ones.


Consider the space you have at home. 50-gallon tanks can have considerable dimensions, and for a good and most obvious reason. Before buying the tank that pleases your and your pets’ needs, ensure that you have room to set the tank on, as failing to do so can lead to a terrible disaster of rearranging, and possibly, money-wasting.

Equipment available

50-gallon tanks must have equipment that can keep up with the space; apparatus such as filters, heaters, lamps, skimmers, etc. all have a specific tank size they can handle. Checking whether you have the equipment available or the capability to acquire such is just as essential as completing other checklists, as missing out on this can affect the health and long-term maintenance of your pets.


See where the tank matches best with your other decorations. It may not be urgent, but having an alluring interior design gives your home a spark unlike any other.

What is a 50 Gallon fish tank?


A 50-gallon fish tank is basically a large shelter for your aquatic pets. This can hold a massive amount of water, hence providing more shelter for the animals. This is terrific for aquarium-pet enthusiasts, as this can hold many types of fish, a turtle, or other marine animals.

Types of 50 Gallon Fish Tanks

Much like other tanks in the market, there are generally two categories that 50-gallon fish tanks fall under. The first, which is material, determines the durability and suitability of the tank in your home. There are hazards to every material, and this may affect its overall look and performance. The second category is functionality, which undoubtedly tells you how the tank will work in your home.


The most commercialized type of tanks are glass tanks. These are the most classic fish tanks, as you can spot them in movies, aquariums, pet stores, and theme parks. Despite their fragility, there is a certain style to glass tanks that have people constantly eye them.

It is without question that glass freely chips, cracks, and shatters. However, long exposures to temperatures rarely cause any distortions, as glass has a very high boiling and melting point.


Acrylic looks very much like glass, but is deemed to be much stronger. The material is not as expensive as glass, which would easily make you think that it’s a good investment. Despite that, you ought to note that powerful enough impacts do cause cracks to the acrylic tank, and they can quickly be scratched, too.

Furthermore, acrylic also tends to warp/distort when exposed to excessively high temperatures. A lot have complained that placing their acrylic tanks under direct sunlight does not allow them to last long, as dents and misshaping occur.


While some 50-gallon tanks are just simple tanks, there are those that come as aquarium kits. Aquarium kits have many add-ons that are significant to aquariums, but are much pricier than plain tanks. There are no supplies that come with straightforward tanks, so it is up to you to obtain the materials your pets will need.

Why Do You Need a 50 Gallon Aquarium?

50-gallon fish tanks are wonderful for keeping rare aquarium pets. Unique pets like axolotls, octopuses, and turtles necessitate a reasonable amount of space to live in. They are known to be very smart and active, so it would be marvelous for them to have plenty of stuff to play with, and areas to move around.

Saltwater fish such as clownfish, wrasse, and green chromis need space for their actual living quarters. Think of the tank as its house, while the special plants and accessories are their rooms. Having coral reefs as their natural habitat, they will thrive best in aquariums that mimic those reefs. Clownfish and wrasse are fond of concealing in sea anemone, and situating one needs space, so a 50-gallon fish tank is the right option.

There are fish that require space because they are territorial with similar-sized fish. An example of this is the Betta fish, which is aggressively territorial when with other Bettas, but swim peacefully with smaller aquatic critters. Betta and similar fish like to tuck away in plants and accessories, and the only way you can give them their essentials is to procure an expansive tank.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many fish in 50 gallon tank?

The number of fish that can fit in a 50-gallon tank is dependent on the breed of fish. For example, there are schooling fish that go together with bigger fish in the tank. The most important thing you must note is the space for the fish to swim around in, as swimming and growing are a part of their life cycle, and any impediments to them can shorten their lifespan.

How much does a 50 gallon fish tank weigh?

Generally, 50-gallon fish tanks alone weigh under 100 lbs. On the other hand, water-filled tanks with additional equipment and accessories can roughly weigh more than 400 lbs., and up to 600 lbs. Separate tanks come with a shipping weight of 50 lbs. and up, but it may even be more than 100 lbs., if as aquarium kits.

What are the best fish for 50 gallon tank?

The best fish are schooling fish. Betta fish and goldfish are great as well, as they can grow up to quite the size, and may live peacefully with smaller animals. Schooling fish like neon tetras and guppies would likewise prosper in a spacious tank, as they have enough space to explore.

Saltwater fish such as six-line wrasse, clownfish, and green chromis take shelter in corals; placing corals and sea anemone for them is beneficial for their morale and health. A 50-gallon fish tank is extensive enough to have these kinds of aquarium accessories for fish to enjoy, while also being able to hold some sort of ecological diversity.

What are the dimensions of a 50 gallon fish tank?

There is no singular dimension for 50-gallon fish tanks. Depending on the manufacturers, they can choose to sacrifice certain dimensions such as the depth or the height to accomplish the 50 gallons they promised. Check product descriptions to find their dimensions and see if they fit in your home!

Where to buy 50 gallon aquarium?

As a rule of thumb, the best place to buy 50-gallon fish tanks are from local pet stores or aquariums. The staff in stores are obligated to be knowledgeable in the fish-caring industry, so they can advise the best tank and equipment you can have for the specific pet you own.

Another source for you to buy 50-gallon fish tanks from are online platforms, such as Amazon. Most products are guaranteed to be sold by manufacturers themselves, while other sellers may decide to sell their used tanks. Here, you can find reviews for tanks regarding their reliability and functionality, hearing thoughts and opinions from multiple experienced buyers.


50-gallon fish tanks are perfect for exotic pet owners, especially those that appreciate taking care of large pets. Likewise, they are perfect for simple pet owners who adore keeping their fish happy with a diverse ecosystem, and as many aquarium accessories and as possible. If you love fish or exotic pets, then you would want them to be healthy and happy! The best area for them to thrive in is a shelter that closely resembles their natural habitat, and that can be really space-consuming. So, it would make sense to show your animals love by getting them only the best 50 gallon fish tanks on the market!

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