The Best 100 Gallon Fish Tanks of 2021


Fish keeping can be more than just a hobby. After growing a passion in having the smaller fish in tanks, you can always level up and grow bigger ones in a variety. Every fish owner would want to have the best 100 gallon fish tanks as their pet’s lovely home. Having a bigger tank is enjoyable. Plants, more exotic fish and a wide range of other smaller aquatic babies can be placed inside without worry of overcrowding. Each aquarium is unique and having the right one to fit their needs is essential for them to live close to their real homes.

What is the Best 100 Gallon Fish Tank

Top 6 Best 100 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews

1. JAJALE 100 Gallon Fish Tank Kit with Aquarium Stand


The space for your fish tank can be a puzzling task. It can take too much area in your countertops and will need a sturdy table for support. The Jajale Fish Tank provides you with the complete kit with everything you need and a built-in stand.

You can always see your fish inside this tank with its 99% light transmittance. The tempered glass renders four times the strength of the regular ones. It is made of high-strength and ultra-transparent glass for optimum viewing.

Framing is also essential for big tanks. And this unit is significantly reinforced with aluminum, making it resistant to deformation and saltwater erosion.Additionally, this features an LED lighting system and a water pump. It also comes with a reliable filtration system and filter media.

The kit is easy to install with its complete instruction guide inside. Some might be interested in buying the aquarium alone, but the stand is an indispensable part of the kit. This will ensure that the tank is well-supported at your lovely nook.


  • Tempered glass
  • 99% light transmittance
  • Aluminum framing
  • LED lighting
  • Easy to install


  • Tank and stand sold together

2. Clear-For-Life 100R Rect PARENT


Elegance can be hard to achieve with traditional tanks. The Clear-for-Life aquarium shows that it can blend and stand out in your home with its sleek design.

Its modern look has a sapphire blue back panel that will remind you of the deep sea. It also has rounded corners in front which brings out a smooth viewing experience.

This unit is made of acrylic and is lighter and stronger than the glass aquariums. It is also safer, especially with children and other pets in your home.

Although it is not made of glass, the material used shows your aquatic buddies with clarity. The acrylic is crystal clear so you can view your plants and fish with ease.

Saltwater and freshwater are suitable for this aquarium. Reef and other plants can also be accommodated in this tank.


  • Sapphire blue panel
  • Rounded corners
  • Lighter to carry
  • Clear material used
  • Suitable for salt and fresh water


  • Not made of glass

3. SC Aquariums 120 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium


Spacious for all your fish, this aquarium is built for them to swim around and feel free. It has an extra 20 gallons than your standard ones for a roomier environment.

This unit takes pride in its unique starfire glass. This low-iron glass is at the front 3 sides for better viewing. It is reliable and sturdy enough for housing in your fish.

Another exceptional feature is its built-in overflow box. It is placed at the back for a seamless look and has a maximum flow of 2500 GPH.

The kit has a plumbing set included. This gives you a stress-free installation and assembly of your fish tanks.Everything you need in a basic large aquarium is in this unit. However, a top cover is not included. It will boil down to one’s preference as others love that their fish are exposed freely on top for better oxygenation.


  • Spacious aquarium
  • Unique starfire glass
  • Built-in overflow box
  • Plumbing kit included
  • Easy to assemble


  • No top cover

4. Clear-For-Life UniQuarium 100R Rect PARENT


The Clear-For-Life UniQuarium is perfect for those who are starting to build their larger tanks. It comes with a kit that is easy to install and maintain at home.

Boasting with a ready-to-run design, assembling the unit is all you need and your pet fish is ready to home inside. This comes off as one of the best fish tanks for starters with the ease of how to set it up.

A range of backgrounds is offered in this unit. It can come in a black, light blue and a sapphire blue back panel, depending on your choice.

The rounded front corners add an aesthetic vibe to the entire look. It doesn’t distort images as the rounded bowl, and it also does not give out that extra edgy appearance of the traditional fish tanks.

What makes this unit a great purchase is its built-in filtration system. It also easy to maintain and clean. The lighting system is sold separately but is easy to find as this unit fits most lighting fixtures.


  • Easy to install
  • Ready-to-run design
  • 3 back panels to choose from
  • Rounded front corners
  • Low maintenance


  • Lighting system not included

5. Crystal Dynamic 100 Gallon Easy-Reef Rimless Aquarium


Crafted for those who love an all-in package for basic aquariums, the Crystal Dynamic Aquarium offers a quality fish tank with a built-in stand.

The tank is reef-ready and is easy to install. Having all your reef and corals at hand, this makes it an ideal one for your water-loving plants.

Designed to be sleek and modern, the tank is rimless with a half-inch thick durable glass. The back panel is also black for a sophisticated finish.

Three viewing panels made of clear glass on the front and both sides. These panels are patented by Starphire with diamond-edged polish. Reliability and clarity are really guaranteed.

It also comes with an overflow box and a Baltic birch stand. The stand can also be customized as to color for it to compliment your home.Plumbing won’t be a hassle as a kit for assembly is already included. Because it is custom-made, this may take a longer time to be shipped for quality to be assured.


  • Reef-ready
  • Rimless tank design
  • Durable glass
  • Has an overflow box
  • Has a Baltic birch stand


  • Longer lead time

6. Aqua Dream 100 Gallon Fish Tank with Upright Fish Tank Stand


Starting out your fish tank with a dilemma that you’re missing something out? Check out the Aqua Dream Fish Tank as it provides you with all the essentials you need for your growing passion for fish keeping.

This fish tank takes pride in its 360-degree filtration system. This keeps the health of your fish at its best, and their water in good quality.

A reliable and quiet pump will no longer be a dream as it comes along with the unit’s purchase. It is submersible and resistant to corrosion even from saltwater.

Their curved transparent glass is scratch-resistant and is very durable. This gives you a high definition view of your pet and the beauty of your plants is magnified.

Maintenance is not hard with its one-touch disposal system. It also has an LED lighting system and a built-in stand. It can be heavy to carry around, so ensuring a safe spot in your home is highly suggested.


  • 360-degree filtration system
  • Quiet submersible pump
  • Curved transparent glass
  • Low maintenance
  • LED lighting system


  • Heavy

100 Gallon Fish Tanks Buying Guide

If you have finally decided that it’s time to upgrade for a bigger aquarium like the 100-gallon fish tank, then here are some pointers to guide you in picking the best one.


Budget is always one of the top considerations when buying fish tanks, especially if you are going to purchase a 100-gallon tank. This type of aquarium is known to be a little bit pricey than those smaller tanks.

Price of tanks with the size of 100 gallon may depend on some factors such as brand, size, construction material, shapes and incorporated accessories. Based on experienced fish tank owners, a decent 100-gallon aquarium starts in 400$ and up.

In addition, other factor to be prepared for is the cost for maintenance. Since a 100-gallon tank has wider space and can already accommodate more species, it means more expenses for maintenance of the water and ecosystem in it.

Accessories and Maintenance

Good quality of accessories and equipment are also required alongside when you buy a 100-gallon fishtank. Sellers seldom include free accessories when you buy an aquarium, hence, you must provide them separately for the welfare of your pets. Some of the primary equipment that will help you set-up your tank are the filters, lights, heater, aquarium stand and pump.


It is just to look on fish tanks that are durable and long-lasting to make the most of it since it is quite expensive. Usually, the types of 100-gallon fish tanks come in glass or acrylic. You may choose what construction materials is suitable for you depend on your needs and preference. Just scrutinize the item carefully and it should have no scratches and leak.

Fish Types

Good news is the big size of a 100-gallon fish tank can house a large species of fishes unlike those types with limited space. This type of fish tank can provide a wider space for the daily activities of fishes which is healthy for them.Some of the most compatible species that are best suitable in a 100 Gallon Fish tank are the Gouramis, Danios, Catfish and Angelfish.

What is a 100 Gallon Fish Tank?


A 100 Gallon fish Tank is a type of vessel where different species of marine animals such as fishes and plants can live. Compare to other size of aquarium, this one has a bigger size to accommodate more fishes. Experts also said that 100 Gallon fish Tank are not for beginners and cost more than the smaller tanks.

Types of 100 Gallon Fish Tanks

Ever since the first fish tank has been made in 19th century, different types of aquarium have been invented based on their purpose, size and materials which they are made of. Some of them are named as freshwater aquariums, coldwater aquariums, brackish aquariums, breeder tank and betta fish tank. But for a simpler classification, the most popular types of 100 Gallon Fish Tanks are the Glass-made tank and acrylic fish tanks. Cited below is the difference between the two.

Glass100 Gallon Fish Tanks

This type of 100 Gallon Fish Tank is made of high-quality glass. Fishkeepers love this kind of tanks because of various advantages. First, it is cheaper than the acrylic made aquarium, so it is best for beginners with limited budget. Secondly, it is scratch resistant. Finally, what experts love about it is the ultimate clarity of its surface which is good for sight-seeing.

On the poor side, glass fish tanks may be brittle as they cannot withstand strong impact. Another is that their shapes are limited and can also be heavy to lift from one place to another.

Acrylic100 Gallon Fish Tanks

Nowadays, acrylic made 100 Gallon Fish Tanks are becoming a booming trend in the aquascaping industry. It has some features that encourage fishkeepers to use it instead of the one which is made of glass. The primary reason why some fishkeepers shift on acrylic types is because of its durability. These are impact resistant so they can last for many years. They also look like the glass but weigh lighter and can be mold into different shapes.

However, some of the downside of this type of fish tank is that they tend to have higher price and shows yellow surface after years of use.

Why do You need 100 Gallon Fish Tank?

Beginner or experienced fish keepers considered having a 100 Gallon Fish Tank in their house for various reasons.

Upgrade – A lot of aquarium owners who have started in 10-gallon fish tanks usually become fond of the aquascaping. Hence, part of their upgrading is to choose for a bigger tank like the 100-gallon fish tank so they can pet more species of fishes.

Larger Space – A 100-gallon fish tanks has a bigger dimension which is best fit for the health condition of the species in the water. It gives them a wider place for feeding, breathing and playing. Further, it also allows the water to be less contaminated by dirt for a period.

Aesthetics – If a small bowl tank and a goldfish inside it can already mesmerized people’s eyes, what more can a 100-gallon fish tanks with more colorful species do? Fishkeepers aim to display these big tanks in their house to add scenery and beauty that guests may appreciate.

Stress-reliever – For some psychological reasons, staring at the fish tanks and watching all the pretty fishes swim helps to relax the mind. Thus, having one at home can be good for mental health.

Teach Compassion and Discipline – Big effort is needed when you have a 100-gallon fish tank. First the entire aquarium must be set up and maintained always. Hence, it helps people to do their task and obligation in a punctual manner to keep the fishes alive and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many fish in 100 gallon tank?

A large tank is not that easy to overcrowd. You can have a better room for plants and other fish. The general rule of thumb for aquarists is that you can grow one inch of fish per gallon of water. Bigger bodied aquatic pets can have 2 gallons per inch.

You also need to consider the plants and other accessories that you plan to put inside. It is best not to stuff your aquarium with a lot of plants, just the right size and kind for your fish to play with, but still swim through inside.

How much does a 100 gallon fish tank weigh?

Larger fish tanks are very popular. These tanks can be made mostly of glass, which is heavier to its modern acrylic counterparts.

These glass panels in the tank come in a variety of thickness and can be modified as to durability and transparency. These factors affect the overall weight. The empty weight for this tank size alone is approximately 100-200 lbs. This doesn’t consider other parts of a tank kit like the filter, stand, and other accessories.

What are the dimensions of a 100 gallon fish tank?

The 100-gallon fish tanks today are customized and can come in different shapes and forms. These tanks are commonly rectangular in shape and are made so for your fish to have a better swimming area. They love to roam around sideways and play around plants. With this shape, placing plants and corals inside is also easier.

Although it varies depending on the company that builds your fish tank, the standard dimension of the 100-gallon tank is 72½” x 18½” x 19 3/8″ (L x W x H).

Where to buy 100 gallon fish tank?

Large fish tanks are common in pet stores, especially those that sell fish of different sizes. They are also be sold online. Most come in kits, but some parts are also sold separately. These fish tanks are also on the website of the manufacturers and online marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, and other listing sites.


Your fish can outgrow their tank and your passion for fish keeping can immensely develop. Especially if your fish have thrived through, you will want to explore more and try a bigger aquarium. Consider having the best 100 gallon fish tanks if you want your fish to have a bigger and homier experience. This gives them the freedom to play around and relax at the same time. Having a big aquarium can be intimidating, but truthfully, they are easier to maintain and are simpler to nurture. They can seem to be a lot of hard work, but this great buy requires lesser water change and can be cheaper long term.

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